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Peter Strong, PhD - Psychotherapist, teacher & author specializing in Online Mindfulness Therapy available via Skype.

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About My Clients

Almost everyone who seeks my help has already tried conventional counseling. This may be excellent for treating acute emotional problems, but most people tell me that it is seldom sufficient to overcome chronic anxiety or depression. Most of my clients have tried prescription medications and are looking for an alternative approach, a more holistic approach that focuses on healing rather than just trying to reduce symptoms.

My Background and Approach

The primary focus of Mindfulness Therapy is to treat the underlying psychological cause of your anxiety, depression, OCD, addiction, stress, PTSD and emotional trauma and other forms of emotional suffering rather than just trying to manage symptoms through medication. Mindfulness Therapy is a form of Buddhist Psychotherapy based on the teachings of Buddhist Psychology, which focuses on teaching you how to change the relationship that you have with your mind, your thoughts, beliefs, memories, and especially your emotions. The primary goal is to cultivate freedom in relationship to your mind instead of trying to control and "fix" the mind. Mindfulness is a special form of consciousness, characterized by direct awareness and non-reactivity, love, compassion and joy. Mindfulness Therapy focuses on applying these qualities to promote healing of emotional suffering and to enhance wellbeing and happiness within and without, in your mind and in your personal and societal relationships.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Mindfulness Therapy (Skype Therapy) focuses on teaching you how to work with your mind, giving you practical tools that you can apply yourself to promote healing and wellbeing. In this way it is quite different from the treatment-based approaches of clinical psychotherapy.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 23 years of practice
  • Rate: $55 - 95/session

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