Life transitions

Change is hard, even in the best of circumstances and adjusting to major life transitions, even when they are positive, can be difficult. Whether you are getting married, moving, changing jobs, having a child – or any of the other many transitions we can expect as part of life – coping and navigating the stress of a major change can cause depression and anxiety, among other issues. If you are having trouble with accepting or adjusting to life transition, a qualified mental health professional can help you find healthy ways of coping. Rach out to one of TherapyDen’s life transition experts today. 

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Perhaps you are going through a life change and are feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you are feeling stuck and are seeking change. You might feel discontented or feel out of step with your sense of purpose. Change, or the need for change, can bring up many feelings including anxiety, depression, fear, confusion, or feeling overwhelmed. Counseling can help you to successfully make this transition.

— Janice Vitale, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Corning, NY

Life transitions of any kind are filled with uncertainty, and they often bring up past memories and experiences. So often we react to not only the present moment, but past experiences as well. All colored by our internal beliefs about ourselves and the world. Understanding and processing those beliefs and reactions helps to build self compassion and resilience for future life transitions.

— Lauren Viemann, Counselor in Seattle, WA

Life transitions are inescapable as we move through the chapters of our lives. Some are planned and some are unexpected. Good, bad, or ugly, change is stressful and can come with a sense of loss. I can offer you support in decision making and problem solving, practicing patience, accepting things you cannot control, and committing to things you do have control over. With all change or decisions comes loss, which I can help you heal from and promote acceptance and resiliency.

— Tara Pratt, Counselor in San Francisco, CA

For 13 years, I worked as a Medical Social Worker. I assisted folx of all ages as they dealt with their own or a loved one’s issues, such as acute medical issues, chronic pain, advanced or terminal illness, grief/loss, caregiver stress/issues, or Alzheimer’s/dementia.

— Deb Horton, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Deerfield, NH

Life transitions encompasses all the many faucets of life including parenthood, aging, relationships, moving, loss and all the ups and downs of life. Together we can explore what transitions you currently are facing and offer tools and insights to help along the way.

— Shohreh Schmuecker, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Lafayette, CA

Life transitions are the fabric of the LGBTQ+ community and I enjoy supporting folx as they navigate new chapters in their life while processing the past.

— Kassondra Wilson, Mental Health Counselor in , WA

Stepping into a new relationship? Getting engaged or married? Becoming a father? These are life cycle transitions that can appear pretty normal from a distance, however when you are going through them it can be scary and difficult. Having a place to talk about your fears, worries, and insecurities can help you find effective ways to cope through these transitions. Coping helps you become more mindful of these feelings so your not reacting to them, and instead feel more in control.

— Manny Romero, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Clemente, CA

Life is a a dance. You learn as you go. Thats true! But sometimes trite sayings are not enough to get you through. Talking with an experienced therapist can help.

— Courtney Burns, Therapist in Portland, OR

Whatever life transition you are facing or going through, I will work with you and be your guide in navigating this challenging time and finding your way through to the other side, highlighting your strengths and abilities, and helping you to clarify what you want and where you want to go, and giving you tools to find your way forward.

— Tara Parker, Psychotherapist in Glenview, IL

Adjusting to change can be hard. You may have mixed feelings about the transitions you are experiencing, whether you have recently graduated from school, started a new job, or moved to a new place. I provide a respectful space where you can explore all of your feelings and begin to make sense of what this change means to your life story.

— Camille Keith, Licensed Professional Counselor in Beaverton, OR

Some transitions in life are expected, such as graduating high school. While other transitions are sudden and can be jarring or even traumatic, such as a car accident or a diagnosis of a major illness. Therapy is often a good space to traverse these transitions.

— Kristen Wortman, Clinical Psychologist in Oakland, CA

I enjoy working with individuals that need support in their lives. There will come a time when life throws you some curveballs. You will go through many different transitions in your life and sometimes you will need additional support. I have worked with clients on improving communication, increasing self-awareness, motivation, coping skills, reducing anxiety, depression, process life transitions, and current life stressors.

— Francesca Battaglia, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Walnut Creek, CA

We are inevitably faced with transitions, uncertainty, and change. And aren't we all more than ever in this stage of uncertainty and transition given the current climate our world is in at the moment. However you are experiencing transitions and change right now, I am here for you and have had immense experience working with individuals who have experienced likely something similar to what you're going through right now. I will help you sort through this change and support you along the way!

— Dr. Anissa York, Psychologist

Many of us reach out when we feel the need for support, or help working through challenging times. Sometimes we face challenges we think are too difficult to manage alone. I believe in taking a strength-based, client-centered integrative approach to psychotherapy, working with you to help you grow toward your best self. The familiar ways you have of dealing with life's complications may not be working; together we can work to identify new positive means of change.

— Barton Shulman, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in San Francisco, CA

Life is full of transitions and I have supported clients in navigating transitions through different stages of life, former athlete transitions, break-ups, various types of grief, new beginnings and everything in between. While doing this work, I like to draw from the enneagram, attachment theories, understanding the ego, drawing from one's values, narrative therapy and person-centered therapy just to name a few. I also use Prepare and Enrich to support couples with premarital therapy.

— Ashley Gray, Social Worker in Arvada, CO

Life transitions are tricky. They test our ability to dwell in the unknown. The unknown is scary. These major transitions can be wanted or unwanted, and therefore accompanied by mixed emotions of joy, excitement, anxiety and grief. Together we will work through the concurrent feelings to identify your resiliency and strengths to help you on your journey through your current period of uncertainty to uncover the life you want.

— Jennifer Alt, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

“Life presents us with repeated opportunities to face what we fear, what we need to become conscious of, or what we need to master.” -J.S. Bolen. Sometimes we experience events in life that throw us off-course. Or we stand at a fork in life’s road, with no idea which way to go. Life can sometimes be hard to navigate alone. In therapy, you can find the space in which you are able to hear the still, soft voice inside of you; of wisdom, heart, and mind. Then the path becomes clear.

— Michelle Sargent, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in VALLEY VILLAGE, CA