Drug Dependence / Abuse / Addiction

Drug addiction, dependence or abuse, sometimes called substance use disorder, is a disease. It affects an individual's brain and behavior, making it so they are unable to control their use of the drug in question. Symptoms of drug dependence include needing more of the drug to get the same effect over time, intense urges for the drug to the point of not being able to concentrate on anything else, spending money that you can't afford on the drug, not fulfilling obligations (work, familial or social) because of drug use, and/or failing in attempts to stop or reduce use of the drug. If you are worried that a loved one may be struggling with drug abuse, some possible indicators include a drop in school or work performance or attendance, a lack of interest in their appearance, increased secretiveness, and/or sudden requests for money. A qualified professional therapist will be able to identify and diagnose drug issues, provide harm reduction support, work with you to create a treatment plan and help you stick to it. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s drug dependence, abuse and addiction specialists for help today.

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Substance abuse, addiction and other drug dependence may be symptoms of a greater problem. Do you have unresolved issues from the past? Let's work together and work through. Like any therapy, art therapy provides an opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings in a space that promotes trust and safety. An essential component in therapy is your relationship with the therapist. Therapy requires vulnerability and the trust you develop with your therapist will help you feel safe.

— Amanda Shaw, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in St. Petersburg, FL

The way I view addictions in general are that they are extremely negative coping skills. My approach is to not focus on the negatives, but rather, utilize your strengths to assist with what you want to improve. My approach of identify, reframe, and maintain is designed to help kick those unhealthy habits. I help you understand and replace those addictive behaviors so that they can regain control of your life, health, and happiness.

— Sarah Steinbrecher, Licensed Master of Social Work in Westerville, OH

I have extensive experience with treating substance use disorders and have worked in both adult and adolescent detox facilities. I have worked with those in recovery in the community as well. I am a Certified Recovery Navigator.

— Kelly Broderick, Clinical Social Worker in Brockton, MA

With all of life’s stressors, it is no surprise that we often look externally to deal with uncomfortable emotions. Exploring how substance use or abuse plays a role in your life can be challenging but also rewarding. In therapy, the goal is to empower you to reflect on its impact in your life, to make changes you want and need to, and to live a life more closely aligned with your goals.

— Morghan Weber, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Candidate in Denver, CO

The way I view addictions in general are that they are really good/bad coping skills. My approach is to not focus on the negatives, but rather, utilize your strengths to concur what you want to improve. My three step approach of identify, reframe, and maintain is designed to help kick those unhealthy habits.

— Noel Tola, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern in Stuart, FL

I help individuals in long-term recovery process underlying issues and redefine what being clean and sober means to them, taking into account the rich spectrum of various recovery approaches and emphasizing the importance of connection! I help individuals curious about breaking the cycle of addiction explore options for treatment and therapeutic care. I also aid families and concerned love ones of those living with substance use disorders establish balance between support and surrender.

— Sarah LaFleur, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Cherry Hill, NJ

Alcohol and drugs are the most common addictions; however, shopping, gambling, and pornography are also addictive. Addictions hurt your life and those around you. My treatment knowledge includes my experience with addiction and recovery, Twelve Steps, Medical Assisted Therapy, Harm Reduction, and secular spiritual approaches to healing from addiction.

— Micah Carlson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

While a good number of my clients walk in the door due to issues with using and their past efforts with recovery, we often find there are other issues to work through as well, such as life transitions and anxiety.

— Lisa Curtis, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in White Plains, NY

I seek to nurture a safe, non-judgmental space for healing. Partnering with me is a chance to practice self-forgiveness and self-acceptance. I want you to understand that addiction is not a choice, but that you are in control of your healing process and you can make a change today. Together, we will identify the core issues driving your alcohol or substance use and build on your strengths to create a recovery plan of action. We will formulate a path towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

— Wayne Kossman, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Wilton Manors, FL

I have been practing as a Substance Abuse Counselor since 2014. I am trained to treat individuals with co-occuring disorders. I understand the importance of meeting people where they are in the stages of change:precontemplation,contemplation,preparation,action,maintenance. I have been highly trained and experience in Integrated care, Screening,Brief Interventionh,and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT), Medication Assisted Treatment(MAT),IOP, SAIOP. I utilize the Matrix Model. It is researched based.

— Tawanda Bennett, Counselor in Biscoe, NC

With over 30 years of addiction work, I help clients learn the researched-based approaches to treatment that actually works, and shed light on the myths that plague those suffering with addiction that result in chronic relapses.

— Dotti Howe, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in WALTON, NY

I have specialized training in opioid and alcohol addiction. My treatment knowledge includes 12 Step Recovery, methadone maintenance (and other medication to manage cravings), and spiritual approaches to healing from addiction.

— Pamela Duff, Mental Health Counselor in Winter Park, FL

I have been treating Alcohol and Drug Addiction that occur with mental health symptoms that for 4 years. I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to address triggers and unhelpful thoughts that keep you in the addiction cycle along with strategies to self regulate. In some cases is use EMDR.

— Christina Cunningham, Mental Health Counselor in Colorado Springs, CO

I have several years of experience working with refugees, adults, adolescents, couples, groups and families impacted directly or indirectly by substance use. I have worked in inpatient, residential and outpatient settings--all along the continuum of care to improve motivation and facilitate clients in building a solid body of skills they can utilize to maintain a life of sobriety that is fulfilling and sustainable. I am also a certified progressive recovery coach trained to assist families.

— Meira Greenfeld, Psychotherapist in Phoenix, AZ

I have a second license and extensive training/experience working with people who would like to challenge their patterns of alcohol and drug use. This includes trainings regarding co-occurring disorders (mental health and addiction), the impact of substance use on the brain, relapse prevention, and motivating change. I am passionate about challenging the shame created through the cultural stereotype of addiction and walking with clients as they chose what changes in their use are best.

— Brandi Solanki, Counselor in Waco, TX

Using a harm reduction lens, I help people to establish healthy relationships with the substances they choose to use. As a former outpatient drug and alcohol counselor, I have worked with a wide variety of people struggling with substance use issues. I have also seen the great benefits that some people have gained from using certain plant medicines and psychedelics in an intentional and respectful context. I am interested in supporting you to make well-informed, safe choices.

— Lucius Wheeler, Licensed Professional Counselor in Ashland, OR

Addictions counseling is a process of building nets of support around you while you shift your harmful coping mechanisms into ways of living that are sustainable. This process includes education, inner work, support system building, and a willingness to keep moving forward honestly. It is not a solo adventure.

— SHANE HENNESEY, Licensed Professional Counselor in Richmond, TX

I treat all forms of addiction from drug/substance to sex, porn, food or gambling.

— Dr. Thomas O'Malley Psy.D LMFT, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Beverly Hills, CA