Imago Relationship Therapy

Imago relationship therapy, developed by Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt, focuses on collaboratively healing childhood wounds couples share. Imago takes a relationship approach, rather than an individual approach, to problem solving in a marriage. Imago is founded on the belief that there is often a connection between the frustrations experienced in adult relationships and early childhood experiences. By exploring and creating an understanding for each other’s feelings and “childhood wounds”, you can begin to heal yourself and your relationship, and move toward a more conscious partnership. Think this approach might work for you? Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s imago relationship therapy experts today.

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I work with couples using the couples dialogue, helping them to feel heard and understood, with the goal of engaging in healthy conflict and having a strengthened relationship.

— Candice N. Crowley, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor in Cincinnati, OH

Having a partner who REALLY listens to you can make the difference in whether a disagreement becomes a fight. We'll use techniques developed by the Harville and Helen Hendrix to improve communication, which includes listening to really understand, rather than just waiting to fire back a rebuttal.

— Kathryn Gates, Marriage & Family Therapist in Austin, TX

This is a specific kind of relationship therapy that is designed to help conflict within relationships. We learn about the individual's own past wounds and how it maybe affecting their parter/relationship. Through this process we learn about personal triggers that are impacting the relationship.

— Fatemah Dhirani, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York, NY

Imago relationship therapy (IRT) aims to equip couples with the tools necessary to relate to each other in healthier ways and reveal the emotional pathway formed in childhood that led them to their current situation. This form of therapy combines spiritual and behavioral techniques with Western psychological methodologies in order to assist couples in unveiling their unconscious components.

— David Yellen, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Candidate in brooklyn, NY

I've seen the positive difference Imago makes for couples. It not only helps couples learn to communicate in a very helpful way, it also leads and teaches them to be curious, rather than reactive, about their areas of growth. They learn how conflict helps them develop deeper compassion and empathy in their relationship.

— Nichole Hart, Counselor in Silverthorne, CO

Imago Therapy provides you with skills to mirror, validate, and empathize with your partner and building effective communication.

— Cassandra Hesse, Counselor in Austin, TX

I engage in IMAGO relationship therapy often with couples to help them connect, attach, and communicate more effectively.

— Samantha Tenner, Therapist in Denver, CO

Imago therapy is for couples at any stage in their relationship. The primary work of an Imago therapist is to help support both partners in their efforts to understand each other’s needs and to restore the connection lost in their relationship by teaching the Imago Dialogue. These skills are then taken outside of therapy as the couple adapts and benefits from what they have learned, which helps them to heal themselves and their relationship.

— Dr. Sarah Mandel, Psychotherapist in Mountainside, NJ

I was introduced to Imago when I began counseling work in 2019. Since then, I have used it consistently in my practice. Understanding the process of mirroring, validation, and empathy not only gives me direction as a therapist in session, it also provides a useful guide for a couple to get to know themselves in relation. This method is great for cultivating listening skills by asking one to consider how to reflect back the content, as well as imagining the experience, from what another says.

— Dani Knoll, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in , CA

There is a link between frustrations in adult relationships and our experiences growing up. Childhood feelings of abandonment, suppression or neglect will often arise in an intimate relationship. When partners meet wounds with defensiveness and reactivity it can overshadow the positives in a relationship and lead to feelings of disconnection, pain and dis-empowerment. Imago Relationship Therapy aims to help couples learn to shift out of the power struggle and into loving connection.

— Cindy Ricardo, Counselor in Boynton Beach, FL

The goal of Imago Therapy is to help couples recognize and understand their unconscious patterns of behavior and communication, and to learn how to communicate in a more conscious and effective way. The therapist works with the couple to create a safe and supportive environment where they can explore their emotions and experiences, and develop skills to improve their relationship.

— Rochelle LeMire, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Plano, TX

I create an Imago profile for you so that you can understand what you each bring to the table and the mechanics of your interaction. Being able to understand each other in this way helps us to understand how to make the relationship work better.

— Kari Silverberg, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Brainerd, MN

Imago Relationship Therapy provides couples and families with a safe structure to co-create a healthy, loving and mature relationship where all parties feel heard and understood. Imago is unique in several ways; it provides a dialogical process that you will continually use to connect and heal.

— Thavone Huinil, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Grand Rapids, MI