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Therapy for Men working thru Perfectionism, People Pleasing and Procrastination. Do you feel anxious when you lack motivation? Let's talk!

Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Monica, CA


About My Clients

Is your comparison meter always on - and you never quite measure up? Are you plagued with subtle or not-so-subtle social anxiety? You're not alone. But it may be time to dissolve this lurking shadow that's squashing your soul with guilt and shame. I find that talk therapy along with mindfulness, bibliotherapy and mind-body modalities help to get traction in this multi-layered ruse to be unkind to yourself. This is an LGBTQ Affirming and Relationship Styles Embracing space.

My Background and Approach

The Truth is Anxiety comes in all forms and sometimes can blow up into a full attack. Other times in may eat away at you filling you with Doubt , Guilt and Shame. You've designed very clever ways to disguise your inner turmoil, and chances are you also had a role model for how to be Anxious. Using Depth-Oriented, Experiential & Holistic Mind-Body lenses, I help clients discover the underpinnings of old beliefs that helped them Survive, and upgrade them to enter into Revive and Thrive modes of living. Clients who love working with me describe my approach as present, knowledgeable (especially about Anxiety, Depression, Attachment & Trauma), engaging and BS free. Humor is important as is a conversational tone, though I won’t let you talk us in circles around things you’re afraid to talk about. I’ll guide you into feeling your body as well as your feelings and as we respectfully unravel these patterns and shine light on new ways to Think, Feel and Be.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Therapy is a critical piece in the Personal Growth puzzle. It's not the endgame, but it's a good beginning (or continuation) to understand what happens for you emotionally, how you tend to roll with what you do & *don't* know about yourself and how this has a Direct Impact on the Life you are Creating and your Important Relationships. From a young age many people have learned to keep emotions at a "healthy" distance which often resulted in putting them into "Good" and "Bad" boxes with a clear message on which to cultivate. The reality is that emotions are fluid in range & texture & they all have value as an intricate part of your internal communication system. If you don't know what or that you are feeling, you are cut off from a significant place within, forcing you to focus more on what exists outside of you and less on what you actually have influence over (cue: control issues). Getting a handle on Anxiety and learning to feel feelings is a game changer towards your self-worth.

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  • Experience: 10 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $250 - 375/session


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