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Healing is more than just fixing what's not working; it's about living an engaged life that feels meaningful and purposeful for you.

Psychologist in Gainesville, FL

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About My Clients

I address anxiety, life transitions, stress, and trauma, and also welcome those without a specific diagnosis who are simply striving for improved well-being. The journey can be challenging to navigate alone, but recognizing the need for support is the first courageous step towards breaking free from stagnation and experiencing genuine, transformative change. If you're motivated for change but need support finding your path, I'm here.

My Background and Approach

In our therapeutic journey together, my approach is grounded in an understanding of the impact of trauma, recognizing that our struggles always exist in the context of our environments and histories. I weave mindfulness and positive psychology into our sessions, aiming not just for 'okay,' but for a life that feels truly meaningful and fulfilling. Trained in EMDR, ACT, CBT, and clinical hypnosis, I bring a diverse toolkit to tailor our sessions to your unique needs. I see our time together as a collaborative space, where your feedback and active participation shape the path to your well-being. There's no one-size-fits-all in therapy—I believe in finding the approach that resonates best with you and addresses your specific concerns. Let's embark on this journey towards positive change together.

Why I am a Good Fit for You

If you've found yourself caught in the loop of thinking through your challenges without seeing the desired change, it's time for a fresh perspective. Together, we can explore new directions—whether delving into your history, envisioning your future goals and values, or tuning into the wisdom of your body and emotions. I appreciate clients who are open to this creative journey, as we collaboratively unfold a compassionate understanding of your struggles. Let's embark on a path that not only frees you from feeling stuck but also brings about meaningful transformation.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 4 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $175 - 240/session


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