Experiencing infertility can be incredibly emotionally painful. Challenges with conceiving a child can cause stress and lead to anxiety and depression. A diagnosis of infertility can cause grief, emotional trauma and put strain on your relationships. Seeing a qualified mental health professional when you are struggling with infertility can be very helpful. Therapy can help couples deal with the anger or guilt they may be feeling and it can also help them to explore alternative options – like adoption or fertility treatments – in a safe space. If you are experiencing fertility challenges, reach out to one of TherapyDen’s infertility experts today.

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I am well-versed in the world of infertility, through both my clinical practice and personal experiences navigating infertility and pregnancy loss. Whether you are struggling with medical fertility challenges or are simply an LGBTQ+ couple trying to build your family, I am familiar with much of the fertility world and can help you navigate the complex, painful, and emotional journey that is getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and growing your family.

— Kate Cousin, Licensed Professional Counselor in Madison, WI

I am very knowledgeable in this area as well as compassionate regarding the issues that come up when trying to start a family doesn't go as planned. There are may feelings that arise when a couple or single person cannot conceive in the way they had hoped. I also work with same sex couples who are interested in starting a family.

— Gabrielle Ducsay, Psychologist in NEW YORK, NY

I am trained through the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and Postpartum Support International.

— Jessica Katz, Clinical Social Worker

I am a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, and Resolve. I have completed 1st training of the ASRM Mental Health Certificate. Additionally, I am an infertility warrior and have an intimate understanding of the emotional stress, anxiety, depression and suffering that you may be going through at this time. I use mindfulness skills, and introduce healthy coping skills to help build up your distress tolerance as well as cope with the losses you are currently experiencing.

— Katie LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Why is it so easy for others to become a parent? What does it say about me as a woman that I’m not able to conceive? If you’re engaged in fertility treatment to become a parent and consumed with feelings of failure, disappointment, and rage–you’re not alone. During this uncertain and overwhelming process, connecting with an informed and compassionate mental health professional can help.

— Ana Velouise, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

Infertility can be one of the most lonely experiences you go through as an individual, and as a couple. At a time when you need warmth, love, understanding, and support, most people feel isolated and alone. I am here to help you feel connected, heard, and I can offer support and understanding when you're making difficult decisions about your treatment plans. You should not have to travel this road alone.

— Rebecca Newton, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Redondo Beach, CA

Understanding infertility interventions and solutions; support during decision-making processes; coping with fertility problems and pregnancy loss

— Jennifer Rubinstein Murray, Psychologist in ,

In my own struggles with infertility I have come to a deep understanding of both the physical and mental strain it places on ones body and mind. Each journey is different and as such, should be treated as unique as the individuals who experience trials of infertility.

— Charlotte Merrill, Licensed Professional Counselor in , CO

We understand that fertility treatments and fertility struggles often stir up anxiety and depression in many individuals. Treatment is complicated by the psychological effects from the medications, hormones, stressors and implications of treatments. Our practice is able to meet you exactly where you are during their fertility journey and we understand the need for emotional support through an often very strenuous process, both physically and emotionally.

— The Couch Therapy, Psychotherapist in Colleyville, TX

After having twin boys, I shifted my practice to focus on pregnancy, post partum and infertility issues. I am certified in perinatal mental health and completed the Fertility Counseling Postgraduate Course with Sharon Covington, MSW and Dr. Linda Applegarth, EdD.

— Maureen McCartney, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Diego, CA

Our providers at Vayda MH have unique experience (both personal and professional in many cases) and expertise to support those with difficult journeys to parenthood. Whether impacted by infertility and the complexities and stress of treatment (e.g., meds, IUI, IVF), third party reproduction (donor gametes, surrogacy), pregnancy or perinatal concerns, birth trauma, or pregnancy/infant loss... you are NOT alone in your suffering. We will walk this painful path along with you!

— Vayda Mental Health, Therapist in Coon Rapids, MN

Whether you're early on in process or have been waiting for years, struggling to have a child can really break your confidence. It can be overwhelming to deal with the doctors, hormones, and dietary restrictions which often increase anxiety and the feeling that you need to be perfect. I can work with you to sort through all of these expectations, uncomfortable thoughts, and feelings.

— Lindsay Taylor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Novi, MI

I have specialized training in infertility through the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

— Martine Jones, Psychologist in Asheville, NC

Struggling with the uncertainties of an infertility experience can be one of life's most painful experiences. I have additional training in supporting women through this journey and acknowledging the deep grief and loss that can exist.

— Kendra Olson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Minneapolis, MN

Needing medical intervention to get and stay pregnant is not easy, no matter how you found yourself on this path. It is a complex and lonely place to be and even your most well-meaning friends and family can do and say really hurtful things. In our work, you will have the space to feel and say everything you need without judgement or toxic positivity. We will work to find ways for you to cope with the process of treatment or what it means if treatment is not in your future, for whatever reason.

— Laura Jacobs, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Oklahoma City, OK

You do not need to walk your difficult journey to parenthood alone. Whether impacted by infertility and its treatment (meds, IUI, IVF), use of third party reproduction (donor eggs/sperm/embryos or surrogacy), or deciding to grow your family via adoption or choosing to live child-free... we will join you. We have providers specialized in birth trauma, pregnancy and infant loss and stillbirth, and perinatal mood/anxiety/OCD/trauma disorders. We use an attachment and feminists' approach!

— Vayda Mental Health, Therapist in Coon Rapids, MN

I have both personal experience with infertility and assisted reproduction/IVF and specialized training in infertility through the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. I am passionate about supporting women as they navigate the heart-wrenching and often very lonely experience of infertility. I offer individual therapy, group therapy, and 3rd party reproduction meetings for intended parents, donors and GCs. I look forward to working with you in this area!

— Martine Jones, Psychologist in Asheville, NC

Struggling with infertility can be a deeply emotional and isolating experience. Whether you're facing difficulties conceiving, undergoing fertility treatments, or coping with pregnancy loss, know that you're not alone. I am here to walk alongside you, offering support, validation, and practical strategies to help you navigate this complex and often overwhelming journey. My approach to infertility counseling is grounded in empathy, understanding, and evidence-based techniques.

— Marina Cline, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor in Raleigh, NC