Polyamorous and Open Relationships

Even though they both fall under the umbrella of consensual non-monogamy, polyamory and open relationships are two very different things. Polyamory means having multiple romantic relationships at the same time, with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. An open relationship is a relationship where the parties are free to take new partners. Whatever form of non-monogamy you practice or are interested in exploring, you and your partner(s) will have to navigate things like boundaries, safe sex, and jealousy. If you are running into issues or roadblocks, seeing a qualified mental health professional provides a safe and supportive space to discuss your concerns and improve communication skills. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s polyamorous and open relationships experts today.

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I have extensive work with a variety of ways relationship can be defined in regards to open/non monogamy/ENM and other ways of labeling non traditional relationships. I help you find meaning in your relationship, explore what it may mean by opening your relationship up, or looking at the obstacles that may be present through building trust, safety, grounded agreements, and clear communication/goals.

— Adrian Scharfetter, Sex Therapist in Sacramento, CA

Tired of explaining to people what a "unicorn-hunter" is? It can be difficult to open up to someone who does not understand terms important to your day-to-day existence. I offer a listening ear and dynamic perspective on all types of non-monogamous relationships.

— Caitlyn Trullinger-Dwyer, Professional Counselor Associate in Tigard, OR

I have been involved in the swinger lifestyle ("The LIfestyle") for several years now. I have helped numerous people understand and navigate the

— Monte Miller, Psychologist in Austin, TX

As a therapist in East Tennessee, I know that finding polyam-friendly providers can still be a challenge. Everyone deserves to have a non-judgmental and informed space to process. It would be a privilege to navigate your story with you, whether you are exploring non-monogamy for the first time, working through relationship issues in an established polyamorous relationship, or just wanting a therapist who understands that non-monogamy is part of your life.

— Lauren Green, Mental Health Counselor in Knoxville, TN

Every relationship is different and has a unique dynamic. My experience with polyamorous and open relationships helps inform my perspective of working with you and members of you personal circle no matter how big it is, nor which genders it is comprised of.

— Beck Pazdral, Counselor in Seattle, WA

Non-monogamy and polyamory break the conventional molds of relationships, often presenting unique challenges and requiring nuanced navigation. These relationship dynamics necessitate a complex balance of love, trust, and communication between multiple partners, and it is our mission to equip you with the tools and understanding to nurture these connections in a healthy and satisfying way. At CCC, we understand that non-monogamous and polyamorous relationships are not a one-size-fits-all model.

— Courageous Couples Counseling, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Rosa, CA

Have lived experience with ethical non-monogamy. Would like to support folks (individuals only, no couples at this time) working through, discovering, or exploring ethnical non-monogamy.

— Christine Adams, Psychotherapist in Durham, NC

Relationship structures outside of mononormative standards come with their own unique benefits and challenges. My job as a poly-affirming therapist is to dispel shame around non-monogamy and help guide you towards the most ethical and supportive practices. I have both personal and professional experience with non-monogamy and am a firm believer that we are all capable of giving and receiving the kind of love that fulfills us.

— Robin Roemer, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

Originally inspired by Dr. Ruth Westheimer, I knew I wanted to be a sex therapist someday. I just didn't know it was possible. After graduation, I learned that I could specialize in sex therapy! So I did! As a graduate of U of M's Sexual Health Certificate Program, and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, I welcome working with people in non-traditional relationships, whether they be open, polyam, or "monogamish." I "get you" and honor your path!

— Paula Kirsch, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Ferndale, MI

People open up their relationships to pursue more connection. Yet, living in a society that expects and prioritizes monogamy can often make this pursuit or practice feel isolating and insecure. Whether you’re newly considering the Lifestyle or have an established Polycule, I specialize in helping individuals—partnered or solo—work through this challenging process.

— Amanda Earle, Licensed Professional Counselor in Denver, CO

Originally inspired by Dr. Ruth Westheimer, I knew I wanted to be a sex therapist someday. I just didn't know it was possible. After graduation I learned that I could specialize in sex therapy! So I did! As a graduate of U of M's Sexual Health Certificate Program, I welcome working with people in non-traditional relationships, whether they be open, poly, or "monogamish." I "get you" and honor your path!

— Paula Kirsch, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Ferndale, MI

Non-Traditional relationships are one of my favorite areas to work with because they can present some of the ripest opportunities for personal growth. Going against the grain of society will always come with challenges. Communication and working with jealousy and insecurity are at the core of open relationship health. But let's also make sure this isn't a way of reinforcing avoidant attachment styles! Lots of growth to be had in this arena. Buckle up and lets do it in a healthy way!

— Theo Kuczek, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Oakland, CA

I have personal and professional experience working with individuals who are a part of the poly and ENM communities. I find working with this community (of which I am a part of) very rewarding and critical given how marginalized and unsupported this population is.

— Saara Amri, Licensed Professional Counselor in Springfield, VA

Whether you are just considering the idea of opening up your relationship, or you've been open or poly for as long as you can remember, you need a therapist who understands ethical non-monogamy. I don't make assumptions about what is right for your relationship--only you can know that. I can help guide each person in the relationship to be able to know and express their own needs, negotiate relationship contracts, and build more connection and intimacy.

— Colleen Hennessy, Licensed Professional Counselor in , CA

If you're exploring various forms of ethical non-monogamy, kink, or other alternative lifestyles, I can support you in creating healthy relationships with yourself and partner(s). My specialization lies in working with individuals and relationship(s) who seek assistance in navigating issues around trust, communication, intimacy, hierarchy, veto power, jealousy, and sexual health. Mutual trust, consent and collaboration are at the heart of these lifestyles.

— Tammy 'Kaia' Bruski, Sex Therapist in Denver, CO

Difficult relationship patterns get in the way of you being your full self in your romantic relationships. They can make you feel the need to prove yourself, and leave you with feelings of hurt and disappointment, or an inability to connect. When we’re struggling to connect , we are often carrying the cycles from past relationships. It can be hard to know what’s wrong or why it’s happening. Working with a Non-Monogamy therapist can help you be your full self in all your relationships.

— Kristen Crowe - Open Space Therapy Collective, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in LA, CA

As a queer person who has been to couples' therapy for my own non-monogamous relationship, I value the power of couples/relationship therapy to achieve more clear and assertive communication and to better navigate recurring conflict. I help guide couples through the process of opening up their relationships as well as facilitating conversations with those already engaged in polyamory. I believe there are limitless ways a healthy relationship can exist outside of traditional, status quo ideals.

— Kayla Freeman, Social Worker in Austin, TX

Wouldn't it be wonderful to work with a therapist and not have to explain your non-traditional relationship structures, someone who understands the complexity even if you aren't in therapy for relational issues. I am a member of the polyamorous community and have over adecade of insight into the challenges, and rewards associated with it.

— Hope Flores, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

I welcome consensually non-monogamous partners. Whether it's just one of you or the whole polycule, I can help you find a way to love each other better.

— Anna Khandrueva, Therapist in Broomfield, CO