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I specialize in supporting people that feel worn out, frustrated and anxious about work-related oppression and marginalization.

Clinical Social Worker in Rockland County, NY
Supervised by Dr. La Shawn Paul, LCSW-R, ACSW NY License #079269/NJ License #NJDCATEMP-035693

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About My Clients

A lot of the challenges Ashley's clients face are surrounding work and school-related experiences of various types of discrimination, microagreassions, oppression, marginalization and/or racism. These circumstances heavily impact their ability to stay focus and putting their best efforts into work due to feeling psychologically and emotionally unsafe within their work/school environments.

My Background and Approach

I will incorporate holistic, non-pathologizing inclusive orientations to support the diversity found amongst the human experience. Validating your experience with overt and covert forms of oppression and marginalization. I will create a space that encourages you to view yourself as a "whole person" greater than the sum of the challenging experiences you have lived through by supporting you to develop greater self-compassion Clients will have the space to share their experiences with oppression, trauma, and marginalization through narration using the power of these stories to help them to externalize their personal challenges within a larger sociocultural context and grieve. Humans are inherently imperfect. The daily journey of life causes us to need to commit to learning new behavior-change strategies that support psychological flexibility and mindfulness that then empower us to progress. Please follow the link for a free 15-min consult:

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

​I’m a firm believer that systemic racism causes extensive trauma throughout society, is a public health issue and as a trauma-informed provider, I believe I am responsible for my part in dismantling systemic racism and practicing cultural humility. I have experienced my own forms of suffering from the negative impacts of racism, oppression and marginalization within academic settings and workplace environments since I was a child. Through my own time in therapy, I have learned the tools to help with managing my thoughts, emotions and behaviors when life begins to feel heavy. My therapeutic journey strengthened my resiliency skills so that I did not feel so out of control with the people in my life I could not control. I want to be a part of that healing process for other people who are going through similar experiences and feel like there is no way out For a free 15 minute consultation, please follow the scheduling link:

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 5 years of practice
  • Rate: $125 - 175/session

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