Reuben Burke

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I provide a non-judgmental, safe, and supportive environment to work on infidelity, communication, and intimacy.

Psychotherapist in San Rafael, CA
Supervised by Dr. Richard Leary PsyD Lic # 29294

About My Clients

Most of my clients experienced Infidelity, Poor Communication, Intimacy, Long-Standing Disagreements, as well as Depression, Anxiety, and Confusion. My process of Relationship Remodeling™ unravels the origins of those problems and restores balance and clarity helping my clients grow rapidly into self-confidence. They develop new insight that supports a powerful perspective that guides them. Dig below the surface and change the negative thinking that stops your success. Let me help you get there!

My Background and Approach

Do you feel chronic anxiety and helplessness? Throughout your life, you may have been traumatized in some ways that you do not remember. Those events, though forgotten, live in your body as unresolved threats generating symptoms of anxiety, depression, physical pain, and causing behavioral problems. I will provide you with evidence-based tools and techniques that you can use at any time for immediate relief from anxiety and depression. My work centers on the Transpersonal Psychology perspective. I focus on your whole being including core beliefs you may not even be aware of, but which drive your behavior moment to moment. You are not merely the sum of your problems, but the holder of infinite personal strengths that are your biological heritage. My whole-person approach draws upon your hidden powers and uses your own feelings and intuitions to guide our collaborative work. Let us begin!

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe you have the power inside of you to overcome your problems. Depression is the number one mental disorder worldwide today. Every case is different and there is no standard universally successful treatment. Also, there are cases considered to be treatment-resistant. This is because the causes of depression are so numerous. There is wide acceptance of the empirical scientific studies that support the use of talk therapies over prescription medication. This is due to the well-known side effects of depression medication and the frequency of relapses. I believe that coaching is a great approach because it uses the most ancient and successful method for treating psychological and behavioral problems—The human relationship. You will have an individually designed approach that will be tailored just for you. Let me help you get it done!

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  • Experience: 10 years of practice
  • Rate: $90 - 140/session


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