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Hello, I'm Kara, I've been occupational therapist for 30 years and specialize in women's wellness & pelvic health.

Occupational Therapist in Boise, ID


About My Clients

Do pelvic, low back, hip or Vulvo-vaginal pain make it hard for you to function? Are you always looking for the closest bathroom due to bowel or bladder issues? Is physical intimacy a challenge due to pain or fear? Maybe you suffer from energetic or hormonal challenges due to menopause, dysmenorrhea or chronic fatigue. Perhaps you recently had surgery or gave birth and are struggling to recover. At Flourish, I can help you resolve your pain, improve your functioning and reclaim your life.

My Background and Approach

I am an occupational therapist specializing in women's unique health challenges. I have extensive training in manual and massage therapies, pelvic floor therapy, wellness coaching, postpartum and post-surgical recovery, menopause, and menstrual health. If you are experiencing pelvic pain or dysfunction, lack of energy or strength, or have some wellness goals you want help achieving, I would love to help. I use a variety of strategies from hands on pain relief to therapeutic movement, exercise and activity, lifestyle strategies and task adaptation, reflective listening and collaborative goal setting to help you experience wellbeing and healing in your body, and participate fully and joyfully in your daily life and activities. I am personable and professional, intuitive and analytical and see you as the expert on your own wellness.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Humans born with female anatomy haven unique challenges & gifts. The hormonal cycle can be predictable and regulating or a really wild ride without a seatbelt when it goes awry. The wonder of childbirth is sometimes followed by unexpected challenges, and when the menstrual merry-go-round begins to slow down with menopause we sometimes find ourselves getting dragged along wondering where we are going. These challenges insist that we address them and can be catalysts for change and empowerment. As women we are incredibly resilient and strong, and armed with better understanding of our bodies and selves, and given the right tools and treatment, I believe that we can turn our challenges around, find our deepest strength and knowing and create our own best lives. I see myself as your collaborator, facilitator and supporter and having the privilege to do this work brings me great joy. While I am an LGBTQ ally, my training & focus thus far is with those assigned female anatomy at birth.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 30 years of practice
  • Rate: $125 - 200/session


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