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I have studied using sand tray therapy and have used it often in my work over the past few years. I receive supervision for my sand tray work with clients.

— Lauren Krzyzaniak, Licensed Professional Counselor in Saginaw, MI

Sand Tray therapy is a modality that allows a person to create their internal world externally through the utilization of miniatures in the sand. It is a creative way to express yourself in a different way than talk therapy and allows a person's inner thoughts, struggles and concerns to be reflected in the sand and to gain a different perspective. I am currently trained in Sand Tray levels one and two and am excited to continue my education in sand tray.

— Mary Moran, Licensed Professional Counselor in Chandler,

I am trained in both Foundations and Advanced Techniques in Sand Tray Play Therapy, including the use of Sandtray to resolve trauma, virtual uses of Sand Tray, and the combination of EMDR & Sandtray techniques. Trauma affects the area of the brain dedicated to speech and reason, making it hard to fully process using only words. Sand Tray is a great tool for all ages (children through adults) that can allow you to process past events using your creative right brain.

— Jamie Martos, Therapist in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The Sandtray translates personal experiences into a concrete, three dimensional form. Through the use of figures and objects, whether they take humanistic, animalistic or some imaginative form, one can accurately represent aspects of their lives in such a clear, expressive and symbolic manner without using words which might be difficult or painful to share. A client also has the unique opportunity to physically and organically work out such emotions through the natural qualities of the sand.

— Deborah J Adler, Creative Art Therapist in Roslyn, NY

I have an extensive sand tray collection and have worked since be beginning of the pandemic to find ways to make it accessible via telehealth. You can find out more at

— River Dowdy, Creative Art Therapist in Clayton, MO

I have received a great deal of training in sandtray therapy and use it frequently in my work with clients.

— Savannah McCall, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Harrisburg, IL

Sandtray therapy is an expressive and projective mode psychotherapy of involving the unfolding and processing of intra- and inter- personal issues through the use of specific sandtray materials as a nonverbal medium of communication, let by the client or therapist and facilitate by a trained therapist. Sand therapy is the left brain’s liberation through the right brain’s processing. It boldly professes the unspoken by allowing both hemispheres to collaborate in sacred space.

— Leslie Doctor, Clinical Social Worker in Lakeway, TX

I received training in sand-tray and was supervised under a sand-tray therapist as well.

— Mariesa Hipolito, Counselor in Plymouth, MN