Medication Management

For some individuals, a major aspect of the treatment process for mental health disorders at any is medication. While not right for everyone, psychotropic medications be a gamechanger for many who are struggling with mental health illnesses, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. While medications don’t provide a cure, they treat symptoms that can be debilitating, helping get people back to functioning. If you are currently taking medication, or think you might need it, consulting with a qualified psychiatrist or a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner if a great first step. Psychiatrist and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner can prescribe medications and make sure that the medications you are taking are working effectively (and in some cases, they also provide therapy). Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s medication management experts today. 

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Prescribed medication for children and adults who are experiencing all types of behavioral health problems.

— Dr. DEBRA MAYERS, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Middletown, NY

I offer medication management for those who make the choice to include medications as part of their therapeutic journey. My goal for you is to keep your medications and doses as low as possible so that you feel a therapeutic effect but still feel like YOU. Medications are not a quick fix but they can be helpful to make our moods, emotions, and difficult life transitions more manageable.

— Caroline Anderson, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Frederick, MD

Safe prescribing of psychopharmacological medication requires up to date learning. As such, I manage my client's concerns through current evidenced based prescribing.

— Emmanuel Adjin, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Boonton, NJ

Dale is a board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner. He has the training to diagnose mental health issues and prescribe medications. His role is akin to that of a psychiatrist. Dale prescribes antidepressants, mood stabilizers, ADHD medication, medication for anxiety, sleep medication, etc. Psychotropic medication management must be done with the upmost of care. Dale is a practitioner who listens to his clients. He values the genuine feedback his patients give which helps to build trust.

— Dale Miller, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Brooklyn, NY

I am medically trained to fully evaluate patients for medication management and that is available whenever that seems helpful for a variety of purposes. In cooperation with the patient all decisions are considered with care and compassion.

— Ruth Cohen, M.D., Psychiatrist in New York, NY

I am an expert at prescribing medications and do so very cautiously. The right medication can make all the difference to personal growth in therapy. I love science and using new technologies such as genetic testing using a cheek swab (Genesight) to help choose the right medications. I also use new medications such as Spravato.

— TOMER Levin, Psychiatrist in New York, NY

Mental health medication management is offered in a conservative and safe manner utilizing the lowest dose possible of mediations and exploring other holistic and therapeutic practices to support well-being. Controlled substances are not prescribed at this practice.

— Lissa Edmond, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Ewing, NY

I am a licenced Nurse Practitioner and hold a certification for the administration of medical cannabis through the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC).

— Christina Overton, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in College Park, MD

I view medication as a tool in your toolbox to assist you in doing the work of therapy and making lifestyle and situational changes. It is rare that a medication will provide full relief of symptoms. I often work with people who are medication averse or anxious about starting medications. It can be a complex process and often times there is a history of bad experiences with providers and medications and managing side effects, I strive to be sensitive to that fact.

— Lee Anne Horn, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Asheville, NC

Whether you are newly diagnosed and need to start medication or have been on many for a long time and are ready to stop some or all of them or something in between, I am available to guide you through your process.

— Matthew Hicks, Naturopathic Doctor in Portland, OR