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Changing lives one light bulb moment at a time. Isn't it time you changed yours? LPC Licensed in TX, LA, & Fl / LPC-S in LA

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About My Clients

Imagine this moment as the beginning of a transformative journey – a journey dedicated to understanding yourself and finding healing. If you're here, you're likely wrestling with life's complexities – the weight of stress, anxiety, and the echoes of past experiences. But you're seeking more than just a listening ear; you're craving a partner who can help untangle the threads of your thoughts and emotions, to uncover the reasons behind your feelings.

My Background and Approach

In the space we're creating, what you need most is validation – a sanctuary where your emotions are not only acknowledged, but deeply comprehended. You're longing for a secure place to freely express yourself, unburdened by any judgment. And beyond that, you're hungry for fresh perspectives, for practical tools that can help you navigate the labyrinth of challenges. So, what fuels your aspirations? Your goals are both intricate and fundamental. You're striving to discover the wellspring of resilience that might lie dormant within you. You're determined to rebuild your self-esteem, to regain control over your life's direction that might have slipped away. Your driving force is the hunger for growth, for transformation that transcends quick fixes, creating enduring change. And why? Because you carry an unshakable belief – deep within – that you have the capacity to change. You yearn for a life where joy and contentment are constants, not fleeting moments.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Your vision encompasses the holistic – a yearning to fathom the intricate connections between your thoughts, your physical being, and your spirit. You're eager to challenge those negative thought patterns and absorb mindfulness practices that anchor you in the present moment. You're prepared to embrace your vulnerabilities, recognizing that these vulnerabilities are the gateways to your healing journey. In essence, you're here because you desire understanding, validation, & transformation. You're poised to collaborate with someone who's genuinely dedicated to your voyage. Together, we'll decipher the puzzles of your struggles, nurture your latent resilience, & pave a road toward enduring well-being. This journey transcends the mere alleviation of surface-level symptoms; it's about reclaiming your sense of self and purpose. It's about stepping into a future defined by your strength, not your struggles. I'm here to traverse this path alongside you, accompanying you every step of the way

Insurance Plans Accepted
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Oscar
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)
  • Oxford Health Plan
  • United Healthcare
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  • Christianity
  • Multifaith

At A Glance

  • Experience: 7 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $150 - 175/session

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