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I specialize in providing high-quality evidence based therapy for OCD and anxiety disorders in the South Bay of Los Angeles.

Clinical Psychologist in Redondo Beach, CA

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About My Clients

Does it ever feel like your mind is broken and your thoughts are racing out of control? When you are constantly fighting your anxiety, it may feel like you are hanging onto your sanity by a single thread, when all you want is to feel better NOW. I don’t want anxiety to keep you trapped in it’s grasp anymore. There are powerful, science-based tools that can change your relationship with anxiety for good. I look forward to being able to teach you these strategies and help get your life back.

My Background and Approach

Your anxiety is like an opponent who knows you well, and is skilled at keeping you stuck. When you have anxiety or OCD, what feels like the right thing to do usually makes us feel even worse in the long-term. I will help you gain insight into the ways anxiety is misleading you and teach you methods to gain the upper hand. There are so many different helpful tools, such as learning mindfulness skills to step outside of negative thinking spirals and practicing ways to empower yourself by gently and systematically facing your fears. I have years of experience helping people overcome their anxious suffering. In addition to working with hundreds of clients, I have published research on anxiety treatment in peer-reviewed journals and have attended numerous workshops, conferences, and trainings. In our work together, You’ll learn how to change your relationship with worry, panic, and anxiety for good, so they no longer hold you back from living the life that you want.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I grew up in a family of medical doctors, and I was always fascinated by the idea that healing and growth was possible through simply changing the way we respond to our thoughts and feelings. My parents taught me from an early age the importance of treating people from all walks of life with kindness, dignity, and respect. The primary reason why I chose to specialize in treating anxiety disorders is because I know first hand how much suffering it can cause. In my early twenties, I experienced severe panic attacks and constant worry. In fact, I came very close to dropping out of my first year of graduate school. Through my own therapy, I learned how to respond differently to my anxiety and regain control of my life. I haven’t had a panic attack in years. I want to help you break the bonds of anxiety so you can get back to living too. I am married and love traveling the world and practicing brazillian jiu jitsu in my spare time.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 9 years of practice
  • Rate: $200 - 225/session


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