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Filipino-American therapist providing thoughtful therapy for creatives

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

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About My Clients

People see you as an alien, charming yes, but more often they prefer you to go with the flow than have you interject your out-of-the box ideas. You throw yourself into your creative work because that's what you know how to do, yet you still feel a lingering loneliness gnawing at you.

My Approach to Helping

In art therapy, we’ll build emotional muscles to recognize what you can change in relationships and to tolerate inevitable overwhelm. We will close up energy leaks so you can hone your energy to be more fully you, without the weight of isolation. Be heard, message me on my website to schedule a free consult. My lived experience involves navigating life as a creative Filipino-American immigrant. I bring this experience to the therapy room and reflect on my own experiences and feelings to connect with whoever comes into my office on a deep empathic level. I love animals and find them as a source of comfort, healing, and humor.

More About the People I Treat

You’re furious that it takes people forever to accept you as-is while you can read them so easily. Maybe that’s your fault because you haven’t figured out the right way to get them to understand. You've tried to talk it out but they dismiss you with “it's not a big deal”. Wordlessly, a shell forms as you swallow said and unsaid demands they put on you You’ve googled "imposter syndrome" more than once. People are going to find out that you’re not that great and they will leave you. You argue with yourself that it probably won’t happen. After all, you have felt the downpour of love from others, yet you have felt the pang when people are fickle - they adore you, yet the next day find you to be too much. When someone needs you, you make time yet there's no room for therapy in your schedule. Low key, you feel selfish for even thinking it, when you know others have it worse. Be heard, message me on my website to schedule a free consult.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 11 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $200 - 280/session

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