Personality Disorders

Personality disorders are a group of mental illnesses that include long-term patterns of thoughts and behaviors that are unhealthy and inflexible, and that differ significantly from what is expected. Personality disorders typically cause significant problems with relationships, social activities, work and school. There are ten types of personality disorder and the symptoms of each are different. They can mild or severe. People with personality disorders often don’t know they have a problem. To them, their thoughts are normal, and they often blame others for their problems. The cause of personality disorders is unknown but many experts believe that genes and childhood experiences may play a role. If you think you may be suffering from a personality disorder, reach out to one of TherapyDen’s experts today.

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I have worked for 5 years with over 50 clients experiencing some type of personality disorder and with co-occurring diagnoses. I strive to support those I work with to help normalize the experience of the symptoms of personality disorder, work through stuck points, and provide alternate methods of therapy to help tackle their challenges from different ways. It is very important to me to change the stigma that has historically been put on personality disorders and offer validation and support.

— Nicole Benedict, Creative Art Therapist in Rochester, NY

Some of my clients feel understood for the first time in their lives when they receive a personality disorder diagnosis. Others have strong negative feelings about it. No matter how you feel about it, the recurrent depression, feelings of emptiness, feeling outside of life, having a hard time building really satisfying relationships with others, and chaotic feeling that can come with BPD or NPD is painful. You deserve help that can ease your suffering and help you live a more satisfying life.

— Amie Roe, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York, NY

I specialize in clients diagnosed with personality disorders. I will support you in working towards your ideal life, managing symptoms, and understanding the diagnosis.

— Shayne Snyder, Mental Health Counselor in New York, NY

My professional expertise is to use the term “Personality Adaptations” instead of Personality Disorders, in order to emphasize the difficulties have their origin as child survival adaptations to difficult childhood situations. My basic position is that Disorganized Personality organization began as emotional survival adaptations to get one’s needs met in an unhealthy childhood environment. Disorders of Self reflect an insecure attachment/separation and Object system of Trauma responses.

— Dr. Shawna Freshwater, Clinical Psychologist in Miami Beach, FL

I have extensive experience working with personality disorders, particularly Borderline Personality, Antisocial Personality and Narcissistic Personality. I have experience treating individuals with personality disorders both in a forensic setting and in an outpatient setting.

— Kelly Broderick, Clinical Social Worker in Boston, MA

I specialize in helping people recover from narcissistic relationships. Together, we will: process the relationship and emotional trauma, explore emotional triggers, recognize healthy and unhealthy relationships, set boundaries, prioritize your needs, and build a healthy support system.

— Dr. Katarina Ament, Clinical Psychologist in Denver, CO

Struggling with chronic emotion dysregulation and distress can feel isolating and demoralizing. With DBT I help clients diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder or Borderline traits build skills to soothe emotional distress, regulate and focus the mind, and build a true life worth living. I have extensive training in DBT and its applications, and have offered DBT in all levels of care and settings.

— Kelsey Harper, Clinical Psychologist in Santa Monica, CA

BPD is my passion because I have extensive clinical experience in working with clients who have this condition. I have witnessed the challenges and the strengths of people with BPD, and I have learned to appreciate their resilience and courage. I have also seen the positive outcomes of using acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) to assist my clients with BPD.

— AJ Huynh, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate in Cypress, TX

I work with a wide variety of individuals ranging from 14 to 74, some of which struggle with symptoms of Borderline, Histrionic, Narcissistic, Avoidant, and Dependent Personality Disorders. These individuals have stories revealing a great deal of pain from wounds that did not heal properly or completely and manifest in patterns throughout their lives. Together we will uncover and process through experiences while establishing a safe and healthy therapeutic relationship towards hope and healing.

— Jon Soileau, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Kansas City, MO

Managing personality disorders can be really overwhelming. It is overwhelming for the individual as well as family and loved ones. I assist clients in managing personality disorders, primarily borderline personality disorder (BPD), through an intervention known as DBT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. We work together and learn skills like mindfulness, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and distress tolerance.

— Emmily Weldon, Counselor in Atlanta, GA

Experiencing chronic emotional distress and dysregulation can leave us feeling isolated and alone, and like we can't get connected to ourselves. I have worked extensively with people diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and Borderline Traits for years with empathic validation and effective Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Many of my clients utilize DBT skills to soothe distress, regulate emotions, and truly build a life that's worth living.

— Kelsey Harper, Clinical Psychologist in Santa Monica, CA

I have extensive experience treating personality disorders and truly enjoy working with the brilliant and creative individuals who often receive this label. If you have a PD diagnosis, I know that you have likely experienced a great deal of pain and fear in this life. You may been feeling alone or rejected because relationships are not your strong suit. If you are ready to practice vulnerability and learn a new way of connecting to yourself and others, I can help.

— Hannah Schaler, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Monica, CA

I work closely with abuse victims and family members of personality disordered individuals, especially cluster B (Borderline, Narcissistic, and Histrionic Personality).

— Brittany Stilwell, Licensed Professional Counselor in Dallas, TX

I have experience and enjoy working with folks with BPD and NPD.

— Sarah McCune, Licensed Professional Counselor in Denver, CO

You’ve been struggling with overwhelming emotion, at times hopeless that you will ever feel grounded. Emotions hit you like unrelenting ocean waves, and you’re being tossed and thrown around trying to get above water for some air. With comprehensive DBT and trauma focused therapy, I can help you navigate overwhelming emotion so you can feel safe and grounded, resolve conflict in relationships so you can feel connected and secure, and connect to yourself so you can feel powerful & purposeful.

— Kelsey Harper, Clinical Psychologist in Santa Monica, CA

I specialize in working with Borderline personality Disorder in particular, with having experience and success with helping this population improve their emotional regulation skills and ability, and improve their inter-personal relationships. I am also working on becoming certified in DBT to help this population as well.

— Sean Hutchens, Licensed Professional Counselor in Lowell, AR

I have years of experience in working with clients with Borderline Personality traits-I use DBT but also other modalties as well since not everyone connects or likes DBT!

— Elizabeth Hinkle, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Virginia Beach, VA

Sometimes it is hard to find support when dealing with a chronic condition. We can support your recovery from chronic personality issues and encourage engagement in therapeutic groups to supplement your recovery journey.

— Kara Jean Brei, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Phoenix, AZ

When a trauma occurs, our brain tries to cope by getting our needs met in ways that others don’t understand. Those behaviors are often grouped together and labeled as a personality disorder. I work to take the shame and invalidation from these disorders and help clients learn coping skills and resolve trauma so that our brains don’t need to work so aggressively to get our needs met.

— Stephanie Lessmeier, Licensed Professional Counselor in St. Charles, MO

I can assure you that you are welcome here in this space. I've built a whole person program to do more than just talk: Depth oriented individual work to unburden the wounds, creative exploration (with a sprinkle of skills, because they are still needed), and nature based work to fill up your cup. This program is here to help undo the whole knot, and be a constant space to receive support from. Head to my website, take a look at what I have to offer. It's a space for you if you want it.

— Timothy Kelly, Clinical Social Worker in Aurora, CO