Teen Issues

Today’s teens and adolescents face a variety of unique issues. Adolescents are still figuring out who they are and what their place is in the world. They may be struggling with questions of identity, sexuality, and relationships. Adolescence is also when a number of mental health problems (such as anxiety or depression) may first develop or become noticeable. A mental health professional who specializes in adolescent issues can be a great asset in helping a young person navigate this distinctive time in their lives. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s experts today!

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One of the most difficult stages of life can be adolescents. Creating a safe place to share with unconditional positive regard and a focus on healthy living habits, communication skills and an increase in self esteem, allowing for connection and increased appropriate peer connection and academic success, can aid in this life transition. CBT/ DBT are most commonly use to support our adolescents.

— Venice Angel, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in ,

Adolescents are a paradox of being both the strongest and most resilient humans, while simultaneously being extremely sensitive and fragile. I feel honored to hold space for the youth of today as they struggle with the surmounting pressures of the world, rapidly changing technology, suicide and self harm becoming commonplace, all while their brains are not yet fully developed. In this I offer youth a place to make sense of their identity, purpose, and adverse experiences.

— Aimee Perlmutter, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

I as fresh empty-nester, I have a great deal of experience and exposure to adolescent struggles and do a lot of work with older teens and young adults as they face the challenges that come up during high school and college. I may be a little too young at heart but my personality matches well with teens and is usually successful in forming trusting relationships with my younger clients.

— Kari D'Amato, Licensed Professional Counselor in Overland Park, KS

You’re a teenager trying to figure out who you are in this chaotic world. Maybe you’re the “caretaker” – always looking out for everyone else, but not being seen. Maybe you’re the “outsider” – often feeling different and struggling to find a place where you can be your true self. Maybe you’re a dreamer, uncertain, quiet, or loud – whoever you are, whoever you will become – I’m here to support you on your journey of self-discovery.

— Sabrina Fish, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Laguna Niguel, CA

Adhd ASD Peer relationships School challenges Social skills Anxiety/ Deoression

— Leigh Devine, Clinical Social Worker in Westfield, IN

I have worked with adolescents for the past 3 years, working on issues such as school and peer struggles, anxiety, depression, trauma, self esteem, and family conflicts.

— Haylee Heckert, Licensed Professional Counselor in Sioux Falls, SD

Teens have it harder than ever. Growing up in our fast paced, digital world is stressful. Anxiety and depression among teens is at an all time high and often leads to self-harm or suicidal thinking. Therapy is no longer an option. Teens need skills to manage anxiety and big emotions without resorting to destructive behavior. Comprehensive DBT teaches them needed life skills and helps them use those skills in the real world. We help them build a life worth living.

— Lauren Pasqua, Psychologist in Spring, TX

Today's adolescents face many stressors, including peer pressure, social media, setting boundaries, school pressure, among others. These stressors can become magnified when they are going through developmental, hormonal, and physical changes. Therapy can help them sort through the layers of stressors they face, with a trusted adult.

— Julie Klamon, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Agoura Hills, CA

Teens are incredibly unique - they have so much to offer our society, yet sometimes they don't feel completely heard or understood. I enjoy working with teens because therapy provides them a safe space to express themselves and build self-confidence. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, body image, self-harm, family issues, or discovering who you are - then I am here to help.

— Sabrina Fish, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Laguna Niguel, CA

I specialize in working with teens. I engage them with respect and pay special attention to the precise words they use and what is important to them.

— Jonathan Benko, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Santa Cruz, CA

Most of my clients are 15 to 25. I have worked with people on the challenges of adolescence through individual and family based work. Most of my family therapy work is with adoptive families trying to form healthy attachments, close bonds, and better relationships. I enjoy working with teens to empower their independence and capabilities while learning to utilize their support systems with healthy boundaries.

— Cara Mazurek, Therapist in Mount Pleasant, SC

Adolescents face many challenges, as their bodies and minds transition into young adulthood. The pressures and challenges that today's teens face are complex, ever-present, and more intense than ever before. With social media now being an integral part of daily life, I work to support teens to identify and uphold healthy boundaries and realistic expectations as they navigate social pressures.

— Ginger Ingersoll MacDuff, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Fircrest, WA

I love working with teens AND the adults who support them! I have spent more than 20 years working with adolescents and their caregivers and still find myself caught up in awe and inspiration at times. Each session is designed to meet the teen where they are and I seek out understanding of their whole environment to provide them with services that will support them the most.

— Regina Whittington, Therapist in Sunset Hills, MO

The teen years are notoriously tough! There are big changes in friendships, development, parent-child roles, and identity. With over 10 years of experience working with adolescents in various roles/settings, I love serving this population. I have provided trauma therapy to incarcerated youth and worked in school and community clinic settings. Specialized experience in: teen anxiety, self-esteem, identity, family/divorce issues, childhood abuse (including sexual abuse/assault), racial injustice.

— Krystal Ying, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Rosa, CA

I love working with adolescents -- it may take a second to gain trust (understandably) but once you do, they dive deep (and are hilarious). I work to be the kind of therapist I needed as a teen. I help teens work through anxiety, depression, family issues, relationship issues while exploring their own identities & finding their place in this world. I want teens to know their value in a society where they are often devalued. And I want parents & teens to connect in healthy ways.

— Jennifer Dolphin, Licensed Professional Counselor in Anchorage, AK

Adolescents is a unique time in a girls life that can bring forth an array of emotions, experiences, doubts, relationships issues and even traumas. I love working with adolescent girls to develop a relationship with their inner knowing, confidence, and self-love to navigate their experiences and emotions in more helpful way.

— Rachael Rosenberg, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Los altos, CA

My clinical practice has centered around adolescent health since 2009. Some of my specialized training includes trauma-focused CBT, mindfulness for teens, and the teenage brain. Additionally, I have practiced in both medical and educational systems working with teens which has provided a tremendous understanding of adolescent development and related mental health.

— Regina Whittington, Therapist in Sunset Hills, MO

Relationships Bullying Self-Esteem Trauma Anxiety Depression ADHD Developmental Concerns

— Alyse McKeal, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Williamsburg, VA