Erica Ives


Erica Ives, LMFT since 1997, and CEO of Mindfulpath Inc. Erica specializes in eating disorders, trauma, attachment struggles, and addiction

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Calabasas, CA

About My Clients

Erica has had personal experience with many of the same struggles that bring one to seek therapy and passionately believes in life with freedom from an eating disorder, trauma, and addiction. She views recovery as being unique to every individual and understands the vulnerability shared throughout therapy. Erica teaches the tools for one to achieve a life filled with balance, awareness, and well being to live on a mindful path of recovery. ​

My Background and Approach

You are not your self-destructive behavior; it has just been a way you have learned to cope. It may have worked effectively at some time to disconnect you from your true needs and feelings but if you are here, it is probably no longer serving you. Breaking free from self-destructive behavior may feel like an incredible loss. You may believe you don’t even know who you are without engaging in those behaviors. But while these behaviors may seem to be a way to detach from painful thoughts and emotions, it also results in cutting-off from positive thoughts and emotions. When is the last time you laughed, felt joy and excitement, used your imagination, been really present with people, places, and things, or felt love and hope? It is just the right time to rediscover life and reveal your true self. Because if you choose to stay locked in your own suffering then your life will be a lonely existence. Wherever you may be in your readiness is exactly the place to be to reach out for help.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

At Mindfulpath, we provide a wide array of mental health services including therapy, nutritional services, group therapy, case management, EMDR, yoga, meditation, massage, music therapy, breathwork, and Reiki at an outpatient level of care. We put together packages based on the uniqueness of the individual. You speak, we listen, we provide a treatment recommendation, and together we collaborate and, finally, create an individualized program to improve your mental health. We deal with how you relate to others, pay focus and attention to how you handle stress and manage emotions, help you navigate internal and external discomfort, learn to deal with issues around food and body image, and talk about all things sex, life’s deeper questions, and everything in between.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 29 years of practice
  • Languages: English


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