Dr. Nichole Vincent (she/her)

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Therapy that's like a makeover for your mind – get ready to feel snatched from the inside out *Private Pay Only*

Clinical Psychologist in Texas

About My Clients

Are anxiety, perfectionism, ADHD, and relationship struggles holding you back from the life you deserve? It's time to break free and thrive! I'll provide unwavering support in a safe space where we'll conquer self-doubt, manage anxiety, and nurture fulfilling connections. Together, we'll unleash your inner strength and equip you with practical tools to conquer life's challenges. with authenticity, confidence, and meaningful connections. *Services offered on a self-pay basis only*

My Approach to Helping

I bring a refreshing blend of humor, creativity & authenticity. I believe in creating a space where you can fully express yourself without filters; showing up as your true, authentic self. I use cuss words in sessions, b/c a colorfully lived life means using colorful language to reflect the depth of our experiences. Get your heart ready for a therapeutic experience that's anything but cookie-cutter! From using #hashtags to bring a touch of fun & relevance to exploring topics, to incorporating quotes & other media (e.g., books, podcasts, TikTok’s) for inspiration & reflection; these resources add additional perspectives and insights. My therapy "superpowers" involve creating a safe & comfortable space for your growth, honoring & valuing your unique life experiences, empowering you to elevate your mindset & holding space for the information you may not share w/anyone else. I offer unconditional acceptance & support, without judgment, meeting you exactly where you are in your journey.

More About the People I Treat

Everyone is welcome and valued here! I work with clients of diverse ages (18+), genders, sexual orientations, races or ethnicities, religions, marital statuses, mental and physical abilities, and socio-economic backgrounds. You may benefit from therapy with me if: You find yourself unsatisfied with your relationships, consistently accepting less than what you truly desire, & feeling unsure why. Together, we’ll explore your patterns, identify underlying factors, & empower you to cultivate healthier & more fulfilling connections. You lie awake in bed for hours, unable to sleep due to the constant replay of the day’s events or racing worries in your brain; therapy can help. We’ll work collaboratively to develop effective strategies to calm your mind, promote relaxation, & improve sleep hygiene. You intentionally withhold sharing your personal problems, fear burdening others, therapy can offer a dedicated space to unload, express yourself freely, & gain valuable insights and support.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 12 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $235 - 310/session

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