Rochelle Schwartz

Healing relationship challenges within the self or with another, caused by underlying anxiety, depression, or self-esteem issues

Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR

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About My Clients

I serve folks experiencing self-esteem issues, anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges. I work with teens, couples, and families learning how to tolerate uncomfortable feelings, and how to express kinder, more true-to-your-values words and actions.

My Background and Approach

Anxiety, depression, and self-esteem issues can show up in our relationships. Relationships are key to a healthy psyche - those with ourselves, friends, family, co-workers, and partners. Often times, one or more of those relationships aren't going how we want them to. I can help you address the underlying causes so that your life feels more joyful, smooth, and aligned with your desires. I know I can help you because I've helped heal hundreds experiencing anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and relationship issues, including myself.  It feels awful - the pit in your stomach, the racing thoughts, difficulty falling asleep, the shame, loneliness, irritation, and self-disgust. I don't want you to experience this pain any longer than you already have. If you can't understand why your relationships aren't working out, what inner peace feels like, or how to untangle yourself, I feel it my calling to guide you.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that if we help ourselves, we can shine our inner light onto others, causing a beautiful domino effect of folks helping other folks. Of kindness and empathy towards one another, because we've finally given it to ourselves. If you're desiring self-discovery, self-healing, and the ability to look back at this time in your life and say, "I am better today because I went through that", help yourself by contacting me. I offer telehealth to make life easier for those with busy lives, those who don't want to be in traffic a second longer, those with mobility issues, and those who care about reducing their carbon footprint. Most importantly, I offer telehealth because I and other colleagues have noticed that it WORKS FASTER THAN TRADITIONAL OFFICE THERAPY. There are several theories as to why this is listed on my website,

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 9 years of practice
  • Rate: $80 - 140/session

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