Eclectic Therapy

Eclectic therapy is a highly personalized therapeutic approach tailored to meet the individual client’s needs. It combines a variety of treatment orientations, techniques, and philosophies to create a custom program. Rather than adhering to a specific therapeutic approach, an eclectic therapist is flexible, using whichever techniques work best for a client. An eclectic therapist will usually balance listening and advice giving, as well as use all techniques that are available to them to treat their clients as successfully as possible. Think this approach might be right for you? Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s eclectic therapy specialists today.

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I believe that in Counseling it is not one size fits all. Most of my clients come in needing a level of listening, problem solving, and tools development but how that manifests is not cookie cutter.

— Jessica McMath, Licensed Professional Counselor in Philadelphia, PA

My priority is your health, growth and progress - so our way of working together will be tailored to meet your needs.

— Benjamin Schafler, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Long Beach, NY

My approach depends on the person with whom I'm working.

— Laura G. Kogan, Clinical Psychologist in Skillman, NJ

I have training in a number of therapeutic modalities including Motivational Interviewing, CBT, and SFBT. I use an eclectic approach when working with children and teens. I am able to tailor my interventions to their needs.

— Juliana Lewellen, Associate Professional Clinical Counselor in Flourtown, PA

I utilize a variety of approaches and consider which models to use when working with you to treat your specific concerns. The models I have studied and use are person-centered, emotionally focused, mindfulness-based, ACT, DBT, motivational interviewing, narrative, dynamic, experiential, and sand tray play therapy.

— Tera Buerkle, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Lexington, KY

My approach to therapy is that we are all unique and complex beings, and it is rare that one fixed treatment is the right one for everyone all the time. I like to incorporate a variety of styles depending on the client and the situation, and above all I believe you are the expert on your own experience. You already contain the capacity to heal and grow yourself; I am just here to remind you it is there.

— Luke Hirst, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Candidate in Durham, NC

I utilize an eclectic counseling approach adapting techniques from evidence-based counseling therapies to suit your needs based on your unique situation and aspired goals. The therapies I often borrow from are Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Existential Therapy, and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. Many of the techniques in these therapies are designed to illuminate the innate strengths and resources you possess and develop new insights leading to greater self-awareness and conscious action.

— Jerry Ochoa, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Turlock, CA

I offer a unique and eclectic blend of different practices as there is no 'one size fits all' approach that works for all. Drawing from the best of conventional & alternative medicine, holistic nursing's connection & caring perspective, cross-cultural wisdom tradition philosophies, various psychological theories including imaginal process, depth, transpersonal & the human potential movement. I blend that further with practical 'here and now' skills you can use in your world.

— Kim Salinger, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in San Rafael, CA

Eclectic therapy is an open, integrative form of psychotherapy that adapts to the unique needs of each specific client, depending on the problem, the treatment goals, and the person’s expectations and motivation.. In effect, an eclectic therapist customizes the therapeutic process for each individual by using whatever form of treatment, or combination of treatments, has been shown to be most effective for treating the particular problem.

— Mary Ellen Kundrat, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

As mentioned above, I work with my clients from an integrative approach (aka, eclectic therapy) because I believe in utilizing interventions from different therapeutic areas to help my clients better manage their mental health symptoms and stress. There is no "one size fits all" in psychotherapy because every client is a unique individual who will have various needs over the course of treatment.

— Angela Rodriguez-Heller, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

My therapeutic style is eclectic in that I often mix a variety of intervention techniques depending on your treatment goals and needs that day. Some sessions will include mostly reflection and deepening clarity of your inner workings, others might include pyschoeducation and skills building. I like to use infographics to information or to help to link personality traits, communication styles, and symptoms. I also suggest media to take in outside of session to deepen work done in session.

— Lisa Serrano, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Eclectic therapy is an approach that draws on multiple theoretical orientations and techniques. It is a flexible and multifaceted approach to therapy that allows the therapist to use the most effective methods available to address each individual client's needs.

— Janie Trowbridge, Licensed Professional Counselor in ,

My counseling approach is eclectic. This means I take into consideration my client’s needs, goals, and values and use approaches that would best help my client. I draw from different disciplines that have proven to be effective.

— Carolina Castano, Licensed Professional Counselor in Cincinnati, OH

Basically, I take a few things and smash them together into one therapy approach. I can go almost anywhere you want to take me therapeutically, but there are some things I don't do. Like what is wilderness therapy???? I don't do it, but it sounds FUN! And equine therapy? I'm short so a horse would just walk over me, but wow... that sounds fun, too! So those really fun ones? I don't do them. But I'm a fun person so it all works out.

— Chandra Niklewski, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in HAGERSTOWN, MD

Everyone comes to therapy with different needs and goals. As an eclectic therapy practitioner, I am able to draw upon multiple disciplines and therapeutic tools to address the unique needs of each specific client, depending on their presenting problem, treatment goals, and personal preferences.

— Tania Protsenko, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Long Island, NY

I use a combination of Family Systems and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approaches.

— Laura Schulz, Counselor in , WA

I consider myself the anti-magician of therapy. Early on I will help you define goals and come back with a menu of recommended, research based treatment options. WE will collaborate on what your treatment will look like and I will let you know all the 'tricks' I use and why. Our time together will be custom fit to you, your goals, and your needs.

— Cody Glover, Licensed Professional Counselor in Austin, TX