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Addiction, Codependency, and Dysfunctional Family specialist. Your co-journeyer thru the A’s of Change: Awareness, Acceptance, and Action.

Licensed Professional Counselor in Boulder, CO

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About My Clients

You or a loved one may be touched by substance abuse, or you may have been affected by another form of family dysfunction--and often, both. You're ready to release the grip of your past on your present, address your trauma, take personal responsibility for your life, and grow your self-worth so that you can begin to expect the best and get it. And if you're anything like my other clients, you're probably highly intelligent, sensitive, introspective, and have a great sense of humor.

My Background and Approach

I primarily work with 3 types of clients: 1. You're considering getting help with substance abuse or are in recovery from alcohol/drug abuse. If you're considering making a change and don't know where to start, I offer therapeutic consulting including a collaborative assessment of the problem, discussion re: treatment options including levels of care, referrals and family support. If you're already established in sobriety or harm-reduction, I can support you with "Recovery Phase 2" including ongoing challenges with recovery, self-worth, relationships and your continued journey towards greater levels of functioning and fulfillment. 2. You're in a current or past relationship with someone abusing substances, aren't sure how to support them, and feel like you're losing your mind. 3. You're an Adult Child of an Alcoholic or Dysfunctional Family. Not sure if this is you? Check out this list of 14 traits and notice if you see yourself: https://adultchildren.org/literature/laundry-list/

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Therapy provides a mirror for us to increase self-awareness. Over time, through the safety of a therapeutic relationship with a therapist ally, we may grow towards deeper self-understanding and self-acceptance. Paradoxically, once we accept ourselves exactly as we are, we become free to change. If this sounds radical, it’s because it is. In a world that profits from our self-doubt, accepting ourselves is a revolutionary act that liberates us to take inspired action towards building our best life. In addition to my formal credentials and studies that span 2 decades, my experience of transforming my own life underlies my knowledge, respect, compassion and hope as a therapist. It’s entirely possible to find freedom from outdated patterns of thought, belief, and behavior, and to develop the self-esteem, skills, and agency to begin to live life on purpose. Seeking help is a sign of strength, and if you're tired of just surviving and ready to thrive, let's walk this path together.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 5 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $175 - 210/session


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