Incarceration and Reentry

Getting out of prison (also known as re-entry) can be incredibly stressful and pose many challenges, including the need to secure housing and employment, and re-connecting with family and friends. At the same time, while some medical needs may have been addressed in prison, issues like substance abuse and mental illness may not have been addressed at all. Seeing a qualified professional therapist can help with the transition back into society outside of prison. Therapy can provide tools to help solve problems, deal with social situations, and to control anger – in addition to helping with substance abuse issues. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s incarceration and re-entry specialists today.

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Many of our clinicians have experience and training working with individuals involved in with the justice system both while incarcerated and while in the community.

— Wise Mind PLLC, Clinical Psychologist in Ypsilanti, MI

Many of our clinicians have experience and training working with individuals involved in with the justice system both while incarcerated and while in the community.

— Wise Mind PLLC, Clinical Psychologist in Ypsilanti, MI

As a clinician, I worked for 2 years with AB109 probationers to reintegrate back into the community after spending various lengths in time in our jail/prison system. I have also run groups in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility focusing on preparation for what was to come. I love to instill hope and build upon strengths to remind individuals that they are important and can make desired life changes.

— Shavonne James, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Long Beach, CA

I have spent the past four years working as a forensic social worker, which included providing clinical services for incarcerated individuals and their families and advocating for lesser and/or alternative sentencing. I have a solid understanding of the legal system, incarcerated life, and the challenges of reentry. I am passionate about helping individuals and families navigate the specific challenges to incarceration and reentry.

— Tyler Tripp, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Denver, CO

I have spent 2 years working with incarcerated men as well as with youth in the juvenile delinquent system, conducting both individual and evidence based group therapy.

— Reika Faust, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Burlingame, CA

I have worked a lot with those involved in the legal system. The biggest thing I have learned is having to teach acceptance. There are certain situations that once they happen, we do not have control over; however, we DO have control over how we react and our decisions moving forward. It is okay to be angry, it is okay to be upset, it is okay to feel however you are feeling... but let's make sure those emotions don't lead to maladaptive behavior. And if they did, let's work on it.

— Rubina Pina, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

During my time working for The Center for Health Care Services I enjoyed working with those on felony probation and parole. I truly enjoyed working with my clients to help them adjust to reentry into the community and learn different strategies to work toward a better future.

— Margaret Bean, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Antonio, TX

Individuals ReEntering back into communities will decrease recidivism, or returning back to incarceration, by engaging in case mngement services that eliminates barriers to employment with livable wages, housing, and education/training, to advance in life after incarceration. Circles of Healing is a form of Restorative Justice encompassed with understanding and restoration through healing mediation. Focused On: Holding individuals accountable. Repairing the harm. Building peace in the community

— Nicole Pryor, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Milwaukee, WI 53212,

I have worked with people who were found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity to help them reintegrate into the community after release from custody. I have also worked with individuals who were Unfit to Stand Trial to help them gain fitness and work through the trial process. I have close relationships with judges, attorneys, probation officers, and law enforcement officers. I can help someone at whatever stage they may be in the justice system.

— Matt Kindler, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Rockford, IL

I have spent many years working with justice impacted men on issues ranging from emotional regulation, addiction recovery, to self-esteem building and healthy relationship skills. I understand the role that childhood trauma plays in the decisions that may have led to the lifestyle that led to incarceration. And I understand the trauma that is inflicted on individuals and their families once they are justice involved.

— Gabrielle Coolidge, Associate Professional Counselor in Austin, TX

Dr. Rodriguez is a forensic mental health evaluator which allows her to serve as an evaluator and expert witness in both criminal and civil cases. She is known in the legal community for her ability to connect with people and for her willingness to take on challenging cases. Once you step into her office, you will feel no judgement from Dr. Rodriguez. She understands that people make mistakes and if they are ready to move forward, she will assist them.

— Kate Rodriguez, Licensed Professional Counselor in CORPUS CHRISTI, TX

Within my current experience I have worked with incarcerated individuals in order to help reduce anxieties related to re-entry to the community following their release.

— Jessica Burke, Licensed Mental Health Counselor