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I have training in Sandtray through an online program called the Southern Sandtray Institute. I've also attended a Sandtray summit to get more hands on experience in sandtray. I have experience using sandtray with adults to help bring about deep change and healing. Sandtray helps clients use both parts of their brain, which can be especially helpful for grief and trauma. On top of this, sandtray can be a refreshing change to traditional talk therapy or when talking isn't working.

— Robin Poage, Clinical Social Worker in Naperville, IL

For kids and adults! We will explore your inner world, what is just below the surface of your consciousness, and bring to light what’s been here all along. Sometimes we need to get out of our analytical thinking mind and into our imagination to explore symbolism and see and feel how our patterns and mechanical ways of thinking and being impact us on a daily basis. Sandtray is a fun creative way to get distance between ourselves and the heavy gunk we’ve been lugging around in our psyches.

— Dena Ehrlich, Marriage and Family Therapist Associate in Oakland, CA

Sand tray therapy allows individuals to build their world using miniatures and sand. This experiential technique is helpful for all ages to visualize aspects of their current situation they may not have considered otherwise.

— Morgan Ticum, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Overland Park, KS

I am trained in both Foundations and Advanced Techniques in Sand Tray Play Therapy, including the use of Sandtray to resolve trauma, virtual uses of Sand Tray, and the combination of EMDR & Sandtray techniques. Trauma affects the area of the brain dedicated to speech and reason, making it hard to fully process using only words. Sand Tray is a great tool for all ages (children through adults) that can allow you to process past events using your creative right brain.

— Jamie Martos, Therapist in Helendale, CA

In sand tray therapy, you create worlds in a small box of sand using figurines. Moving the sand with your hands helps to regulate your emotions. Creating scenes in the sand helps to share your experience when words don't quite work. Storytelling can ease grief carried from a hard life as a child or losses as an adult.

— Jess Kennard, Art Therapist in Albuquerque, NM

I have studied using sand tray therapy and have used it often in my work over the past few years. I receive supervision for my sand tray work with clients.

— Lauren Krzyzaniak, Licensed Professional Counselor in Saginaw, MI

Sand tray is taking figurines and placing them in a tray in a way that feels right to the client. There is valuable information that can immerge from the types of figurines, and the placement that can help indicate areas that need healing in a client. Together, Aimee works with the client to address the topics brought up in the sand tray.

— Aimee Christensen, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Meridian, ID

Sand Tray Therapy is a wonderful therapy I have seen support every age with a great many of issues and wants. On a technical level Sand Tray Therapy is the best mode of helping find greater meaning, resources and new ways forward to life's issues. This is because it is the chance to allow your creativity - whether you feel its there or not - to find the problem as it lives in your personally and form there builds the bridges to solutions and a more integrated life.

— Erik Johnston, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Overland Park, KS

Sand tray therapy can be a powerful way to use symbolism as a way to gain insight into dilemmas and to bring healing into situations in which a client may not have to words to express their thoughts and emotions.

— Aime Ferow, Licensed Professional Counselor in Spring, TX

I took a full course on sandtray therapy in graduate school and have taken multiple advanced trainings throughout my career to learn the most appropriate ways to include this modality to my clients of all ages.

— Lacey Castilleja Fisher, Licensed Professional Counselor in Austin, TX

I use Sand Tray to unlock emotions and traumas in kids, teens, and adults. If you go to my website,, you will see a small part of my Sand Tray figures collection.

— Margaret (Peggy) Farrell, Marriage & Family Therapist in San Mateo, CA