Abortion, Pregnancy Loss and Miscarriage

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I’m unapologetically abortion positive. You will never feel judged in my practice. I respect all choices and options related to reproductive health: the right to make a choice in reproductive health is primary. I’m an advocate for family size choice: whether you never have children, are ‘one and done’ or have made any other family size decisions- I am supportive and helpful in methods to handle ambivalence or frank resistance to your choices- either imposed by yourself or others in your life.

— Vanessa Gorelkin, Occupational Therapist in Scottsdale, AZ

If you’re a mom whose made a difficult decision to end a pregnancy or experienced the loss of a child through miscarriage or stillbirth you deserve space, support and care. Whether you’re experience grief, anxiety, depression or ptsd - help and healing is possible.

— Kylee Nelson, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Denver, CO

Addressing your reproductive health concerns in therapy may look like addressing sexual difficulties that impact your ability to conceive, exploring decisions about how or when you want to become a parent, or finding fulfillment in living child free. You may also need space to address impacts of experiences with abortion, infertility, or surrogacy. Therapy provides you with space to understand your reproductive story and build confidence to make informed choices about your reproductive health.

— Jessica Byrd, Counselor in Tempe, AZ

Loss can encompass many different experiences when it comes to pregnancy, fertility, adoption, being the partner of an expecting person, etc. These are complex experiences and I pride myself on working with clients around processing their individual stories; no one's grief or feelings can be duplicated.

— Jenny Shully, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Napa, CA

I treat those who have experienced loss in pregnancy as well as post partum anxiety and depression

— Katie Beers, Clinical Social Worker in Denver, CO

Abortion, Pregnancy Loss and Miscarriage are very common experience that are rarely discussed, even with close friends and family or between partners. Stigma and fear of judgement are often the reasons behind this and the associated levels of isolation can feel traumatic. Counseling can help process your feelings around these experiences and guide you towards healing and closure.

— Alicia Ferris, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Olympia, WA

Abortion, pregnancy loss and miscarriage is not really talked about or accepted in our society. There often isn't a safe space or environment available to process these difficult emotions after the loss occurs which means the grief can get stuck or buried and stay with us for years. I use EMDR as a safe and quick way to target and process the grief and loss, and explore any beliefs in place that may be holding you back from releasing this grief and sadness so you can move forward in your life.

— Laura Paton, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

The loss during a pregnancy can be both physically and emotionally painful. This can feel overwhelming, lonely and even isolating. For some, the loss can even be experienced as traumatic. Another way this type of loss is described is as if a "part of their soul is missing". I will support you in navigating through the complexities of this type of grief.

— Melissa Bada-Devers, Clinical Social Worker in East Brunswick, NJ

The loss of a child, no matter the age or circumstances is a loss of a lifetime. Grieving this loss is a 7 stage process.

— Michelle Kelley, Counselor in Cedar Vale, KS

Loss tied to pregnancy is very difficult for many birthing people. You may be experiencing grief that is hard to describe to others, or you may be worried to share with others because you are worried they won't understand your loss. As a person who has lived experience, I understand and am here to help.

— Jaclyn Tyson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

1 in 4 pregnancies will result in a loss. My practice primarily consists of mothers who know and have experienced this pain. I help them on their journey of grief and mourning so they can learn to integrate the loss into their lives and give themselves permission to experience hope and joy again. Additionally, my work in this area also includes helping with a pregnancy after loss as anxiety is known to be higher in subsequent pregnancies.

— Kerri-Anne Brown, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Orlando, FL

With a background in maternity support services, I know that the feelings of isolation that often accompany miscarriage, loss of a pregnancy, or abortion are unique. These types of losses can feel devastating, and can even further isolate us from our friends and loved ones. I can provide a safe place for you to process your feelings around your loss, offer tools to help make this more manageable, and support you as we work through this together.

— Kathy Knieriem, Clinical Social Worker in Gig Harbor, WA

Any type of loss, whether or planned or not, can be traumatic. Without treatment, it can lead to complicated grief. I use a trauma-informed approach when treating loss, ensuring that you feel comfortable to process your loss. Together, we will focus on your healing from the loss.

— Hannah Stutz, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in San Francisco, CA

I am a perinatal mental health trained provider, in the process of certification in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

— Amanda Davis-Scott, Licensed Professional Counselor in ,

I believe women who experience abortion, pregnancy loss and miscarriage are ENTITLED to the same support as mothers with living children. Loss is a complex process where one might feel a range of emotions but have very little community or support to process them. I am a resource to reflect, process and move forward after these life changing experiences.

— Alece Coleman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker