Relationship Counseling

Relationship counseling tries to improve communication within the relationship while making sure that, when expressing their feelings, those in the relationship are not abusive in any way and do not ridicule each other.

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I use Prepare/Enrich for premarital counseling and those looking to establish a healthy foundation for their future together.

— Grace Yeh, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Cedar Park, TX

Both the man and the woman need to be equally heard and understood. I focus a lot on how deeply our insecurities and selfishness play a role in how we deal with our spouse. I teach the basics of what love is and how to communicate well. I help uncover the subtle and not so subtle problems of pride and selfishness, but in a loving, but direct manner.

— Monte Miller, Psychologist in Austin, TX

As an expert in Relationship Counselling, my experience and proficiency have been honed over many years of professional practice. Over the years, I have helped countless individuals and couples navigate the complexities of their interpersonal relationships, facilitating improved communication, conflict resolution, and emotional understanding.

— Sherol Ziegenbein, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in St. Petersburg, FL

As a marriage and family therapist, the most change and healing happens through relationships. Relationship counseling can help you become more aware of your patterns and experiences that inhibit you from having healthy relationships with yourself and others.

— Jenna Caldwell, Marriage & Family Therapist in Arvada, CO

If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship, you are not alone. Millions of couples all over the world go through periods of discontent, stress, anxiety, and more. You may think you are alone, but we want you to know you don’t have to try to manage the strains of your relationship on your own. Therapy can help you find a work-life balance and build a new connection with your partner.

— Grief Recovery Center, Licensed Professional Counselor in Houston, TX

At Relationships For Better, we specialize in the intricacies of both romantic and personal relationships. Our approach is compassionate yet results-driven. Whether you're a couple seeking to strengthen your bond or an individual navigating friendships, we provide tailored strategies to foster open communication and trust, guiding you towards healthier, fulfilling relationships.

— Megan Lundgren, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Monrovia, CA

Help individuals or couples work through issues holding themselves back from being their true selves within relationships or in obtaining healthy relationships.

— Michael Keesey, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Walnut Creek, CA

Relationship counseling offers a platform for individuals and couples to delve into their interpersonal dynamics in a safe and nurturing environment. The benefit lies in improved communication, allowing partners to articulate feelings and concerns more transparently. This therapeutic process addresses foundational issues, such as trust and intimacy, paving the way for a strengthened emotional bond and minimized disputes. I equip partners with tailored strategies to dismantle negative cycles.

— Joseph Pennino, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Intern in Tustin, CA

I work with individuals, couples and parents around relational challenges in their lives. During my work with clients we focus on our connection to ourselves as well as our connection to our loved ones. We explore patterns of communication that we may want to change or adjust in order to have more rewarding and authentic relationships with others.

— Ansebe Bicoff-Smit, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Relationships always take effort and can be a challenge to maintain. Navigating competing desires, needs and boundaries can become difficult for clients who are venturing beyond the binary to explore multiple lovers, partners and friends. Together, let's work to create new, non-violent language for feelings and experiences beyond the relationship escalator.

— Lidziya (Lida) Rubanava, Licensed Master of Social Work in New York, NY

My expertise is a product of years dedicated to understanding the intricacies of human connection. I employ evidence-based approaches to address communication barriers, conflict resolution, and intimacy issues. My unique ability to foster understanding and trust has led to countless successful transformations. My goal is to guide you and your partner towards healthier, more harmonious relationships.

— Alisha Espinal, Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Relationship counseling can occur with an individual or a family unit, whether that be a partnership, a family leadership unit, or a parent and child. I am trained in EFT, as well as multiple other family therapy methods. I taught Couple and Family Therapy and Advanced Couple and Family Therapy at Adler University for a decade. Relationship counseling often focuses on attachment safety, connection and intimacy, healthy expression, and shared understanding or perspective.

— Marla Vannucci, Clinical Psychologist in Chicago, IL

I've received training in the Developmental Model from the Couples Institute. This is foundational for all relationships but has a strong focus on how couples develop and get "stuck" in certain predictable places due largely to our particular upbringing and views based on our past experiences.

— Marian Redsun, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Relationship Counseling for individuals focuses on helping you improve your relationships with others (spouse, family, friends). We will explore issues in your relationship, work on improving your positive communication skills, improve interactions, reduce your social anxiety, and resolve conflicts. We can also dive deeper into your negative patterns of behavior and how your past trauma or negative experiences have influenced your present thoughts and behaviors.

— Clarissa Stolte, Licensed Professional Counselor