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Licsenced Professional Clinical Counselor
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I see every client as an expert of themselves. I strive to match the therapeutic modalities that will best serve each client to find peace.

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Chicago, IL

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About My Clients

Are you feeling overwhelmed or anxious? Do you have a difficult time taking pleasure in activities you used to love? Are you trying to cope with your own physical diagnosis, or are caring for a loved one and are seeking support for this? Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Do you work as a medical professional and feel like it is all too much? These are exactly the kinds of individuals I have been supporting for over 15 years. Allow me to accompany on your journey to a more fulfilled you.

My Background and Approach

As an Art Therapist, I believe that human creativity is how we process information and experiences. This creativity can take many forms: visual art, music, writing, cooking, gardening, organizing a space, etc. My hope it to help my clients find that creative space in their lives to allow for self discovery and transformation of emotional turmoil. Additionally, I believe mind and body are one. I use the body’s signals to treat the emotional symptoms, and vice versa. I am practiced in Guided Imagery and Relaxation techniques to assist clients in using their bodies to sooth the emotional and better understand physical and psychological reactions. Most importantly, I collaborate with my client to find the therapeutic modality that best fits them and their goals. Examining ones life , life style, and personal view point help me determine how best to help my client.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I became an Art Therapist because I knew how my own art helped me sooth the pains in my life. I hope to help adults become in touch with their own innate creativity, a creativity which society many times discourages. To me, all art is “good” even when it is “ugly.” Sometimes the ugly that comes out is exactly what is needed for that person to continue living life a little bit freer from something that was weighing them down. I worked in Hospice for several years, using art as a way for clients to process their own mortality while also seeing them continue to learn and grow, even in the last stages of life. It is this inspiring human ability to always grow, learn, and cope with any adversity that spurs me on in my practice. I grew up in Chicago, around all kinds of people with all kinds of ethnic, cultural, spiritual, and non-conforming identities. I celebrate the differences in all of us as humans, and strive to understand more about the variety of cultures we have among us.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 16 years of practice
  • Rate: $130/session

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