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Every relationship comes with its fair share of issues. Navigating the complexities of life together is hard enough, but when you start to feel regularly distressed or hopeless, about your relationship, it may be time to seek professional help. No matter what your issues seem to stem from (disagreements about money, sex, stress, chronic illness, mental illness, infidelity, trust, emotional distance, parenting etc.), if you and your partner are arguing more frequently and experiencing feelings of resentment or contempt, it is likely that there are some underlying problems to address. Because many problems in relationships are a result of communication issues, a qualified mental health therapist can teach you to find new ways of talking to each other to help you find your way back to common ground. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s relationship and marriage issues experts today.

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I support couples who are seeking relationship counseling.

— Kedian Dixon, Licensed Professional Counselor in Houston, TX

I am a level 1 Gottman trained therapist. I enjoy assisting couples in creating the foundation needed for a long-lasting, enjoyable relationship and/or marriage. I've worked with couples through infidelities, falling out of love, and trying to fortify their communication. I am very passionate about working with couples/partners and absolutely love this work!

— Ashlei Lien, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in , CA

We support couples in learning how to thrive through emotional regulation tools that benefit effective communication and conflict resolution. We have specialized in helping individuals and couples navigate relationships challenges since opening in 2011.

— Megan Lundgren, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Monrovia, CA

I have provided couples and relationship therapy for over 20 years -- I can help you strengthen your bonds or gently loosen them. Together we'll figure out what is pressing on your relationship and how to repair and restore the connections.

— Amy Hecht, Clinical Psychologist in Charlotte, NC

I can help if your connection to your partner is strained because you're not in the same places you were at the start of your relationship, or you are struggling to figure out the next right steps to create the life you want. We often get stuck in cycles of communication challenges and disconnection, where one partner may be activated and the other may be shut down. You don't have to keep living in that loop! I can help you get back to feeling like you’re on the same team again.

— Luke Hirst, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Candidate in Durham, NC

I have a Master's Degree in Psychology with an emphasis on families. Most of my training is in Marriage and Family Therapy. I help many couples stay together...or successfully and peacefully transition their relationship.

— Gregory Custer, Licensed Professional Counselor in Scottsdale, AZ

I also see alternative or non-monogamous romantic relationship styles.

— Jeremy Schumacher, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Milwaukee, WI

Humans are social creatures and positive relationships are important for well being. How we navigate dynamics with others can be the difference between a happy, fulfilling life, or one that isn't. Maintaining personal boundaries, integrity, and staying true to what brings joy and meaning while relating to partners, lovers, friends, co-workers, and family can be tricky at times. I am a solution focused clinician that is competent, compassionate, and non judgmental.

— Dr. Cynthia Giocomarra, Psychologist in New York, NY

Including open and poly relationships, as well as those practicing ethical non-monogamy

— Katie Hargreaves, Psychotherapist in Chapel Hill, NC

Looking through the lens of attachment, interpersonal neurobiology and cultural expectations can help us understand ourselves and our partner. This can bring self compassion and empathy, comfort and caring back into relationships. Having a therapist in real time that can redirect and support the system creates last change and a healthier system. I work with many styles of relationships monogamous, ethical non monogamy, polyamorous and open relationships.

— Karen Lucas, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Seattle, WA

During sex addiction recovery, partners are often been overlooked, with most of the attention being focused on the addict. Meanwhile, in the immediate aftermath, you are likely questioning your entire relationship, or feel like you are going crazy. It's crucial to understand and acknowledge that you require specialized care to begin the healing process.

— Drew Driver, Licensed Professional Counselor in Frisco, TX

I help couples heal emotional wounds and repair broken trust after betrayal. I help couples strengthen their emotional bond by improving communication, deepening intimacy and reigniting passion.

— Jamee Leichtle, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Denver, CO

My experience includes working with couples needing to heal from infidelity, improving communication, increasing emotional connection, managing conflict, and resolving sexual issues.

— Keri Sipek, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Tempe, AZ

relationship and marriage issues normally come from anxiety or depression, it is what mainly clients deal with in their day to day lives.

— XiaoRan(Alice) Zhao, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in , MD

Although we are usually adept at forging friendships, few of us begin their lives as adults understanding or appreciating the rigorous commitment and sustained open-heartedness needed to foster and nurture prolonged intimacy with another person. When conflicts emerge, we often begin to doubt the viability of our relationship, rather than recognize the conflicts as a part of the ebb and flow of coupled life or an opportunity for growth. As a therapist, I enjoy helping couples learn together and in the process, not only become close, but develop the understanding that will help them to live with more ease, joy and confidence together. In addition to helping you develop more insight and awareness regarding your unique dynamics as a couple, I will help you develop the interpersonal skills you will need to navigate or traverse impasses or tensions in the future with less impact on your experience of closeness.

— Rawna Romero, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Alameda, CA

Positive experiences of human connection are essential components of our emotional health. One of my primary goals is to facilitate this type of relational experience in our work together to help you process and heal what hurts, while empowering you to effectively move forward in life. I help my clients develop fulfilling and meaningful relationships with others by initially working closely to develop a compassionate and loving relationship to self.

— Nicole Byrne, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Pasadena, CA

My master's in clinical psychology focuses on marriage issues when one partner has a disability. I have worked with many clients over the years to support their success in developing more fulfilling interpersonal relationships.

— Jeanie Metivier, Psychotherapist

There is nothing more painful than finding your person only to get into a relationship that feels heavy, hurtful, or stuck. You want to know how to feel the love and warmth that you had at the beginning! I can help you get those feelings back and grow them into something bigger and better. I use my EFT (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy) training to help you and your partner learn how to communicate, connect, and build a love that lasts a lifetime.

— Hannah Schaler, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Monica, CA