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I aim to provide a safe space for humans to be vulnerable, challenged, and supported as intentions are set and patterns are shifted.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Edmond, OK

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About My Clients

My initial years as a therapist were spent in group homes and teen recovery centers. This is where I found my passion for teens, and where I guided and educated parents on ways to shift boundaries and expectations with their kids. I now find that my main passion is helping humans feel comfortable in their own skin. Areas I have a depth of knowledge and experience in are depression, anxiety, disordered eating, body image issues, self-identity, the lgbtq+ community, and autism.

My Background and Approach

I became a therapist thanks to a wonderful experience with my therapist when I was a teenager in Oklahoma; I saw her while I was struggling with an eating disorder. I knew I wanted to instill hope and empower other fellow humans, as she did for me. I believe in tapping into people's strengths while also challenging negative thought patterns and critical voices. I also believe that small shifts in behavior can have profound long-term effects. Humans try so hard to fit into boxes of what we think we should be, what we should do to make others happy, and what we need to do to be "successful." I think happiness can co-occur with success when we begin to go inward and listen to what we truly need. When we give ourselves permission to explore our own wishes and dreams, beautiful change can occur. Relationships can also simultaneously be strengthened by learning how to be kind yet assertive, and by participating in active listening with those we love.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe in self-discovery and self-expression. I believe in always striving to evolve as a human. There is so much hate and fear in our society, especially now, and I always attempt to listen to each person's story. No one has our same perspective; our life experiences shape our unique minds. It's incredible to think about. However, many humans fear difference, and they shun those who stray outside of their comfort zones. True empathy is work, and it demands that we put our egos to sleep and listen to our fellow humans. It is only by respecting others that we can earn respect. And when we listen, others feel heard and hearts begin to open. I also believe that past and current trauma needs to be worked through to heal, but there are no excuses for our present behaviors. Feelings can be intense and unbearable, but they ebb and flow. When we learn to sit with our feelings, incredible growth can occur. Thanks so much for reading!

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 24 years of practice
  • Rate: $150 - 150/session


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