Teen Issues

Today’s teens and adolescents face a variety of unique issues. Adolescents are still figuring out who they are and what their place is in the world. They may be struggling with questions of identity, sexuality, and relationships. Adolescence is also when a number of mental health problems (such as anxiety or depression) may first develop or become noticeable. A mental health professional who specializes in adolescent issues can be a great asset in helping a young person navigate this distinctive time in their lives. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s experts today!

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Adolescence is such a time of transition! For many, this transition results in anxiety, questioning of identity, and maybe a few mistakes. I have years of expertise helping teens to turn this time into an exciting exploration and expression of who they are becoming. Whether there have been concerns about drugs or alcohol use, sexual experimentation or pregnancy, or skipping school, I am confident that I can help both your teen, and yes, you, too, moms and dads!

— Colleen Hennessy, Licensed Professional Counselor in , CA

I have worked with adolescents through adults during my entire career. I enjoy working with young people because they are going through a lot of "firsts", and during a time where they need to built independence. It is important to have adults in the corner of adolescents and young adults; I like to be able to support adolescents and families during this transition time to adulthood.

— Jessica L Packman, Clinical Social Worker in Marietta, GA

With 25 yrs of experience in the educational field as a teacher and school counselor, I find it easy to build rapport and trust with this age group. Emotional regulation, self esteem, friendships, anxiety, depression, self harm, suicidal ideation, anger, self image among others are some of the common issues I can treat using a variety of therapy techniques to help adolescents overcome them.

— Adriana Beck, Licensed Professional Counselor in Frisco, TX

At Newport Academy, we believe that true transformation occurs as our teens learn to see themselves as beautiful, bright, and powerful people who can take control of their own lives. In order to help our patients achieve that goal, we maintain the highest possible standards for our services, and commission third-party evaluations of our programming. By consistently gathering and analyzing data related to our outcomes, we’re able to make more strategic and tailored decisions for our patients.

— Newport Academy Treatment Program, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Orange, CA

I have spent many years working with teens as a teacher, camp counselor, facilitator, and now therapist. I love supporting teens in growing in their identities, finding their individual values, and becoming more independent.

— eric bjorlin, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Evanston, IL

Relationships Bullying Self-Esteem Trauma Anxiety Depression ADHD Developmental Concerns

— Alyse McKeal, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Williamsburg, VA

Early on, Kimberly received training with acute children and adolescents in PHP and IOP services. She has used that training to help children and adolescents with emotional regulation, self-harm, suicidal ideation, anxiety, mindfulness, impulsivity, child/parent relationships, trauma, anger, aggression, and ADHD/executive functioning. Kimberly uses play therapy and age-appropriate techniques while working with kids and adolescents to help them express themselves during therapy.

— Kimberly Hansley-Parrish, Licensed Professional Counselor in Dallas, TX

I struggled myself as an adolescent, that's why I'm a therapist. I believe that adolescents need a safe place to land to discuss their feelings without judgement. I offer a space of empathy and validation to them as we work on healthy coping methods.

— Marcey Heschel, Licensed Professional Counselor in Cypress, TX

Teens currently have a unique combination of social/emotional/academic stressors, issues related to technology and social media, and a lack of typical development due to the pandemic. This has resulted in a tremendous uptick in teens accessing mental health services, often due to stated anxiety and stress and often including issues of depression and/or safety. Our clinicians are well-versed in these issues and strive to support teens while maintaining a balance with parental involvement.

— Aurora Counseling Associates, Psychotherapist in Natick, MA

I have worked with adolescents for the past 3 years, working on issues such as school and peer struggles, anxiety, depression, trauma, self esteem, and family conflicts.

— Haylee Heckert, Licensed Professional Counselor in Sioux Falls, SD

I worked for many years managing homes for adolescents in residential foster care. As a case manager, I oversaw the needs, growth and challenges of 24 residents, ages 16 to 21. I became the program manager of all transition-aged youth for the agency and trained staff in joining with youth. I then worked at the Department of Family & Children's Services with youth in and transitioning out of long-term foster care, assisting them with public benefits, healthy relationships, and managing stress.

— Melissa Healy, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Jose, CA

It can be challenging to discern whether your kid’s behavior is part of their growth, their unique personality, or if there’s something else hidden underneath. This is particularly hard when the signs of distress are not as obvious or when kids struggle to communicate what they are going through. The beauty of therapy is that it provides a private space for your kid or teen to play, share, and open up without fear of judgment or rejection.

— Spaces Therapy, Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

Everyone knows that the teen years can be fraught with challenges. I see teens as incredibly capable, resilient, and thoughtful people who need an immense amount of support and encouragement as they navigate the tumultuous years of building valuable relationships, identity, and independence.

— Kristi Cash White, Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR

Relationships Bullying Self-Esteem Trauma Anxiety Depression ADHD Developmental Concerns Peer Relationships

— Alyse McKeal, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Williamsburg, VA

Adolescence and early adulthood are a critical point of development where we discover who we are in the world, where we fit within our families of origin, culture, social systems, relationships- often a major period of transition. Through compassionate exploration of our past and curiosity about our future, we will navigate this transitional period with a spirit of hope, trust in our own wisdom, and a sense of relational support through the therapeutic alliance.

— Sarah Gobble, Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate in Fort Collins, CO

Your teen isn't always going to feel comfortable approaching you with hard topics. A lot of my clients discuss their discovery of sex or drugs with me whenever rapport is built, and I always want to foster open communication and trust regarding those topics. I always tell my clients that I wasn't their age too long ago and how

— Aaron Percoco, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern in Jacksonville, FL

I work with children of all ages with regards to various issues including but not limited to: ADHD, ADD, ODD, trauma, bullying, depression, low self esteem, feeling misunderstood, anger, defiance, impulse control, anxiety and temper tantrums.

— Stephen Morris, Licensed Professional Counselor in Houston, TX