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Personal growth, or personal development, takes place over the course of your entire life. As human beings, we are constantly learning lessons, changing and growing. Personal growth can refer to anything that improves or increases your awareness and identity, enhances your quality of life or contributes to the realization of your dreams and aspirations. There is no one way to achieve personal growth. However, successful personal growth typically requires motivation and a willingness to make changes. A qualified mental health therapist can help guide you on your journey. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s personal growth experts today.

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Personal growth is critical to every part of your journey. I believe in coaching my clients to the next level - whatever that looks for you. I believe in your potential to do anything and I am here to help you grow personally and professionally. My approach to this is helping you identifying goals, steps to accomplishing those goals, and assisting you in unlocking/exploring your very best self. I am dedicated to ensuring that you become the person you envision.

— Chyna Hill, Associate Clinical Social Worker

You've made it to point wher eyou are ready to grow. Whether you are looking to start building resiliency, developing better self-discipline or are committed to moving out of a period of languishing or depression. I look forward to learning about you and developing a plan to get your life, relationship, career, or academics back on track. Contact me to schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation.

— Heather LeCompte, Associate Professional Counselor in Eugene, OR

Seeking therapy takes incredible courage. Although working on ourselves can be challenging at times, it can often be rewarding and lead to an improved feeling of wellness, and improvement in one's connection with others, and a general increase in satisfaction with life. Personal growth can look different for everyone. I avoid "one size fits all" approaches and do my best to provide support specific to you and your goals.

— Andrew Davis, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Fresno, CA

Working with people on embracing their highest self and working towards incorporating positive healthy behaviors and changing thought processes to assist in this growth process.

— Denae Arnold, Licensed Professional Counselor in Wheatridge, CO

This is very much an umbrella term for what we address. No matter what we work on together that is going to be personal growth. I believe that progress is progress no matter how big or small it might be.

— Savanna Martin, Licensed Professional Counselor

The one thing the majority of all of my clients present with is the desire to grow on a personal level. For years, I have successfully been able to help clients identify, problem solve, and work towards achieving whatever their goal might be, whether it is to gain work/life balance, gain a new set of skills, and/or add a new positive habit while replacing old habits that don't serve you. Together, we will sit back and watch you evolve as I listen, validate, and explore with you.

— Darryon Spencer, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

As described above, I take a firmly non-pathological view of my clients. This requires an 'ecologic' perspective that takes into account every aspect of a person's life. This is necessary to a complete and accurate assessment process. Human sexuality forms a key part of personality, and this connects directly to relational life, which is where adults continue to develop.

— Robert Odell, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Seattle, WA

Therapy issues can help an individual, couple or family develop a better understanding of their personal strengths and desires; consider solutions to overcome challenges; and consider ways to approach a circumstance professionally and yet powerfully. Counseling can help access stress caused by work , environment, and practice skills to handle and reduce stress. Family Therapy can bring together those who work on relationship issues, set boundaries, and develop understanding if necessary.

— Daria Mann, Marriage & Family Therapist in Denver, CO

I believe that getting to know ourselves is one of the most empowering things we can do. Understanding our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and why we do the things that we do provides a sense of knowing ourselves that can elicit feelings of contentment, confidence, and fulfillment.

— Lindsay Anderson, Professional Counselor Associate in , OR

I provide art therapy and integrative approaches to help you with the process of personal development and growth. Through my expertise I assist and guide you towards healing and the desire to change and embrace your full potential. I provide an avenue to work through difficulties in life and awaken to your most resourced self.

— Kristin Kane, Art Therapist in Edina, MN

Who doesn't want to grow? We all do. What does growth mean to you? What are you seeking to get from growth? We will explore these and other ideas as you seek to make the shifts you desire.

— Jag Soni, Clinical Psychologist in ,

We help people explore their strengths, understand their triggers, and learn techniques to increase their gratitude and optimism.

— Ebony Davis, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor

I work with couples and individuals who value deep self-exploration and desire growth and healing. We will listen collaboratively to your story, explore the different parts of who you are and what has shaped you, and invite practices to strengthen your capacities, foster new insights, ease painful symptoms, and integrate past experiences.

— Cyla Fisk, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Pasadena, CA

You are a masterpiece, created to do great things. Sometimes we forget, feel lost, become overwhelmed with anxious thoughts, become sad, get angry, and feel worthless; simply put we get stuck. We will identify what has you stuck and develop strategies to move forward. If something in your life is not working, we will work together to find solutions and to do something different that does work. Together we will work to use your strengths and God-given talents to become your best you.

— Jason Brown, Licensed Professional Counselor in North Richland Hills, TX

Find effective coping skills and learn to manage mental health symptoms

— Sara Farrell, Addictions Counselor in Creve Coeur, MO

I will create an in-depth personalized plan for you for your mind, body, and spirit to enable you to reach your highest potential and the goals you want for yourself.

— Kirsten Cantley, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in New York, NY

For Creative People, creative growth is intimately tied to personal growth. That is why the problems you face as a Creative Person deserve expert knowledge of your creative mind: so you can fully recover and thrive. As a creativity expert, I can help you solve problems from your daily life to your creative career so you can live in a state of ease and flow.

— Cindy Cisneros, Licensed Professional Counselor in Sykesville, MD