Lacretia Roberts (She/her)

Accepting Clients

My name is Lacretia Roberts and I am an LMFTA therapist who specializes in couple therapy and trauma. I am passionate & highly insightful.

Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern in Indiana
Supervised by Dr. James Burg

  • Couples
  • Family

About My Clients

I work primarily with couples of every type or dynamic. I work best with couples who appreciate a direct style of communication and who are effectively ready for change in their lives, relationships and patterns. I work well with most clients however I prefer client's who are able to be fully open and immersive to the therapeutic process by being their most authentic selves. I work best with clients that are consistent and committed to their therapeutic journey.

My Background and Approach

I am a firm believer in helping couples to establish a strong foundation of trust, honesty and communication in their lives. We accomplish this by exploring inner truths for each individual and then we work together to ensure greater insight, empathy and understanding for the self, and partner. Using an Integrative model & personalized evidence based interventions, clients will elevate themselves to a position of growth that disrupts negative cycles, placing them in alignment with the best and healthiest versions of their relationships. You will be encouraged to explore and truly share yourselves wholly, in a safe, welcoming and encouraging space. Together we will elevate your ability to communicate by modeling skills like listening to hear rather than to respond. We will identify the patterns that aren't working, explore and process underlying emotions or trauma so you can finally work towards having less conflicts & triggering and more growth & connection to each other.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I find it critical to help clients learn how to understand the root causes of their personal triggers which may stem from unprocessed trauma, and contribute to further negative interactions in relationships. Therapy is NOT a guarantee that your relationship will succeed or that you will suddenly have a perfect problem free life. Therapy will help you use tools to learn what direction to move towards and positive ways to break the negative cycles that may be holding you or your relationships back. Finally, therapy is not always easy but amazingly, it relies on strengths you both already possess or you wouldn't be here right now! Sometimes we may need help finding a way back towards faith in each other and our own identities after experiencing life's rougher paths & speed bumps. Therapy, if you are both ready and willing can help you with roadblocks to having the loving & compassionate relationship you know you're capable of.

I offer online counseling in the following states:

At A Glance

  • Experience: 2 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $65 - 65/session

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