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Sex therapy is a strategy for the improvement of sexual function and treatment of sexual dysfunction.

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I am currently working on my sex therapy certification with the Sexual Health Alliance in order to eventually become a Certified Sex Therapist with AASECT.

— Callie Seymour, Marriage & Family Therapist in Austin, TX

Morgan is currently an AASECT member, and received training to apply for certification as a Sex Therapist. Morgan believes everyone deserves to have a pleasurable experience sexually, and understands that struggling with a sexual difficulty can feel isolating. Morgan believes it is important to have a deeper comprehension of the psychology behind what is driving the sexual difficulty to help integrate tools to build confidence while also providing sexual empowerment.

— Morgan Dominguez, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York, NY

Sex therapy informs the work that I do by bringing the focus back to communication and the body. How we interact with other people and how our bodies feel can tell us so much about ourselves and those around us. In the therapy room we can increase our knowledge, improve our communication and connect with our bodies in ways that are helpful in and out of the bedroom.

— Brianna Hollestelle, Marriage and Family Therapist Associate in Parker, CO

I have taken extensive couples and individual trainings around best approaches and practices in integrating all aspects of relational work, including healthy sexuality which I tackle with comfort, appropriate humor, and levity to assess, plan, and treat a variety of concerns.

— Darya McClure, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Mesa, AZ

Sex therapy is a type of talk therapy designed to help one work through physical or emotional difficulties related to sex. I specialize in kink and the dynamics involved. Maybe you would like help with contract negotiation or understanding your drive. Something else? Let's explore!

— Melanie Bettes, Counselor in Overland Park, KS

Learn how to improve your sex life from a certified sex therapist. Achieve better sex through intimacy – learn how EFT and Sex Therapy can improve your love life and your relationship with your significant other or spouse.

— Hanna Basel, Therapist

Sex therapy can be an individual or couples endeavor and focuses on difficulties centered on sexuality and relationships. Views on sexual behavior can be as varied as our family, educational, and social experiences, and as a result, we can feel shamed, embarrassed, and confused regarding our sexual desires and interests. I strive to normalize a wide range of sexuality while assisting individuals in managing performance, communication, and anxiety due to misinformation.

— Leigha Ward, Clinical Psychologist in West Lake Hills, TX

I am a Certified Sex Therapist through the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists . I empower couples to embrace their desires, overcome challenges, and cultivate fulfilling sexual experiences that deepen their intimacy and self knowledge in a supportive environment where they can explore their sexuality confidently, authentically and joyously. My practice is kink, poly and LGBTQ+ affirming.

— Hayden Dover, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Diego, CA

Our sexuality often lies at the center of our psyche, and for some people even their spirituality. Our sexuality influences our self-perception and perception of the world. Societal expectations and traumatic experiences can hinder our ability to cultivate healthy connections with ourselves and our sources of meaning. Sexual healing fosters more authenticity and deeper connections with those around us, as well as helping us be more embodied and creative.

— Melanie Ferrari, Psychotherapist in Oakland, CA

Integrative Sex and Couples Certification Training with Tammy Nelson: Certified Sex Therapy Informed Professional (CSTIP) Course

— Elsie Martinez, Clinical Social Worker in Kent, WA

I am an AASECT certified sex therapist. My primarily areas of experience in this area include desire discrepancy in relationships, low desire, feelings of shame surrounding sexuality, deconstruction of sexual messaging from religion/upbringing, and sexuality post-trauma. I often utilize acceptance and mindfulness based approaches, such as sensate focus as well as working to create a place of openness and identification of sexual values.

— Michelle Ertl, Psychologist in Centennial, CO

Sex therapy is a specialty or a niche’ in counseling. I utilize my sex therapy training and integrate it into all of my work with clients. It doesn’t have to be the focus of your journey, but we can explore and get curious in a safe space that we co-create together. Whether it be relating to ourselves or each other, our sexuality, pleasure, and intimacy is deeply human and connects us all.

— Regan Rowell, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Based in Seattle, providing care across, WA

As a sex therapist, I offer a sex-positive approach to address sexual concerns and enhance pleasure. Through open dialogue, education, and practical techniques, I empower clients to embrace their desires, overcome challenges, and cultivate fulfilling sexual experiences. My goal is to create a supportive environment where individuals and couples can explore their sexuality with confidence, authenticity, and joy.

— Dr. Denise Renye, Sex Therapist in san francisco, CA

Sex therapy is a type of psychotherapy that addresses mental health issues and/ or emotional concerns affecting a person’s sexual function, drive, and/or desire for intimacy. Techniques focus on emotional, psychological, and somatic interventions to help people work through anxieties, traumas, and self- disconnections that can contribute to sexual concerns.

— Hannah Smith, Counselor in , NC

My expertise is rooted in advanced training and years of experience in the field, where I've successfully helped individuals and couples navigate complex sexual and relational challenges, enhancing their intimacy and relationship satisfaction.

— Margo De La Cruz, Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

Through therapy, education, and personalized strategies, I strive to promote sexual health, intimacy, and overall well-being. It's my passion to guide individuals on their journey towards a more fulfilling and satisfying sexual life. I am a sex positive therapist who works with clients in traditional relationships as well as various other relationship dynamics such as ENM, and poly. I also assist clients seeking recovery from sex & porn addiction, sexual concerns & sexual acting out behaviors.

— Evan Kotler, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Boca Raton, FL

I am a certified AASECT sex therapist, which gives me the education and expertise in addressing all things related to sex. I can assist clients in navigating sexual disorders such as ED or vaginismus, or exploring various alternative lifestyles related to kink or ethical non-monogamy. In the context of relationships, we can discuss the importance of effective communication, consent, novelty and thinking outside of the box.

— Tammy 'Kaia' Bruski, Sex Therapist in Denver, CO

Sex therapy is a type of talk therapy that addresses concerns related to intimacy.

— Annika Yokum, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I am trained in sex therapy and earned my certification as a sex therapist last year. Sex, sexuality, gender, etc. are all biological factors of being human and it transcends all cultures and races. Yet, it is the thing humans have the hardest time talking about. I provide a safe and non judgmental space to talk about sex and sex related issues in the hopes to normalize it and help move through the learned shame that often comes with sex issues.

— Lacy Isenburg, Licensed Professional Counselor in Houston, TX