Highly Sensitive Person

Sensory processing sensitivity (SPS) is a personality trait characterized by a high level of sensitivity to external stimuli. A person with a particularly high measure of SPS is considered to be a highly sensitive person.  A highly sensitive person experiences the world differently than others. Due to a biological difference that they’re born with, highly sensitive people have a greater depth of cognitive processing and high emotional reactivity. This can have both positive and negative implications. Highly sensitive people tend to be more empathetic, creative and insightful, but are also more easily overwhelmed and stress prone. They may “feel too deeply” or “feel too much.” If you think you may be a highly sensitive person and are having trouble managing on your own, a qualified mental health professional can help to teach you emotional and sensory immunity strategies. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s highly sensitive person experts today.

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Sometimes its difficult to distinguish HSP from other neurodivergent issues. The result is often the same: the world feels like it was designed for other people, not you. Relationships (work, social, family) are exhausting, overwhelming, or somehow pass you by. You're always in recovery or protection mode. We will work together to own your strengths and uncover ways you can show up as your full self in a life you enjoy living.

— Sally Hildreth, Licensed Professional Counselor in Atlanta, GA

You’ve been told throughout your whole life that you are “too sensitive”. Maybe you’ve come to see this as a weakness or maybe you’ve come to see it for what it truly is – a strength. Living as a highly sensitive person means you feel deeply and sometimes that can be overwhelming. Together, we will discover coping tools, acceptance, and self-compassion for the moments that feel like “too much”. Being sensitive isn’t a flaw, it’s a door to deeper vulnerability and connection.

— Sabrina Fish, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Laguna Niguel, CA

As someone who has been described "wearing my emotions on my sleeve" being a highly sensitive person is not without its benefits. The biggest problem though is difficulty setting internal and external boundaries. Highly sensitive people go through hell because the feeling of letting someone down is so strong, that they sometimes don't set boundaries when they should. This leads to an entire host of problems that look like "mental illness". I will show you how to say no without feeling guilty.

— Derrick Hoard, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in , WA

Are you stressed? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Do you feel ungrounded in your relationships? Do you find it hard to manage your life without losing who you are? Learn how to rediscover your sense of purpose and empowerment as a Highly Sensitive Person, by managing stress, anxiety, relationships and work demand while honoring your authentic self.

— Layla Ashley, Marriage & Family Therapist in Valley Village, CA

The Highly Sensitive genetic trait is found in 15-20% of the total population, in over 200 species. Certain brain centers are highly active in HSPs. This helps them sense subtleties in their environment, but it can also lead to overstimulation & overwhelming emotions. As an HSP specialist, I've found that trauma-informed somatic therapy works wonders for overstimulated nervous systems. In addition, reiki helps HSPs maximize their capacity to sense subtleties, & use it to their advantage.

— Anneva NK Garner, Counselor in Longmont, CO

Feeling overwhelmed by your world? Do others tell you that you're "too sensitive?" Experiencing high sensitivity to your environment and the people around you can impact your energy and mood and feels EXHAUSTING. It can also make having and maintaining relationships with others a bit difficult. If you're interested to learn more about ways to cope and navigate your world more effectively, let's work together on that.

— Dr. Dana Avey, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Colorado Springs, CO

As a highly sensitive person myself, I understand how an overstimulating lifestyle can lead to symptoms that mimic anxiety and depression. I can help you navigate your life and make changes so you can let your light shine and reduce overwhelm in your life. Sometimes small, sustainable changes can have a huge impact.

— Kylee Nelson, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Denver, CO

I have always been drawn to working with highly sensitive people, including those who have been identified as having a personality disorder such as BPD. I see being highly sensitive as a superpower that no one teaches you how to wield. My training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy in conjunction with attachment-based treatment helps highly sensitive people move through their emotions without suppressing or becoming overtaken by them so they can lead more intentional and grounded lives.

— Molly Nestor Kaye, Marriage and Family Therapist Associate in , CA

Having a sensitive nervous system can present challenges in relationships, work environments, social situations and in coping with your own heightened emotional state. As an HSP myself, I know that we sometimes feel different than the rest of the culture and it’s not always easy to find kindred spirits & support. I've devoted myself to discovering life changing tools that can be done ‘on the fly’ to balance & soothe our nervous systems.

— Elinor (Elly) Nygren Szapiro, Licensed Professional Counselor

It’s likely that the emotional pain of feeling helpless and alone is amplified if you are Highly Sensitive - HSPs tend to feel both joy and pain more intensely than people who are not Highly Sensitive. Being a Highly Sensitive Person has contributed to your success already. Therapy will pay attention to these successes when looking at how you are also suffering.

— Bronwyn Shiffer, Clinical Social Worker in Madison, WI

If you are overwhelmed, burned out, and drowning in anxiety and stress, know that help is available. Perhaps you have been called too sensitive or feel more impacted by the world and emotions than others around you. As an HSP-knowledgeable therapist and HSP myself, I can work with you to find self-acceptance, inner strength, resilience, understanding, and peace.

— Stacey Wright, Psychotherapist in Tucker, GA

Having a sensitive nervous system presents challenges in relationships, work environments, social situations and in coping with your own heightened emotional state. As an HSP myself, I know that we sometimes feel different than the rest of the culture and it’s not always easy to find kindred spirits and support. I've devoted myself to discovering life changing tools to help myself and other HSPs. These tools are simple techniques to balance & soothe our sensitive nervous systems 'on the fly'.

— Elinor (Elly) Nygren Szapiro, Licensed Professional Counselor

As a highly sensitive therapist, I love working with highly sensitive clients to find the gifts in what may feel at times to be very overwhelming. I work with highly sensitive clients to find tools and rituals that help with overstimluation and allow them to more deeply connect with their beautiful empathy for self and others, their depth of processing, and their rich and complex inner life. To explore if you may be highly sensitive visit this page: https://hsperson.com/test/

— Megan Satterfield, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Austin, TX

Do you feel everything? The emotions of others? Places? Animals? Can’t watch certain shows or the news because you feel it all? Being a highly sensitive person or empathize can be exhausting and overwhelming. You are drained by others and love helping. Learn vital tools that support you and help you thrive as an empath.

— Margaret Bell, Counselor in Denver, CO

Being an HSP myself, I understand what it's like to navigate the world in a more sensitive manner and how overwhelming that can feel at times. I also know that being highly sensitive comes with very valuable gifts that we may not always connect with. I'd like to help you connect with your own sensitivity gifts and learn how to thrive in an overwhelming world.

— Christine Tomasello, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Francisco, CA

I love working with Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). As an HSP myself, I have experience working through common challenges associated with this trait and uncovering its strengths.

— Dianne Gallo, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York, NY

I identify as an HSP myself and am familiar with the strengths and challenges that accompany this personality trait. I love working with other HSPs and like to focus on helping you to understand your boundaries, practice self acceptance around them, and to explore how to best communicate your needs to others. I also have experience in facilitating deep inner processing and and managing the levels of distress that tend to be particularly painful to HSPs. My goal is to affirm and empower you.

— Lisa Serrano, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

My expertise with Highly Sensitive Person (also called sensory processing sensitivity) is based on personal and professional experience. I've completed Dr. Elaine Aron's books and video training. I'm a member of several groups for ongoing consultation and growth in this area.

— Nancy Lee, Licensed Professional Counselor in Foxfield, CO