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I have training in Sandtray through an online program called the Southern Sandtray Institute. I've also attended a Sandtray summit to get more hands on experience in sandtray. I have experience using sandtray with adults to help bring about deep change and healing. Sandtray helps clients use both parts of their brain, which can be especially helpful for grief and trauma. On top of this, sandtray can be a refreshing change to traditional talk therapy or when talking isn't working.

— Robin Poage, Clinical Social Worker in Naperville, IL

I am trained in both Foundations and Advanced Techniques in Sand Tray Play Therapy, including the use of Sandtray to resolve trauma, virtual uses of Sand Tray, and the combination of EMDR & Sandtray techniques. Trauma affects the area of the brain dedicated to speech and reason, making it hard to fully process using only words. Sand Tray is a great tool for all ages (children through adults) that can allow you to process past events using your creative right brain.

— Jamie Martos, Therapist in Helendale, CA

Through the use of the sand tray children, adolescents, and adults alike will be able to process some of their deepest concerns and traumas in the sand. It allows the individual a safe place to feel and uncover their past which is causing a stuck feeling in the present moment.

— Christina Francisco, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Crystal Lake, IL

I am a registered play therapist . I utilize the sand tray to help externalize session content giving it more depth. I integrate the Gottman interventions with the sand tray.

— Kimberlee Daughtry-Lopez, Licensed Professional Counselor in Shavano Park, TX

I have an extensive sand tray collection and have worked since be beginning of the pandemic to find ways to make it accessible via telehealth. You can find out more at

— River Dowdy, Creative Art Therapist in Clayton, MO

Sandtray therapy is an expressive and projective process which helps children and families process their issues and emotions. Children with trauma have difficulty with expressing their pain. It is easier for them to use the sand tray and miniatures to express their feelings as sand tray provides a safe place and gives children a sense of control. Sandtray Therapy often helps children access pre-verbal experiences that are in the unconscious mind (right brain).

— Janine Kelly, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Middlesex, NJ

I have a proper Sandtray therapy setup in my office, with a wide array of symbols for you to select from in communing with your intuitive and unconscious parts. Through the power of Sandtray, many insights and deep understandings can be brought to light. I have the training to facilitate your journey into the unconscious and hold safe space to help you gaze into your own inner-world.

— Nathan Heydari, Counselor in Milwaukie, OR

I use Sand Tray to unlock emotions and traumas in kids, teens, and adults. If you go to my website,, you will see a small part of my Sand Tray figures collection.

— Margaret (Peggy) Farrell, Marriage & Family Therapist in San Mateo, CA