Body Image Issues

Body image is how you see yourself when you picture yourself in your mind or when look in the mirror. Most people worry about how we look occasionally or see at least one aspect of our physical appearance we don’t like. But for some, these occasional thoughts can become frequent and disruptive. People with negative body image issues may avoid social situations and experience problems in relationships, depression, anger, anxiety, isolation, self-loathing and/or an obsession with weight loss. Body Dysmorphic Disorder (or BDD) is one example of a body-image disorder, characterized by persistent and intrusive preoccupations with an imagined or slight defect in one's appearance. The good news is that body image can be changed and BDD can be treated. Contact one of TherapyDen’s body image issues experts for help today!

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Anti-fat bias is devastating to most people, particularly those in marginalized bodies. I specialize in working with people navigating the road to fat liberation and body justice and I reject diet culture and anti-fat bias through recognizing the harm done by our society and its obsession with thinness at all costs, and I specialize in supporting people to peace with their bodies at every size and ability.

— Natalie Favorite Chen, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Palo Alto, CA

Healthy Body Image is not popping out of bed to wink at yourself in the mirror with a narcissistic grin. Just like feelings about anything else, how we feel about our size/shape/body parts fluctuates, for better or for worse, due to lots of factors. But how able are you to ACCEPT yourself physically right now? Your body IS what it is right now- whether that's optimal in your opinion or not. It is much easier to change, grow, and improve, when we can accept what currently exists.

— Kathryn Gates, Marriage & Family Therapist in Austin, TX

We all deserve to feel good about our bodies- but for many of us, that's complicated by years thinking or hearing that there's one right size or shape that we need to attain. I support you in sorting out diet culture programming from what's right for your health and well-being, and developing confidence and healthy habits that do not require a certain size.

— Abigail Thompson, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in New York, NY

A significant part of my own healing has been in abstaining from life long approval-seeking through attempts to control this body's size and shape - attempts that appeared to work for years at a time, even, but eventually led to more preoccupation and diminished energy for my real life. Between my own experience and further professional training, I can offer a safe presence for your healing and life changes, no matter what your size and whether or not you are currently worried about body image.

— Christine Bates, Licensed Professional Counselor in Oxford, MS

I am a Health At Every Size advocate. Through journaling exercises and exposure exercises, I help womxn become more comfortable with their bodies. I help clients shift the focus from what they hate about their bodies to what amazing things their bodies do for them. I also work to challenge the unrealistic, Western, thin ideal that has become such a dangerous but predominant narrative in our culture.

— Amanda Wetegrove-Romine, Psychologist in San Antonio, TX

We will deconstruct myths and perceptions about bodies and work toward removing value, stigma, and judgment from your relationship with your body. Accepting and working with the body you have today. Learn how to do no harm, but take no shit! Feel empowered to live your truth! Your body is the least exciting thing about you.

— Angel Whitehead, Psychotherapist in Blacksburg, VA

For over five years, I've supported clients in enhancing their body image. My approach integrates a Health At Every Size, Feminist, and Anti-Racist perspective, prioritizing weight-neutral care, fostering body acceptance, encouraging joyful movement, and elevating self-worth.

— Christina Arceri, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York, NY

Diet industry and fat phobic culture continues to grow more profitable for corporations fueled by the old shame cycle perpetuated by pseudo-science now debunked that diets don't work and never have for over the hundreds thousands of years for homo sapiens. We had to evolve to survive famines and droughts so our bodies fight this whole process of trying to intentionally loose weight. Time to learn to be free of this diet culture and fat phobia and work on body liberation.

— Aaron Relyea, Licensed Professional Counselor in , TX

Rita is trained in Intuitive Eating and is a Health at Every Size aligned clinician. She uses intuitive eating principles to help Clients heal their relationships with food and their bodies. Rita believes that health looks different for everyone and comes in all shapes and sizes.

— Rita Aliperti, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York, NY

As an intern with a keen interest in eating disorders, I'm deeply attuned to the complexities of body image issues. My educational background in psychology and social work has provided me with a foundational understanding of how body image can impact mental health. I'm committed to supporting clients in exploring and improving their relationship with their body, using a compassionate and strengths-based approach that empowers individuals to develop a healthier self-image and overall well-being.

— Beatrice Paksa, Student Therapist in Austin, TX

Our body-neutral method reshapes views on appearance, nurturing self-acceptance based on uniqueness. By disconnecting value from looks, we guide towards a positive body image, fostering overall well-being and confidence.

— Heartland Healing Counseling, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Indianapolis, IN

Body image struggles are common, yet painful. I support individuals with exploring where their body image struggles are coming from and developing practicing to build a more compassionate relationship to the body.

— Sarah Levy, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Arlington, MA

I help people who are starting to question the dominant cultural narrative that says we need to spend our whole lives on the pursuit of thinness. Often we start to question diet culture but still struggle with complicated inner feelings - such as, "That beautiful body positive model can accept her body, but I couldn't possibly." I can help you build more confidence in your path to accept your body and learn to set boundaries with those committed to staying stuck in diet culture.

— Ashley Hamm, Licensed Professional Counselor in Houston, TX

Most of us have felt, at one point or another, that our body's size or shape is somehow wrong. For those of us who identify as fat, or whose bodies are otherwise considered atypical, it can feel impossible to distinguish our authentic feelings about our bodies from the forces that profit off of our self-criticism. I approach our work from a fat-positive, all-bodies-are-good-bodies perspective that prioritizes individual bodily autonomy and experience.

— Abby Weintraub, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in ,

I facilitate a body liberation focused body image group for those looking to not only explore their own relationship with their body but also explore cultural influences on our beliefs related to health, bodies and food.

— Christina Sun Oo, Psychotherapist in Arlington Heights, IL

I extensive experience in working with individuals who struggle with body dysmorphic issues.

— Francine Way, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Long Beach, CA

In my training and research, I examined the impacts of body image concerns on BIPOC folx, women-identified individuals, and trans and gender-expansive folx across the lifespan.

— Mariah Beltran, Post-Doctoral Fellow

I know that your circumstances are unique, so I work with you to get to the roots of the negative body image, low self-esteem, self doubt, and disconnection , so we can process and heal these patterns that are holding you back. I work with you weekly to help you achieve your unique goals, and help with live a life that you love.

— Jacqueline Richards-Shrestha, Licensed Professional Counselor in Boulder, CO