Life transitions

Change is hard, even in the best of circumstances and adjusting to major life transitions, even when they are positive, can be difficult. Whether you are getting married, moving, changing jobs, having a child – or any of the other many transitions we can expect as part of life – coping and navigating the stress of a major change can cause depression and anxiety, among other issues. If you are having trouble with accepting or adjusting to life transition, a qualified mental health professional can help you find healthy ways of coping. Rach out to one of TherapyDen’s life transition experts today. 

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The human conditions is full of transitions some are delightful and some are painful, I want you to be able to have the support that allows you to create a life of purpose and meaning.

— Sara Lowery, Psychotherapist in Marion, NC

Life brings changes and adjustments to us, often without us wanting or requesting them. Change of job, housing, relationship, loss of a loved one. Many of these things can lead to greater stress and difficulty adjusting to the transition. Having a counselor to explore how to settle into the transition, how to "ride the waves of uncertainty" can be useful in helping you feel grounded when you get where you are transitioning to.

— Joey Salvatore, Counselor in Bethesda, MD

We all experience life transitions and some are easier than others. Often times, even if the life transition is a positive transition, people may experience grief and loss and feel confused. I provide a safe environment that is empathetic and non judgmental to explore the emotions that are being experienced by the client.

— Mary Ann Wertz, Licensed Professional Counselor in Denver, CO

Life changes (such as the beginning or ending of a relationship, a job or school change, a move to a new location, a change in family or health status,) can knock the wind out of you. Even the expected and welcomed transitions can make you feel unstable and lost. However change can also give us a new beginning and a chance to learn and grow. I provide a space to explore your thoughts and feelings about this new phase in your life, and support to help you grow through the new challanges.

— Anne Gustafson, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Olympia, WA

At the end of the day, life is largely a series of transitions. And change is hard! Even good change can be hard. Whether you're post-high school planning, moving in with your partner, coming out, moving out, ending a chapter, or writing a new one, you don't have to navigate this transition alone.

— Shani Leichter, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Ever single person goes through normative and non-normative transitions in life (things you expect and don't expect). In my graduate work I completed my thesis on the transition from high school to college, and how family of origin impacts students. Our support systems in times of transition play a critical role in how we respond to the stress of change. This is true regardless of whether we view a change as positive or negative.

— Meg Six, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Grand Rapids, MI

As a former military spouse I have experienced my fair share of life transitions, which is what led me to enter the mental health field as I saw a need for more specialized care for this community. I have attended several trainings to better assist me with my understanding of treatment for this area. I always come from a strength based approach and will work closely with you to help you understand and navigate the transitions in your life that you may be struggling with.

— Jacalyn Wetzel, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Normalizing the life transitions we all go through as well as helping my clients chart a course for how to manage them is part of the work of getting to a new place; this is a frequent theme in my work.

— Lisa Curtis, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in White Plains, NY

Depending on your needs, we might do EMDR or CBT approaches and I am flexible about providing tangible assignments or not according to your preferences.

— Karla Rennhofer, Clinical Psychologist

Life is full of transitions, but that doesn't mean they're easy. Sometimes it seems like life moves forward before we're ready, leaving us feeling left behind, stuck, afraid or depressed, not knowing how to move forward. Let's find out where you're stuck and get you back in the flow of life.

— Jesse Cardin, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in San Antonio, TX

You’re having difficulty navigating COVID, going through a break-up/divorce, assimilating to a new location, leaving a job, starting a job, becoming an entrepreneur, thinking about grad school or just finishing, getting married, becoming a parent, and the list goes on. Transitions are confusing and scary. These are challenging times in your life and you need support.

— Julia Lehrman, Psychotherapist

I am passionate about supporting older teens and adults through times of life transitions. These life phases can be full of both excitement and tremendous adjustment. I am experienced in assisting and advocating for people as they embrace their new identity and navigate challenges including depression or anxiety. At the heart of my practice is a deep commitment to helping clients feel more grounded in their own emotions.

— Shari Grande, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Santa Clara, CA

All humans have some difficulty coping with change. This can range from child/youth developmental issues to births, deaths, breakups, relationship stages and conflicts. Life transitions can not only affect how well we adapt to different needs and circumstances, but also trigger existential crises including questioning who we are and our purpose in life. I particularly enjoy working with people who want to go deeper, to explore their spirituality or life meaning.

— Maria Orr, Marriage & Family Therapist in Corvallis, OR

We enjoy supporting people as they navigate difficult life transitions and helping them find solutions to manage stress.

— Hold Space Counseling, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Columbus, OH

Many of the clients I have treated in the past have been struggling through a challenging stage in their lives, such as divorce, sobriety, or loss of custody. I believe I can empower clients to feel grounded and capable in these moments, and help them move through difficult life transitions.

— Ashley Pruitt, Licensed Professional Counselor

I very much enjoy sitting with people who have no idea what to do or even what they want. This often manifests as depression, anxiety, or relational conflict. These can be intensely difficult periods in one's life, even though the "answers" may seem easy on the surface. My role in these times is often to reflect without judgement and gently push/reframe when I see you butting up against something you're finding difficult to accept.

— Sean Glynn, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Seattle, WA

I love working with individuals who are in the middle of things and deciding where they want to go in relationships, careers, and other major decisions. My goal is to be a sounding board, but also to reflect back your values so that you can guide yourself forward.

— Melody Mickens, Clinical Psychologist in Richmond, VA