Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a brain disorder that is typically characterized by a lack of impulse control, an inability to focus and pay attention, and hyperactivity. ADHD most commonly emerges in children and teens and can continue into adulthood. In fact, ADHD is the most common mental health disorder diagnosed in young people and sufferers often have trouble paying attention in school. ADHD must be diagnosed by a qualified clinician. In addition to medical interventions, seeing a mental health practitioner who specializes in the treatment of ADHD can help patients and their families better cope with many of the symptoms. Contact one of TherapyDen’s ADHD experts today.

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I bring lived experience and 13 years of professional experience to this population. My work with clients focuses on psychoeducation, identifying practical ways to externalize executive functioning deficits like procrastination, time management, impulsive words and actions, and organization. I also focus on ways to reduce sensory overwhelm. I also work from a self compassionate lens because I believe that real change can never come from a place of hating yourself.

— Michelle Davis, Clinical Social Worker in Charlotte, NC

Extensive background in working with diverse social/emotional needs of children ages 5-18 to include assessments and support for 504 plans and special education evaluations. for students who suffered from neurodivergent conditions (ADHD) that negative impact their daily ability to learn in the traditional school setting.

— Christopher Anderson, Clinical Social Worker in Lansing, MI

I have specialized training in assessment and treatment of ADHD. I can help you learn more about ADHD symptoms and teach you strategies to implement in day-to-day life to manage symptoms and meet your goals.

— Dr. Lauren Rance, Clinical Psychologist in Edina, MN

ADHD is impairment of executive function. It really should be called Executive Function Disorder. Executive Function is like having a little CEO in your brain running things, delegating, planning, executing tasks/projections, keeping track of things, sustaining focus, making decisions, and keeping it all organized and productive. When you have ADHD, your little CEO is basically sleeping on the job. Good news: there are ways to improve this. I can help.

— Cassie Uribe, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Tucson, AZ

As a fellow ADHD'r, I understand that it's not only that academics can be challenging. ADHD effects your relationships, your emotions and your resulting behavior. "Simple" tasks can feel impossible while you can simultaneously jump into a new hobby and master it within the week (only to let it go soon after). We'll sort through your executive functioning strengths and differences to figure out what is and isn't working in your daily life, so you can put effective supports in place.

— Laura Morlok, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Frederick, MD

Christa has specialized training to work with neurodiversity, and working toward an ADHD certification.

— Christa Carlton, Clinical Social Worker in Towson, MD

I have had a clinical interest in ADHD for about 10 years, particularly focused in how it presents in adulthood. I typically utilize CBT and DBT exercises.

— Samantha Fitzgerald, Mental Health Counselor in New York, NY

Experience working with childhood and adult ADHD. CBT and talk therapy incorporated to support clients understand their diagnoses and learn skills to improve day-today functioning.

— Tashanee Edwards, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York, NY

Are you a high-functioning adult with ADHD? If so, you know how untreated ADHD can significantly impact your life. You may struggle with focus, procrastination, time management, and organization. You may also feel overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed. At Indy ADHD, we understand. Dr. Ellingsworth offers an accessible, understanding, and specialized care model for adults with ADHD. Dr. Ellingsworth offers Telehealth appointments and transparent pricing, so you can get the care you need.

— Jeremiah Ellingsworth, Psychiatrist in Carmel, IN

I'm passionate about helping adults with undiagnosed or poorly managed ADHD get the help and support they need!

— Jeremy Didier, Clinical Social Worker in Overland Park, KS

I have provided ADHD testing for the past 8 years to all ages and now specialize in adult ADHD.

— Renee Long, Psychotherapist in Edmond, OK

ADHD is a specialty that I did not expect to have but I deeply love! It started in my work with children and at-risk young adults. I saw people deeply affected by it personally and professionally. I decided to dive in and do research. This is an area where a lot of people do not know and are not educated on its complexity and it is so unique to the individual. I love working with people to explore, understand and manage their ADHD.

— Adalyn Wilson, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor

Receiving a diagnosis of ADHD can be incredibly validating and overwhelming. It provides us with a framework and entryway into better understanding ourselves. At the same time, individuals with ADHD have a history of being misunderstood, under-supported, and pathologized. Through a relational, creative, and somatic holding, I hope to remind you of the incredible gifts that this beautiful brain of yours also carries. To help you learn to regulate your emotions, and advocate for what you need

— Danielle Forastieri Short, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Berkeley, CA

I help preteens, young adults, and adults with ADHD to be as functionally independent as they can in their daily lives by providing executive function and cognitive supports to organize themselves, create systems that work for them, and to participate in meaningful activities that can be related to school, work, play/leisure, rest & sleep, and home management.

— Angela Pham, Occupational Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

As a fellowship-trained psychiatrist with special training from Stanford's ADHD clinic I am especially able to help people who are suffering from ADHD. I also offer first-time ADHD evaluations.

— Casey Lester, Psychiatrist in Menlo Park, CA

Have you wondered if you have ADHD but never sought treatment? You are not alone. During the last couple of years many adults have wondered whether their struggles might be attributed to ADHD. Untreated symptoms impact many areas of life, from career and relationships to health and financial stability. I am experienced in providing treatment that is focused on the unique needs of adults with ADHD. If you suspect you may have ADHD reach out to schedule a free phone consultation.

— Shari Grande, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Santa Clara, CA

I collaborate with clients to learn practical strategies to make life less overwhelming and take advantage of strengths they possess with their neurodivergent brains. I also teach self-compassion skills and utilize mindfulness-based approaches to help clients manage ADHD symptoms.

— Ruby Snyder, Licensed Professional Counselor in Bethesda, MD

ADHD is a highly misunderstood diagnosis-- even for those of us who diagnose it! I consider ADHD a spectrum and no two ADHDers are the same. I do not believe in ADHD as exclusively a deficit, but something unique that comes with it's own challenges but if we can "hack our system", we can thrive, and that is something I tell all my clients- neurotypical or neurodivergent. In our sessions we will discuss ways your ADHD may negatively impact you and how we can cope with that

— Shirley Roseman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker