Life transitions

Change is hard, even in the best of circumstances and adjusting to major life transitions, even when they are positive, can be difficult. Whether you are getting married, moving, changing jobs, having a child – or any of the other many transitions we can expect as part of life – coping and navigating the stress of a major change can cause depression and anxiety, among other issues. If you are having trouble with accepting or adjusting to life transition, a qualified mental health professional can help you find healthy ways of coping. Rach out to one of TherapyDen’s life transition experts today. 

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Many people find that whether a positive or negative life transition has occurred, that they can use some help wrapping their minds around what is happening and how it impacts them and the people in their lives. With support, compassion, and curiosity we help people better understand their experiences and how to take care of themselves through good and bad times.

— Atwater Village Therapy, Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

Change. Sometimes we are in control and decide when to change. Most often though, we have to deal with changes we did not see coming. These are often very stressful times which can be absolutely terrifying. Luckily though we can rely on our current collective understanding of time, which always moves us forward.

— Tricia Mazza, Psychotherapist in Richmond, VA

Life transitions constitute many of the issues brought into my office. I support clients who are working through difficult transitions in life, such as relationship instability, grief/loss, rebuilding sense of self-worth, gender exploration, suicidal thoughts, mental health concerns, and exploration of core values in life.

— Jessica Butler, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate in Denver, CO

“Life presents us with repeated opportunities to face what we fear, what we need to become conscious of, or what we need to master.” -J.S. Bolen. Sometimes we experience events in life that throw us off-course. Or we stand at a fork in life’s road, with no idea which way to go. Life can sometimes be hard to navigate alone. In therapy, you can find the space in which you are able to hear the still, soft voice inside of you; of wisdom, heart, and mind. Then the path becomes clear.

— Michelle Sargent, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in VALLEY VILLAGE, CA

Our worlds turn upside down with every birth, graduation, wedding, divorce, & most importantly death. Life transitions are usually met with mixed emotions, anxiety, depression, despair, or even heart-exploding joy. I try to create a safe space for us to explore the many options and decisions that arise at or around a big life transition.

— AJ Rich, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

Are you wondering how you got where you are? Are you confused about how to live in a strange world that wants you to behave like other people when you just want to be you? Did you finally realize that our culture lied to you when it said just be a good person and it'll all work out? There are countless transitions in life. Some of your own making and some that come with being alive. I can help you with any of them. Our culture doesn't teach us how to live. Therapy teaches that.

— Eddie Reece, Licensed Professional Counselor in Alpharetta, GA

The only constant in life is change. We are continuously moving through various life transitions. Aging, developing a professional identity, adjusting to parenthood or an empty nest, are common transitions that require an adjustment period. I have helped counsel many individuals on how to manage the feeling that come up when change is inevitable. You don't have to do it alone.

— Agata Kubinska, Clinical Social Worker in Chicago, IL

Personal change and discovery can be empowering, energizing, and joyful - it can also be disorienting, frustrating, and lonely. In times of great change, it can be helpful to carve out time for focus and integration. We can strengthen our capacity for inevitabilities, challenging feelings, disappointments, old wounds, and also move forth into uncharted waters with a sense of acceptance and even openness.

— Jackie Kosak, Art Therapist in Seattle, WA

Life transitions can be many things including death of a loved one, birth to a new baby, moving to a new town, starting or ending a job and even starting or ending a marriage. We all experience life transitions across our lifetime, however sometimes these transitions hit harder than we expected. Do you feel uncertain, confused or lost during this new chapter in your life? You don't have to go at it alone. Seek professional help to learn new ways to cope with this change.

— Amanda Shaw, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in St. Petersburg, FL

Life in general can be challenging. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, stage of life changes, stress, relationship difficulties, or something in between, I want to walk with you on your journey towards a new stage of peace. Throughout our time together, we will collaboratively set goals that will help you find your life worth living. Through a combination of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and mindfulness, I will equip you with coping skills to help you achieve your goals.

— Julie Labanz, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Cincinnati, OH

I primarily work with women going through, preparing for, or recovering from life transitions. Feelings of anxiety, depression, overwhelm, uncertainty and trauma can be associated with grief/loss, career and education transitions, relationships, starting a family, infertility, to name a few. Also, if you have any experienced any trauma (regardless of how recent), life may feel like it is in transition everyday - trying to get to a place of peace and acceptance.

— Jennifer Reynolds, Counselor in Lakewood, CO

Together, we can work on exploring transitions that create anxiety related to school, peer relationships, family changes, and everyday life stressors.

— Heather Silivanch, Counselor in Morristown, NJ

The only constant is change, but some transitions are bigger and more daunting than others. In therapy, we can work together to find your footing as you navigate transitions (breakups, moving, changing jobs, etc.) We can look back on where you are coming from - what you would like to bring with you and what you would like to leave behind. We can examine what arises in the midst of the change, and look ahead with intention to a meaningful future on the other side.

— Joyce Hones, Mental Health Counselor in Asheville, NC

Though the phrase, "the only thing constant is change" is one familiar to many of us, this often feels like little comfort during the turmoil of a significant transition. Changes in life circumstances can impact us on every level of our being and external life. Seeking therapy during these times can be both anchor and guide light. I will support you to process the loss of how things have been. When you are ready, we will set consciously developed goals for the phase of life that you are in.

— Stephanie Smith, Psychologist in Sacramento, CA

Life is about change. Transitions from youth to adult to older, transitions through gender and presentation, transitions from moving, jobs, parenting...these are all times when some support and tools can make the difference between thriving and giving up. I am here to offer those tools and stand with you as you grow, change, and learn.

— Alyxx Berg, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I work with many people who are at a point in their life where something big needs to change. I will work with you to embrace these transitions and help you to come to peace with the things that are distressing you.

— Jessica Snyder, Therapist in Pittsburgh, PA

I have years worth of experience supporting individuals as they navigate life's transitions. Break-ups, changing careers, loss, parenting, exploration of sexual and/or gender identity and so much more are incredibly impactful life transitions. During a period of transition, life may feel chaotic and unstable. I can be your support as we navigate this time together.

— Eryn Healy, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

A recent transition, relationship or career challenge may be making it clear that some things are not working for you right now.

— Nathan Michael, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Berkeley, CA