Abortion, Pregnancy Loss and Miscarriage

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I have extensive training in pregnancy loss, abortion and miscarriages through Postpartum Support International. I have earned the Perinatal Mental Health Certificate. I have training in grief and loss. My intention is to walk alongside of you during this time and provide you a safe space to grieve your loss at your own pace.

— Katie LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Addressing your reproductive health concerns in therapy may look like addressing sexual difficulties that impact your ability to conceive, exploring decisions about how or when you want to become a parent, or finding fulfillment in living child free. You may also need space to address impacts of experiences with abortion, infertility, or surrogacy. Therapy provides you with space to understand your reproductive story and build confidence to make informed choices about your reproductive health.

— Jessica Byrd, Counselor in Tempe, AZ

Loss can encompass many different experiences when it comes to pregnancy, fertility, adoption, being the partner of an expecting person, etc. These are complex experiences and I pride myself on working with clients around processing their individual stories; no one's grief or feelings can be duplicated.

— Jenny Shully, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Napa, CA

I have taken several trainings on pregnancy loss and miscarriage, as well as having personal experience. There is no "right" timeline for processing grief, whether that be recent or from years ago.

— Anna Maling, Therapist in Baltimore, MD

I offer individual, group, and couple support and counseling to those that have experienced the loss of pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth, or the death of a newborn. I offer compassion, kindnesses and an open heart to help you with your grief.

— Cathy Armstrong, Licensed Professional Counselor in Corpus Christi, TX

I’m unapologetically abortion positive. You will never feel judged in my practice. I respect all choices and options related to reproductive health: the right to make a choice in reproductive health is primary. I’m an advocate for family size choice: whether you never have children, are ‘one and done’ or have made any other family size decisions- I am supportive and helpful in methods to handle ambivalence or frank resistance to your choices- either imposed by yourself or others in your life.

— Vanessa Gorelkin, Occupational Therapist in Scottsdale, AZ

The loss of a pregnancy is often an invisible and ambiguous loss. If you aren't sure where to turn to make sense of your feelings, please reach out today. I can help you reconnect with yourself and your body. You can find joy again and you are not alone. I am certified in Perinatal Mental Health and I have specialized training in infant loss. I am also a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist and can help you move forward from any trauma associated with your experience.

— Nicole Bolognini, Addictions Counselor in Succasunna, NJ

I have dedicated most of my research into understanding how to best help women and couples dealing with issues around pregnancy and parenthood, whether because you are trying to become pregnant, you have a difficult pregnancy, experienced loss, or are a pregnant or new parent dealing with this exciting but really challenging stage of life.

— Dr. Adriana Dyurich, Licensed Professional Counselor in Corpus Christi, TX

I am a Certified Perinatal Mental Health Therapist (PMH-C), and I have advanced training through Postpartum Support International (PSI) focused on perinatal mood disorders and supporting women from pregnancy through birth and beyond. That journey can involve a lot of pain and loss, and I have been supporting women in their grief around pregnancy loss for about 7 years now.

— Sarah Tie, Licensed Professional Counselor in Denver, CO

The loss during a pregnancy can be both physically and emotionally painful. This can feel overwhelming, lonely and even isolating. For some, the loss can even be experienced as traumatic. Another way this type of loss is described is as if a "part of their soul is missing". I will support you in navigating through the complexities of this type of grief.

— Melissa Bada-Devers, Clinical Social Worker in East Brunswick, NJ

As a doula for planned parenthood, I have several years experience supporting pregnant people prior to, during, and after the abortion procedure. I am deeply familiar with not only the procedure itself, but with the many "opposite" emotions such as relief and guilt, for example, that can be experienced. I also am aware of the courage it takes to make the decision to have an abortion, and to have that decision be judged as you past protestors to get to your appointment.

— Autumn Cloud-Ingram, Associate Clinical Social Worker in Bethany, CT

Aligned Cognition Healthcare Services, PC provides a unique outlook and support for those women who are unable to conceive, have had miscarriages, premature births, guilt of abortions, and in general, feels your body has let them down.

— Jasmine Kearse, Physician in Snellville, GA

I support clients through infant loss, miscarriage, and pregnancy termination (for any reason).

— Ann Ambrose, Social Worker in ,

Loss is devastating. I welcome all grief, whether it's been days, months, or years since your loss, whether your loss is related to fertility challenges, loss of a child at twelve-weeks development or twelve-months, loss of a wanted baby or loss during an unwanted pregnancy. I will walk beside you as your grief unfolds and offer a loving space to explore your thoughts and feelings as you face life after loss. Together, at your own pace, we will explore ways to find meaning, hope, and healing.

— Lara Schoen, Psychotherapist in Catonsville, MD

I have completed Seleni’s Maternal Mental Health Intensive, focusing on perinatal grief and loss and perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. As one who has suffered miscarriage, I am intimately familiar with this pain.

— Lexi Garber, Clinical Social Worker in New York, NY