Alcohol abuse or dependency (also known as alcoholism) are serious problems relating to the habitual misuse of alcohol – typically characterized by drinking too much, too often, with an inability to stop. If drinking is negatively effecting your life and relationships and you can’t seem to get it under control, you may be abusing alcohol. Other signs could include craving a drink, drinking to relax, lying about drinking, neglecting responsibilities because of drinking, hiding your drinking, and/or driving while drinking. But the good news is, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. If you or someone you know is suffering from alcohol abuse or dependency, contact one of our specialists today to get help.

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My approach to substance use is rooted in a harm reduction framework and an acknowledgement that many people are curious about making changes to their substance use without having a goal of abstinence. I offer a nonjudgmental, caring setting to explore your relationship with substances, understand the role they have played in your life, and clarify what kind of changes you want to make.

— Susie Kowalsky, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

I have been an addictions counselor for 10 years and worked in various settings related to substance use disorders.

— Jennifer DiCostanzo, Clinical Social Worker in Naperville, IL

In recovery myself, i embrace harm-reduction and trauma-informed approaches to substance use recovery, but also have respect for 12-step programs and those who have sought sobriety through that path.

— Paul Boyer, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Oakland, CA

I am a CADC-II (Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor) with over 17 years of professional experience in addiction and recovery and have worked in detox, residential, outpatient, jail, and private practice settings. As a licensed psychologist with extensive experience in addiction and substance abuse treatment. I am dedicated to helping individuals overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery. My approach is evidence-based, empathetic, supportive, and will evaluate level of motivation.

— Dr. Jen Bachtold, Psychologist in San Diego, CA

I have had extensive experience working with people who are suffering with addiction. I have clinical knowledge and understanding of the process of addiction and have been trained in the use of best practices such as Motivational Interviewing, Harm Reduction and relapse prevention. I am well-versed in 12 step recovery concepts as well as other recovery models such as SMART recovery. I am skilled at incorporating approaches to address related concerns such as depression and trauma as well.

— Sarah Roe, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Addiction is something which I have several years of experience treating. People are often surprised to learn that treatment for substance abuse is not at all what they thought it would be. Typically, those with severe addictions will require a lifetime goal of sobriety while those with more mild addictions may acquire the ability to practice “controlled use” of chemicals. We will do a careful assessment of your symptoms so that effective goals for treatment can be established.

— Joe Groninga, Psychologist in St. Paul, MN

Maybe you're drinking a little more than you would like. Drinking can temporally take away our worries or stress, as well as providing comfort and confidence. However, drinking can also numb our feelings and affect relationships, our sleep, cognition, and our health. Together we can explore what you're drinking is providing you, while looking at a moderation management program or becoming sober.

— Michelle Quayle, Associate Professional Counselor in Round Rock, TX

I have treated substance use disorders since 2018, with an internship prior to that. I gained experience working in residential treatment programs for substance use disorders, and have worked at all levels of care to treat clients (residential, intensive outpatient, outpatient, detox, and transitional living). I work with clients to learn more about substances and their impact on living, identify triggers, and to evaluate their relationship with substances. I can also help provide resources.

— Alexandra Holt, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in , WA

I've worked in the field for addiction for 10 years, specializing in substance abuse, behavioral addictions, and now digital media overuse (gaming addiction, internet addiction, spending addiction, social media addiction, and internet addiction.) While some people only struggle with one type of digital media overuse, many struggle with multiple types of problematic behaviors with technology. It's not technology that is the problem in and of itself, it’s what it replaces that is problematic.

— Natalie Worobel, Licensed Professional Counselor in Denver, CO

I possess specialized expertise in addiction treatment, holding a speciality license in Colorado. In addition to my formal qualifications, I have undergone extensive training and supervision to enhance my knowledge and skills in this field. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with numerous clients and witnessing their success in overcoming addiction. I am dedicated to providing evidence-based interventions and personalized support to individuals struggling with addiction.

— Kelsey Whittlesey, Licensed Professional Counselor

I am a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (Texas license 14314).

— R. Paul Bray, Licensed Professional Counselor

I seek to create a safe, professional refuge for you to learn about your pattern of using or drinking and to explore the path to healing that feels right for you. Recognizing that substance use is unique for each person, I take an eclectic approach that incorporates decades of research from neuropsychology, mindfulness, and harm reduction. I also work with family members impacted by a loved one’s substance use, focusing on understanding addiction, connecting with resources, and coping.

— Zena Caputo, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

When it comes to working with different types of addictions some starting question are: 1. What is the person trying to escape? 2. Where is the emotional pain coming from? 3. What purpose does the addiction serve? 4. What was life like before the addiction? I help people emotionally navigate through these questions and arrive to their own inner-clarity and truth about themselves and the relationship they have with their substance/behavior addictions.

— Daniel Lavelle, Licensed Professional Counselor in Vienna, VA

I am a Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Counselor (CADC) in the state of Illinois, having completed a specialized addiction counselor training program in graduate school and accumulating years of experience in the addiction treatment field. I recognize that addiction is most often the result of deep-seated pain, and I work with my clients to reduce the harms associated with substance use, clarify and connect with their substance use goals, and alleviate the pain that underlies addiction.

— Jarrett Langfitt, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Chicago, IL

I have years of experiences working with clients at various stages of recovery

— Natasha Schwinn, Licensed Professional Counselor in Knoxville, TN

As a person in long term recovery, I incorporate the 12 step principles in my therapy. I have 7 years of experience in treating substance use disorders, and how depression and anxiety are often underlying mental health conditions that affect achieving long term recovery.

— Stephen Ricco, Addictions Counselor

I have extensive experience working with both adolescents and adults struggling with substance use disorders. I was a Individual/Family Therapist at Muir Wood Adolescent and Family Services serving clients experiencing substance use disorders. I was also a Therapist at Duffy's Napa Valley where I taught skills and support groups focusing on relapse prevention, recovery skills, psychoeducation around addiction, as well as a 12-step recovery framework.

— Samantha Gennuso, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Francisco, CA