Roxcy Brown

Accepting Clients

I work with couples and individuals facing relationship stressors that affect their lives.

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Austin, TX
Supervised by Alycia DeGraff: Texas License # 202842

About My Clients

Are you walking on eggshells in your relationship? Are you and your spouse more like roommates now? Are you constantly pushing each other's buttons? Do you feel like your partner secretly hates you? Has there been infidelity in your relationship? Do you feel like you or your partner has changed so much from when you initially met? Have you lost all intimacy? Is your relationship going through a large change? Are you considering divorce?

My Background and Approach

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist - Associate, which means I specialize in relationships. I view people as having many relationships. There are our relationships with a romantic partner, family, friends, communities, and ourselves, but also our relationships with society, politics, race, sexuality, and identity. I show up to our session completely present and authentic. I use my personality, which is open, spontaneous, empathetic, sensitive, accepting, and occasionally humorous when appropriate.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe in the power of stories, specifically, our own stories. Whether we realize it or not our story helps us find meaning and purpose, establish our identity in a confusing and sometimes lonely world, connect to others, and signal to the world who we are. This is why it is important to realize what stories we are telling ourselves, and others, when we talk about our lives. Sometimes, when we are down, depressed, and feeling overwhelmed it can be very difficult to see ourselves and our story past, present, and future. I will be with you in the trenches when necessary but also your loudest cheerleader. We will work to understand the problems you are facing in their entirety then uncover opportunities for growth and development, find meaning, and understand yourself better. You are not the problem, the problem you are facing is the problem, so let's face and figure this out together. You are not alone on this journey.

I offer online counseling in the following states:
I have experience with the following
  • Atheism
  • Christianity
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  • Judaism
  • Interfaith
  • Multifaith

At A Glance

  • Experience: 3 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $130 - 160/session


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11824 Jollyville Rd
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Austin, TX 78759

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