Parenting children can be a rewarding part of life. As most parents know, it can also be extremely challenging. And, with so much (often contradictory) information out there about how to parent “right”, it can be difficult to feel confident in your choices.  This can be compounded when you and your partner disagree on parenting decisions or when you are facing additional hurdles like financial difficulties, divorce, mental illness, death or a child with special medical or developmental needs. If you are experiencing excessive feelings of guilt or stress as it relates to parenting, a qualified mental health professional can help. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s experts today.

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We're always modeling because "Being a Role Model is 24 / 7 / 365". Kids notice what adults, especially their parents, do and don't do. Unfortunately, children often receive the message, "Do as I say, not as I do". Haven't we yet learned that what we do is much more important than what we say? What kind of legacy do we want to leave behind? When you embrace and model the power of vulnerability, you provide the world with a model of leadership that your kids need. You've got this.

— Matthew Braman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I repeatedly hear my clients who are parents (especially those who are parents of young children), that they often feel unsupported and left behind, both by those who surround them, and by society as a whole. I often help parents find their way through parental burnout, balance parenting obligations with demanding work schedules, and find a sense of peace amongst the anxiety and uncertainty that can accompany raising children in this world.

— Amanda Shrekenhamer, Licensed Professional Counselor in CHEVY CHASE, MD

As a parent of 3 children I am a forever learning to navigate the joys of parenthood. I have a passion for equipping parents using strategies and techniques such as Love and Logic. While teaching parents skills and tools to add to their parenting toolbox, I often find myself learning from their examples and experience. It takes a village to raise our children. Let's work together to help you find the confidence and support you need to raise confident, successful children.

— Jason Brown, Licensed Professional Counselor in North Richland Hills, TX

Parenting is the hardest role that we can never adequately prepare for. I've spent the last 7 years working with parents/families to help them understand how they got to where they are so they can build the skills to venture down a better path. I teach from an attachment/peaceful parenting perspective as I feel that much of "mainstream" parenting leads to disconnect, emotional dysfunction and covert violence. We tend to repeat what we know until we know better.

— Jennifer Dolphin, Licensed Professional Counselor in Anchorage, AK

I have over a decade of clinically-relevant experience in working with children and their parents. Graduate-level coursework on clinical work with families, clinical training, supervision, and over a year of family therapy and parent support work for parents/caregivers of children with special needs and severe emotional disturbance.

— Sophia DeVito, Social Worker in ALBANY, NY

I have been helping parents for many years manage their kids' behaviors and emotions, including anxiety, depression, and behavior outbursts. Additionally, I focus on helping parents improve the relationship with their child.

— Ailyn Payan, Psychologist in Miami, FL

I am Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) Certified across the country and I have completed a year long ARC Grow training, which focuses on what we as care givers bring to every interaction with a child. If you struggle with interactions with your child or your child is having behavioral outbursts in the home or in school I can use these certifications and trainings to provide you concrete and proven techniques.

— Colin Bergeson, Clinical Social Worker in Franklin Park, NJ

Dr. Edwards specializes in attachment and positive parent-child relationships. She is certified in parent child interaction therapy, a highly effective evidence-based treatment for families of children with challenging behavior problems. She also works with parents to help them understand their child’s temperaments and unique personality, educate on child development, and empower them to become the best parent they choose to be.

— Dr. Kristin Edwards, Psychologist in Tampa, FL

As a parent of 3 children I am a forever learning to navigate the joys of parenthood. I have a passion for equipping parents using strategies such as Love and Logic. While teaching parents skills and tools to add to their parenting toolbox, I often find myself learning from their examples and experience.

— Jason Brown, Licensed Professional Counselor in North Richland Hills, TX

As a parent, I can relate. In my graduate work, I focused on treating anxiety in parents and caregivers, and recognized that I have a keen ability at empathizing with the difficulties of modern childcare. In my practice, I use my experience as a former stay-at-home parent of a special-needs child to help parents in all manner of situation.

— Ellen Ross Hodge, Counselor in Seattle, WA

Parenting is tough. It's even harder when a child and/or parent is struggling. Seeking support is one way of helping yourself and your child during a difficult period. I have experience with challenging child behaviors, emotional difficulties, ADHD, adoption, trauma, and separation and divorce. I will empower you by creating space for your humanity, increasing your ability to effectively address your current challenge, and deepening your parent-child relationship.

— Thai Alonso, Psychologist in Watchung, NJ

I know for a fact that you are not the only one. I have listened to all types of caregivers (adoptive, foster, biological, guardians, grandparents, step-parents, life partners…), who are parts of all types of families, describe situations so similar to yours it’s almost uncanny. When I tell you "Nope, I don’t think your kid is crazy. And I don’t think you’re a bad parent either." it’s because I believe you when you tell me what it’s been like at home and I know - it isn’t just you.

— Laura Morlok, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in ,

More Empowered Parenting: Each age and stage brings unique challenges for parents. I help parents understand why some issues are so difficult and provide tools to be the kind of effective and loving parent they want to be. From lived experience, I support parents of children with special needs and/or mental health challenges. These situations create greater stress on all family relationships. I get it and I can help.

— Robin K. Schnitzler, Marriage & Family Therapist in Middleton, WI

You want what's best for your kids. You can’t provide a child a life where they will never be dysregulated, so how does one respond when they’re upset and/or overwhelmed? Together we will create a framework that will help you provide the unique support that works for you and your kiddo.

— Ikenna Lughna, Mental Health Counselor

Conflict Decision Making Divorce Grief Marriage Enrichment Parenting/Discipline Pre-marital Counseling (Twogether In Texas) Relationship Concerns Stress Teen Issues

— Jason Brown, Licensed Professional Counselor in North Richland Hills, TX

Parenting can be overwhelming! Sometimes no matter what you do it doesn't feel like enough. Therapy can help you feel heard and understood. Together we will come up with a plan to provide support, coaching, and strategies to increase feelings of connection and decrease conflict. I am trained in Positive Discipline and Collaborative Problem Solving.

— Susan Ponton, Clinical Social Worker in ,

I believe we live in a society that is unsupportive- and sometimes openly hostile- to parents and the seismic identity shifts that come with entering parenthood. Internally, we have so much pressure to do it perfectly. I am here to help you find and ethos to parenting that is authentic and rewarding, and balance your parenthood and the rest of your life in a way you can be proud of.

— Abigail Thompson, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in New York, NY

Parenting is extremely hard and it can be very isolating. Many of us rely on the wisdom of other parents to help us. But if you've been through intergenerational trauma or abuse, it may not be so easy to know who to call. You may know you want to parent very differently than your parents, but not really be sure what that means. I have over a decade of experience working with kids in a number of settings, which I use to help work with parents as they develop their parenting style.

— Ashley Holcomb, Clinical Psychologist

After graduate school, I was thrown into the world of parent education and family counseling. As a parent myself of two strong-willed boys, I realize that there is no one size fits all solution. I enjoy helping families be their own experts; working together to find what works best for them.

— Megan Wurzel, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in La Crescent, MN