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Clinical Social Worker in Madison, WI

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About My Clients

Life - you soak it all in, every drop. (And you still feel empty.) Beauty - you live for it. (But it’s been hiding recently.) Empathy - you have more than enough of it. (And pain, other people’s mainly - you can’t seem to shake it.) If you could just keep everyone happy, that would solve it. (But it doesn’t.) This depleted, guilty, carrying the weight of the world thing isn’t working. There has to be a way to pay attention to yourself that isn’t selfish. (There is.)

How I Can Help You

Therapy is about getting your needs met. (Yes, you have needs. Everyone does. And you deserve to get yours met. Just as much as anyone else.) If you are feeling empty, I help you connect with yourself. If you look at a sunset and feel only a dull ache, I help you feel the emotions that are too scary to feel right now. If you can make everyone else feel amazing and end up feeling miserable yourself, I help you challenge the lies you have been taught about whose needs are most important. You want to heal the world, and I support you in healing yourself. When you are connected with yourself, connected with others, in alignment with your power - that’s where you have the spaciousness, agility, and energy to extend toward the things that heal the world while bringing you joy.

Why I Became a Therapist

Before I went to graduate school to become a therapist, I wanted to change the world. Like Big Change. Structural change. Take down corporate power change. Healthcare as a human right change. (You get the idea.) So I needed to become a community organizer, right? Well…..I still am changing the world, I’ve just figured out a way I can do that by doing what I love: listening. To you. With great attentiveness, wonder, and curiosity: celebrating your depth, your compassion, and your brilliance.

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  • Experience: 9 years of practice
  • Languages: English


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