Transpersonal Therapy

Transpersonal therapy is a therapeutic treatment orientation that takes a holistic approach. Instead of focusing only on the mind, transpersonal therapy takes the physical, emotional, intellectual, creative and social needs of the individual into account. In transpersonal therapy, the emphasis is on the health of the spirit. The theory behind transpersonal therapy is that all people consist of parts that are intangible and beyond our known existence (or spiritual). Working to heal these spiritual aspects is necessary in order to achieve whole wellbeing. Think this approach might be right for you? Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s transpersonal therapy experts today.

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I studied at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology with some of the leading figures in the field. Everyone is capable of and has a deep yearning for experiences of greater wholeness. I work with people who want to integrate these experiences into their daily lives and keep that wisdom close to their heart. I love helping people connect to the deep core of themselves.

— Peter Addy, Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR

Exploration of non-ordinary states of consciousness and use of mindfulness practices can be an effective way step outside of the ego and gain a wider perspective on one's problems.

— Jeffrey Kishner, Mental Health Counselor in , NY

This transcendent healing modality is all about integration of various aspects of the human experience to begin to dissolve the ego and see ourselves beyond our personalities and conditioned beliefs. We will focus on and explore your unique spirituality and build practices to help you become more self actualized such as nature based explorations, meditation, guided imagery, journaling and better understanding how your soul may speak to you in dreams, art, poetry, etc.

— Adrianne Melton, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in ,

Transpersonal Therapy takes a spiritual and healing approach to self growth and understanding one-self. All people need to be connected to the soul. This is different than religion.

— Michelle North, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Encinitas, CA

Exploration of non-ordinary states of consciousness and use of mindfulness practices can be an effective way step outside of the ego and gain a wider perspective on one's problems.

— Jeffrey Kishner, Mental Health Counselor in , NY

Transpersonal Therapy, unlike most forms of psychotherapy that concentrate on improving mental health, takes a more holistic approach, addressing mental, physical, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual needs, with an emphasis on the role of a healthy spirit in healing. Those who are open to exploring their spiritual side, becoming more spiritually aware, or finding a spiritual path or who are having trouble finding meaning in their lives may benefit from this approach.

— Linda L Vance, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Transpersonal therapy incorporates the elements of soul and spirit into the therapeutic process. This may include dream work, meditative practices, the Enneagram, astrology, ancestral healing, connection to nature, and spiritual exploration. Sometimes you can only get so far with traditional talk therapy, and positive change requires a broader perspective, which honors the unseen realms that affect our experience. All healing begins with energy, and it is our work to attune to it.

— Eve Arbel, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Monica, CA

A transpersonal approach to therapy means that I do not think there is a separation between our psychological and spiritual self. My therapeutic approach is informed by my 10+ years as a practitioner, student and teacher of meditation and yoga. Spiritual truths and teachings can help us heal, and there is value in connecting our sense of purpose, meaning and value in this world.

— Mackenzie Studebaker, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

This is what I went to school for. When we think of holistic therapy we think of mind, body and spirt. Transpersonal would be the spirt. Calling it spirt falls short of what it really is. It is all things that are outside of our bodies. We use meditation, visualization techniques, dream work, art, music, journaling, mindfulness practices and so much more.

— Jose Feliciano, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in La MESA, CA

We will address you life holistically including our needs for creativity, connection, intellectual stimulation, novelty...etc. By looking at the full picture, we will create a integrative approach to supporting your fulfillment and growth.

— Erika Nelson (Accepting New Clients), Clinical Social Worker in Seattle, WA