Parenting children can be a rewarding part of life. As most parents know, it can also be extremely challenging. And, with so much (often contradictory) information out there about how to parent “right”, it can be difficult to feel confident in your choices.  This can be compounded when you and your partner disagree on parenting decisions or when you are facing additional hurdles like financial difficulties, divorce, mental illness, death or a child with special medical or developmental needs. If you are experiencing excessive feelings of guilt or stress as it relates to parenting, a qualified mental health professional can help. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s experts today.

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I have over a decade of clinically-relevant experience in working with children and their parents. Graduate-level coursework on clinical work with families, clinical training, supervision, and over a year of family therapy and parent support work for parents/caregivers of children with special needs and severe emotional disturbance.

— Sophia DeVito, Social Worker

Feeling disconnected from your growing teen? Do you feel lost in how to communicate with them? You may have felt the more that you try to hold on and protect them the harder you hit that brick wall. Let's work together to establish a safe space for ALL voices to be heard while working towards bringing laughter and smiles back into your home!

— Kristen Skowronski, Marriage and Family Therapist Associate in The Woodlands, TX

Supporting parents at various stages of their journey is something I genuinely enjoy. While I'm not a family/child counselor, I do apply my knowledge of developmental psychology to parenting challenges both in the service of supporting kids and to support my clients' own psychological wellbeing so they can realize their personal values around parenthood. Parenting is fraught with judgment in our culture, and I offer a safe, non-judgmental space to talk about the very unglamorous side of this phase of life.

— Katie Playfair, Licensed Professional Counselor in Vancouver, WA

The job of parenthood can be both the most rewarding experience as well as the most challenging. And no amount of homework prepares us for the rollercoaster of emotions we go through once we embark on the journey. Whether you're experiencing sheer depletion, raising a child with special needs, struggling with the challenges of tiny humans and their big feelings, or feeling like your own needs are getting lost, I can help. Lets get started today.

— Dana Basu, Psychologist

I work with parents to implement positive parenting techniques. Decrease contentious arguments and power struggles and learn to create healthy flexible boundaries for their children.

— Leonna Chodos, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Jose, CA

I am certified in Circle of Security Parenting and Trust Based Relational Intervention. I can help you learn ways to connect with your child, to get your child to follow directions without power struggles and to see where your past experiences may be impacting your parenting and how to make changes so you’re present and intentional with your parenting choices.

— Kylee Nelson, Counselor in Tulsa, OK

Conflict Decision Making Divorce Grief Marriage Enrichment Parenting/Discipline Pre-marital Counseling (Twogether In Texas) Relationship Concerns Stress Teen Issues

— Jason Brown, Licensed Professional Counselor in North Richland Hills, TX

I have been teaching parenting skills since 1997 to the families I worked with and on 2009 I become a trainer/consultant for the Nurturing Parenting Curriculum. I currently provide the training for facilitators of this curriculum and use this knowledge when working with my clients.

— Ana Romero, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in MIRAMAR, FL, FL

Becoming a parent is one of the strangest and hardest transitions there is in life, and we rarely talk about the challenges and fears that it can involve. I am here to validate ALL the feelings about stepping into parenthood!

— Jenny Shully, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Napa, CA

I received my Parent Coach certification in 2019, benefiting countless families in building a stronger family connection. You may be struggling with parenting skills, reunification after separation from your child, custody or parenting disagreements or feeling tired and needing a plan to build back your parenting confidence. Are you caring some trauma from from separation between countries, immigrant or inter-generational miscommunications? Please connect for more information.

— Lisa Nielsen-Karatz, Clinical Social Worker in Minneapolis, MN

I am a mother of three and have personal and professional experience with the challenges that accompany fertility, pregnancy loss, pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting. I am passionate about partnering with and supporting parents, parents-to-be, and hopeful parents at any stage of their parenting journey.

— Carolyn Solo, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Blue Bell, PA

Parenting can be overwhelming! Sometimes no matter what you do it doesn't feel like enough. Therapy can help you feel heard and understood. Together we will come up with a plan to provide support, coaching, and strategies to increase feelings of connection and decrease conflict. I am trained in Positive Discipline and Collaborative Problem Solving.

— Susan Ponton, Clinical Social Worker in ,

I have been teaching parenting classes for over 20 years. I regularly speak to school PTAs/PTOs, church MOPs and mothers groups on a wide variety of parenting topics. I hosted a parenting podcast for 2 years (Passport to Parenting). I help parents and divorced co-parents support their children to live exceptional lives.

— Ann DeWitt, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Lake Oswego, OR

Parenting is no joke. They don’t offer a manual on how to raise children. I can offer support for parents and caregivers feeling stuck during various stages of raising children. Young children running you ragged? I can help with that. Struggling with communication due to varying neurotypes in your household? Let’s talk. Teens struggling with identity issues and you’re feeling shut out? I’ve got your covered! I also provide family therapy.

— Jessamy Whitsitt, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Seattle, WA

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. As a parent of 3 daughters, I often feel like I am herding alligators! I often wonder how can I provide all of the love and support they need, keep them on track educationally & keep them safe? I enjoy working with parents who are navigating through these turbulent waters. I truly enjoy helping parents problem-solve, set boundaries, and reap the benefits of a healthy relationship with their kids.

— Kellie Rice, Psychologist in Chicago, IL

Are you struggling with the demands that come with your parenting role, or maybe feeling a bit overwhelmed and touched out? I've been working with parents since 2006 and have a great joy for this population. I can help you understand and embrace this part of your life's journey while providing you with the skills you need to refill your cup.

— Jacalyn Wetzel, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Parenting is not an easy task. Parents can be overwhelmed with the amount of information available to them. Many parenting ideas can also contradict one another. Reach out and speak to a professional who can help you cut out all the noise. I can help you create a parenting plan that will last you a lifetime. This plan will be your guiding light through the tough times and the good times.

— Chris Rabanera, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Caseville, MI

As a parent of 3 children I am a forever learning to navigate the joys of parenthood. I have a passion for equipping parents using strategies and techniques such as Love and Logic. While teaching parents skills and tools to add to their parenting toolbox, I often find myself learning from their examples and experience. It takes a village to raise our children. Let's work together to help you find the confidence and support you need to raise confident, successful children.

— Jason Brown, Licensed Professional Counselor in North Richland Hills, TX

Parenting has always been pretty difficult--but parenting during a pandemic has definitely upped the difficulty level! Raising tiny (and not so tiny) humans shouldn't feel so overwhelming & hopeless. I work with caregivers to help them decode their child's behaviors & unlock the joy in caregiving again. Common concerns I see are related to challenging behaviors, frustration, limit-setting, & providing a guide for responsive parenting.

— Mary-Rose Granlund, Social Worker in Eagan, MN

More Empowered Parenting Each age and stage brings unique challenges for parents . I can help you understand why these challenges are so difficult, and give you tools that will empower you to be the parent you want to be. As someone with an inside perspective, I help parents of children with special needs and/or mental health concerns who have greater demands stress than other parents. I get it and I can help.

— Robin K. Schnitzler, Marriage & Family Therapist in Middleton, WI