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As an intuitive holistic therapist, I honor the multi-dimensionality of your emotions, your identity, your relationships, & your journey.

Marriage & Family Therapist in LOS ANGELES, CA

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About My Clients

My clients often identify as highly sensitive, empathic, intuitive, &/or as BIPOC individuals/couples who identifies as non-traditional, non-monogamous, &/or non-heteronormative. I create a safe space for minorities & deviation from social norms. I empower my clients to develop a practice of prioritizing emotional safety, self-understanding, & self-acceptance because it is only when we extend this loving vibration of emotional safety to ourselves that we can extend it to our closest loved ones.

My Background and Approach

Your intuition & intention to feel better have led you here to access my in-depth personal experience, professional wisdom, & multi-dimensional awareness to help you identify, cultivate, & capitalize on your inherent strengths to manifest energetic wellbeing, behavioral balance, & interpersonal harmony. I offer you genuine warmth & straightforward insight with empathy, unconditional positive regard, intuitive humor, metaphor, & analogy to facilitate gradual recovery from spiritual trauma, sexual abuse trauma, relational trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, anger, grief, shame, guilt, codependency, childhood abuse, & domestic abuse (verbal, emotional, physical). I draw on my intuitive awareness to help you make sense of your experiences and to develop a constructive relationship with your feelings to expand beyond any old patterns that no longer serve you. I believe in you & your ability to heal & to create relational satisfaction with yourself & your current and/or future partner(s).

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe in compassion, representation, visibility, & inclusion for all multi-dimensional people, belief systems, & ways of being. I affirm & encourage self acceptance and universal appreciation for all that is in existence; physical & non-physical. I believe in energy, frequency, & vibration. I believe in energetic balance, momentum, & cycles represented within the principles of thermodynamics, quantum physics, biology, geometry, & mathematical fractals that demonstrate synchronistic patterns as well as systemic microcosmic and macrocosmic reflections. I believe that you are born worthy; energetically greater & more vast, complex, & perfect than your very human thoughts, beliefs, & behaviors. I believe that the very foundation of your identity is the keen awareness underlying your knowing that you have thoughts, beliefs, & behaviors. I believe what biology demonstrates: healing transformation occurs through exposure to resonant vibration and that is what I offer to my clients.

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  • Experience: 8 years of practice
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