The term spirituality has evolved and broadened over time and typically refers to a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. Spirituality is an expansive and wide-ranging concept encompassing many points of view. It often involves a search for meaning in life. Although it means different things to different people, spirituality can play an important role in helping people address mental health issues and maintain good mental health generally. A spiritual practice can help individuals stay grounded and provide a framework for coping with stress. If you are interested in expressing or exploring your spirituality as a part of therapy, reach out to one of TherapyDen’s spirituality experts today.

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I received my degree from a Christian organization. Though my spirituality was originally formed by the throws of Evangelicalism, and I may have roots in that throughout my time I also know what it is to sit in the depths of questions. Spirituality is meant to be explored, and hard questions are meant to be asked. I believe that spirituality is always in the process of becoming, as we are always unfolding.

— Jessie Murray, Counselor in SeaTac, WA

My path to healing started with a spiritual awakening that jolted me into reality. As a therapist and a fellow seeker, I've immersed myself in learning about what it means to be human, how trauma impairs our overall functioning, the nature of the soul, the importance of healthy attachments in relationships, and the role neuroscience plays in healing the nervous system and rewiring the brain.

— Michelle Byrd, Counselor in Denver, CO

Spirituality has been a constant throughout my life and I've learned that at the core of many emotional challenges lies clarity and greater empowerment. I have thousands of hours of meditation and mindfulness practice under my belt, and know from experience that when we are willing to commit to the process of spiritual maturation, every experience is a gift. I'm happy to be a guide for and fellow traveler with you through this process.

— Kristy Johnsson, Licensed Professional Counselor in Jackson, WY

Experienced in integrating Spirituality and Mindfulness to increase coping skills and address life transitions and problems from a heart-centered, soulful perspective.

— Jessi Frothingham, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Portland, OR

I earned my PhD in clinical psychology by studying spirituality and transformation. As faculty at Yale University, I conducted research with atypical psychedelic substances. My first published article was on the spiritual and psychedelic potential of dextromethorphan. I have written and spoken about psychedelic science for over a decade, co-founded the Yale Psychedelic Science Group, and documented traditional healing and religious practices in Mexico.

— Peter Addy, Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR

Religious trauma and abuse is increasingly in our consciousness as a society. I specialize in unpacking the messages that individuals have come to believe about themselves from people who were once their most trusted mentors and confidants. This is often most prominent in the LGBTQ community.

— LeAnn Meckley, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Durham, NC

Deep study, transpersonal experiences, and my personal practices 10+ years in the making have opened a door in me that has never closed -- a synthesis of Western with Eastern philosophy -- that shapes who I am today. This backbone of mindfulness, Being-ness, and acceptance are aspects that move me and are cornerstones to my method of support.

— Andrew Amick, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Valley Village, CA

I have a background in counseling from a Christian lens and especially enjoy working with clients who are questioning their faith or deconstructing their beliefs.

— Diana Dunigan, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Arlington, TX

Many clients seek me out in my local area because I am secular, and they feel comfortable discussing their doubts and struggles to create meaning in their lives without any fear of judgment. It's common for people to question longheld beliefs upon becoming parents, and it can be stressful navigating relationships with religious family members once you've left your faith. Together we'll identify some healthy boundaries and practice ways to communicate them to the people in your life.

— Kayce Hodos, Counselor in Wake Forest, NC

Many clients report feeling more connected to themselves when they feel more connected to their spirituality. I enjoy working with people who find their spirituality is important to them. I explore these beliefs with clients, and include them in their treatment, when clients feel it useful. My background is especially suited for people who subscribe to eastern spiritual beliefs, but I can also work with those aligned with western beliefs.

— Sara Rotger, Marriage & Family Therapist in Montrose, CA

I have studied Christianity, Buddhism, The Tao, Shamanism and other pagan belief systems. I can approach work through a spiritual energy lens and somatic experiencing. I believe we are parts of a great whole. Away from the ego and into the harmony of oneness. We are never alone. We are all connected. I help clients who want to re-discover this relationship to the Earth and to the Spirit who connects all beings.

— Gin Eborn, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Washington, VA

I offer secular counseling for people experiencing questions around religious belief, loss of faith, or searching for sense of meaning in a seemingly meaningless world. I help those who are looking to heal from religious trauma, looking to rebuild their sense of self, and help create a new path from this new identity. I also strive to create a space for those who are questioning aspects of their beliefs that no longer feel true but still wish to maintain their spiritual and religious traditions.

— Matt McCullough, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern

Spiritual life is what Jungians call soul-making. It means among other things paying attention to our innermost truth and finding ways to express it.

— Jessica Tredinick, Licensed Professional Counselor in Houston, TX

I practice Transpersonal Psychology, which integrates the spiritual/existential and transcendent aspects of the human experience with psychological theories and techniques to aid in personal growth. I study the nature of consciousness, how principles from quantum physics can be applied to understand the connection between our inner and outer worlds, and various spiritual traditions and practices. I do not promote any particular belief or set of practices and do not support spiritual bypassing.

— Alexa Barnes, Psychologist

As a former minister, I have professional training and experience in understanding the unique beliefs and practices of a wide range of religious communities. While so much of our spiritual lives are enriching and joyous, so many of us have had experiences in church or synagogue that have been shaming, judgmental, cruel and traumatizing. Trying to develop a personal spiritual path can be wondrous and terrifying at the same time. It is possible with professional help.

— Lynne Silva-Breen, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Burnsville, MN

Many clients come to me holding a lot of confusion or doubt regarding their since of a "higher power". I assist my client in exploring their personal beliefs, morals, and values while helping them to realize the impact of these things on their daily life. To those who are open and interested, I provide education and support in strengthening their relationship to their own soul and the Universe that is supporting it along the way.

— Rebecca Haney, Counselor in Middletown, OH

Whether you are seeking to deepen your spiritual connection, better understand your spiritual experiences, or manage the impact of this connection and experiences on your life, it would be my honor to support you. Spirituality means different things to different people, and all beliefs are valid and welcome. If you desire the space to further awaken and integrate your soul work with your mind and body experience, let's connect.

— Jess Thompson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Berkeley, CA

There are so many ways life challenges our connection to Spirit/God/Higher Self/Creator/Nature, and many ways that we cut ourselves off from the Source of our Love and Power. In my heart, I want to share whatever wisdom I've earned in this regard with anyone who is struggling to answer the big questions: Why did this happen to me? What am I doing wrong? Why can't I trust or feel joy? Why doesn't God help me? My approach is collaborative - you are always the expert on you and your beliefs!

— Sandra Geary, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Gallup, NM

I work with individuals to process and heal from spiritual abuse, toxic church relationships, experiences of being shamed or rejected, impacts of purity culture on sex and identity, and other areas.

— Lora Rodriguez, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Minneapolis, MN