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Every couple fights once in a while. It’s a normal, and even healthy, part of most relationships. However, when the frequency and seriousness of your fights start affecting your health and well-being, it may be time to speak with a professional. A therapist specializing in couples counseling is trained to help you and your partner(s) develop tools to better communicate (and fight constructively), help you achieve goals together, or move past a specific event or cause of conflict (such as infidelity, sex, or household duties). In addition to helping those in a relationship have a healthier partnership, couples counseling can also be helpful if you and your partner are considering a breakup or a divorce – having a professional guide you can aide the both of you in making an informed decision. Think it might be time to give couples counseling a try? Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s couples counseling experts today.

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Our couples counseling services are designed to help you and your partner improve communication, work through conflicts, and strengthen your relationship. Our experienced therapists are here to guide you through the process and help you build a strong and healthy relationship. Trust Intimacy Infidelity Diagnosis Life Adjustments Financial New Parents Eldercare Concerns

— Robin Schelling, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Sugarland, TX

When working with couples, I utilize an attachment lens and focus on building a strong sense of attunement to one another AND yourself. We use somatic interventions to build self-regulation and increase tolerance for discomfort, which is necessary for being present and connected with your partner(s) during conflict. I particularly enjoy working with couples who have high conflict, are opening up their relationship, or who are navigating sexual challenges.

— Elizabeth Hawkins, Sex Therapist

The Gottman Method is an approach to couples therapy that includes a thorough assessment of the couple’s relationship and integrates research-based interventions based on the Sound Relationship House Theory. The goals of Gottman Method Couples Therapy are to disarm conflicting verbal communication; increase intimacy, respect, and affection; remove barriers that create a feeling of stagnancy; and create a heightened sense of empathy and understanding within the context of the relationship.

— Dr. Mirta Innis-Thompson, Psychotherapist in North Bethseda, MD

It’s normal that relationships change over time. It’s also normal to want the relationship you once had were you looked forward to being together and had a loving and trusting relationship. Relationships don’t come with “how to” manuals especially when you have been together for years. This is especially true when you have experienced a loss or there has been infidelity. Professional help is needed at that time. Don't wait until it's too late.

— Sonya DeWitt, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Spokane, WA

Like a healthy garden, couples need more than just love and aspiration to keep doing well. Beautiful things grow from intentional efforts -you don't have to guess or wing it to take good care of your relationship. My lifetime vision is all about bringing what we know for sure to what you plant, weed out, and keep feeding in your relationship. To you it is baffling or overwhelming till I coach you in what I know works. Hold on-keep going. Call me.

— Shannon Batts, Licensed Professional Counselor

I'm certified in Relational Life Therapy, aiming to meet couples where you're at, to understand & connect, & identify the patterns you’re stuck in to help guide you out of that pattern into a more functional one. We’ll work on this by relationally embodying “full respect living” in sessions. We’re aiming for living w/ integrity: what often evolves is a deep, fundamental characterological transformation: a change (for the better!) in who — & how — you think you can be (with yourself & others).

— Frances "Francesca" Maxime, Psychotherapist in Brooklyn, NY

As a therapist using the Gottman Method, I specialize in couples' therapy. This evidence-based approach focuses on building and maintaining healthy relationships. I help couples improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen emotional connections. By using research-backed strategies and assessments, we identify relationship patterns and develop skills to enhance intimacy, trust, and overall relationship satisfaction. My goal is to guide couples on a path toward more love and harmony.

— Amanda Jonikaitis-King, Counselor in Chicago, IL

I work with couples with a range of needs including communication dynamics, sex and intimacy, boundary management, conflict, life transitions, financial hardship, etc.

— Carrie Rutman, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in West Hollywood, CA

I've been working with couples in both consensual non-monogamous relationships and monogamous relationships since 2013. I can almost guarantee you haven't invented a new way to struggle in relationships. Since I started working with couples though, I have learned many new ways to support your relationship(s).

— PK Ponti-Foss, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Portland, OR

Couples counseling has never been more convenient. You both work. You may even have kids to care for. One of you has been trying to motivate and encourage the other to commit to counseling, but it's been hard to find a therapist, find the time, or find the motivation. Perhaps this is your sign. I now provide couples counseling online in the convenience of your own home. Evenings and weekends available.

— Rebecca Phillips, Licensed Professional Counselor in Frisco, TX

If you’re in a relationship that’s beginning to feel stale or unsatisfying, our therapists can work with you and your significant other to explore what’s not working. Rather than simply address surface-level conflicts, our goal is to go deeper. We want to explore the unconscious behavioral patterns that each of you brings to the table and look at how those patterns are fueling the conflict between you.

— Brown Therapy Center, Psychotherapist in San Francisco, CA

I support couples to negotiate a shared understanding of their rich and complex shared experience. Focusing on intentions and hopes, while being clear that conflict and difficulties will always be part of life, can make room for the members of a couple to navigate their problems by focusing on accountability, rather than blame.

— Jonathan Benko, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Santa Cruz, CA

Primary focus of practice, hundreds of hours of experience, and years of effective work with wonderful clients! See rest of my profile for additional information or contact me for more info.

— Jacqueline Warner, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Boston, MA

As a therapist certified in Level II Restoration Couples Therapy, it will be my honor to guide you and your partner in exploring the patterns that haven’t been helpful in your relationship. At the same time, we will open the door for you to enter a world of healthier and increased communication, enjoying the benefits of a better awareness of yourself and your partner. You will experience the joy of being present and feeling strengthened in your relationship.

— Gavin Cross, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in West Hollywood, CA

Morgan draws from Attachment theory, CBT, Sex Therapy and the Gottman Method to create individualized treatment plans that has demonstrated phenomenal results in strengthening romantic relationships. With the unique combination of compassion and humor, Morgan is able to create a safe space for clients to unpack past regrettable events to move towards healing and forgiveness.

— Morgan Dominguez, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York, NY

Looking at the pictures on the wall, you ask yourself, "what happened to us?" You feel like you have to do everything're all alone. You ask for help but are told you're nagging. You carefully choose your words and still get it wrong. It's like you are having the same argument OVER and OVER, with nothing getting solved. Even though you love your partner, sometimes you don't like them. You don't want your relationship to end, but you're stuck. I can help you find each other again.

— Renee Cagle, Licensed Professional Counselor in Frisco, TX

Couples counseling can help couples in all types of intimate relationships — regardless of sexual orientation or marriage status. It focuses on helping a couple work through challenges, understand their relationship better, develop healthier ways of relating to one another and get unstuck from painful patterns. Premarital counseling can help couples achieve a deeper understanding of each other and iron out differences before marriage.

— Heidi Gray, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Virtual sessions, CA