Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder, typically emerging in childhood, which affects a patient’s ability to effectively socialize, solve problems and communicate. Some people with ASD need a lot of help in their daily lives while others need less. Therapists qualified in the treatment of Autism spectrum disorder can also help to diagnose it, as well as work with the individual on their social skills, help them learn to control emotions and address repetitive behaviors, among other things. If you or your child has received a diagnosis of Autism (or you suspect one may be forthcoming), contact one of our specialists today for support.

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Late diagnosis can bring about many difficult feelings including grief. Through work on unmasking and identity, my hope is to support you in beginning to live life authentically and in a way that creates safety in previously difficult situations.

— Sharon Aguilar, Art Therapist in Dallas, TX

I help clients who identify (either via past diagnosis or self-diagnosed) as neurodiverse, including individuals on the autism spectrum, highly sensitive individuals, and those form whom their senses and processing are heightened.

— Cat Salemi, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate in ,

I specialize in autism-focused, neurodiversity affirming therapy for autistic adults and teens. As a therapist, who is also autistic, I understand our unique challenges. You may experience anxiety and depression, masking & autistic burnout, meltdowns & shutdowns, low self-esteem, family conflict, and difficulties with work or school performance, among many other concerns. I also welcome your authentic self and provide LGBTQIA+, transgender, nonbinary, and BIPOC affirming therapy.

— Riley Morgan, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Francisco, CA

Before becoming a Counselor and to this day, I’ve worked with children and adults who are on the spectrum.

— Aaron Thomas, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Sterling Heights, MI

I have found a passion for working with Neurodiverse individuals, especially those who have just realized this recently or even later in life. I work with a neurodiverse affirming lens, so let's work together to find what works best for YOU. Whether it's sensory overload, learning to unmask, or just learn on how to navigate the neurotypical society we live in, we'll work together to create accommodations for the unique person you are.

— Olivia Szabo, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

I support the identity model of neurodivergence. If you are self-identified, have been diagnosed, or suspect you may be ADHD, HSP, or Autistic, I am here to help you explore your both your gifts and challenges to guide you to finding a greater sense of safety in the world. I also greatly enjoy working with guardians and caretakers of neurodivergent kids and teens to help them better support kids. Please note: I am anti ABA and will not utilize or support the use of ABA.

— Jamie Eastman, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

My practice specializes in neurodivergence, and I have worked with ADHDer's, autistic people, and Audhd identified clients. I am passionate about helping neurodivergent clients with their executive functioning and manifesting their identities in ways that feel authentic to them. I have lived experience of my own neurodivergence and learning how to show up to relationships in my life authentically. I work with autistic clients particularly on themes of unmasking in their life.

— Samire Qosaj, Therapist in Northbrook, IL

#actuallyautistic and #autisticwhileblack, It is absolutely ridiculous how ableist the current diagnostic system is toward autistic individuals. Most of the treatment and therapy options have surrounded forcing the individual to conform to society instead of asking society to make changes. Also, allistic therapists have caught on to the hashtag so, that means there will be some preliminary questions. 1. Have you seen avatar? 2. Mass Effect? 3. Skyrim? 4. Star Trek? 5. Samefoods?

— Derrick Hoard, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in , WA

With the increasing awareness of autism, it is very important to me that clients feel like they can have someone to discuss those symptoms with who won't approach it from a neurotypical lens and help those clients actually understand their experience from an autistic lens. Similarly to ADHD, it is something that needs to be adapted to not eliminated.

— Gulsanam Azieva, Mental Health Counselor in New York, NY

One-on-one ABA services for individuals diagnosed with Autism, developmental disorders, and ADHD. From the development of the Behavior Intervention Plan BIP to treatment implementation and successful discharge. Expertise in evidence-based caregiver education and skills training to increase understanding of parenting, child development and disabilities, linkages to services and resources to help improve overall family functioning and building caregivers leadership and advocacy skills

— Maria Puentes, Psychotherapist in Altamonte Spring, FL

I believe in celebrating neurodiversity and fostering an inclusive environment for all individuals, which includes celebrating each neurotype (including autistic, ADHD, or AuDHD). My approach to working with clients with autism and ADHD is rooted in respect, understanding, and empowerment. I do not view these traits as disorders, deficits, or pathologies, but rather as unique aspects of human diversity that should be embraced and valued.

— Chris Perry, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Seattle, WA

In addition to training on neurodiversity, I also have lived experience in being neurodivergent. I know to help neurodivergent individuals embrace themselves and use their unique qualities to excel in life.

— Alyssa Davis, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

In the UK, I had a clinical placement at a Specialist Asperger's Syndrome Service in which I provided post-diagnostic counseling to individuals diagnosed with Aspergers/ASD/ASC to help them come to understand their diagnosis and to better navigate the impact of their difference upon their lives. I also have significant experience supporting the partners of persons with Aspergers/ASD/ASC.

— Melanie Chitwood Accepting New Client, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in -person in Seattle & Auburn with video sessions for persons in CA, FL, and the rest of Washington State.,

Neurodivergence, executive functioning, and autism are central to my approach as a therapist. I work both to keep this topic in-mind when considering identity, capacity, and other such topics, but also when working through prior trauma.

— Jack Harmelin, Licensed Master of Social Work in Philadelphia, PA

Quintessential Health provides comprehensive assessment and testing service for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

— Annie Lynch, Post-Doctoral Fellow in Warrington, PA

As a autistic woman, I specialize in supporting individuals on the autism spectrum, with a specific focus on undiagnosed or late-diagnosed individuals who were assigned female at birth (AFAB). My expertise lies in understanding the unique challenges of late diagnoses, as well as fostering a neurodiverse and inclusive therapeutic environment. Through both group and individual therapy, I provide a safe space for clients to explore self-acceptance and resilience.

— Hollee Becerra, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

As a neurodivergent therapist myself, I help my autistic clients learn how their brains work. I support my clients in learning how to "unmask" in a safe and affirming therapeutic space while working towards the sense of connection that they’ve longed for in their relationships. I help clients learn how to establish a safe connection to their bodies while gaining a deeper understanding of their own needs and boundaries as sensitive people – and how to advocate for them!

— Sara Gillooly, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I provide tailored support to young adults on the autism spectrum as they navigate the dynamic landscape of college and early adulthood. Drawing upon my expertise, I am dedicated to understanding and addressing the unique strengths and challenges that come with being on the spectrum during this pivotal phase of life. Through a compassionate and individualized approach, I collaborate with clients to enhance communication skills, and develop effective coping strategies.

— Katherine Stubblefield, Clinical Psychologist in Coral Springs, FL