Women's Issues

The term “women’s issues” is broad and can refer to anything that might affect a women’s mental health. Some issues, such as post-partum depression, are specific to women, while others, such as anxiety, can affect both men and women. However, women may experience the issue differently. There are many types of issues that women can face today, and some of the most prominent concerns include sexual assault, woman-specific health problems, body image problems, self-esteem, sexuality, discrimination, sexism or stereotyping. Therapists specializing in women’s issues will provide a safe and supportive environment to help to empower their clients so they can find balance, improve their quality of life, and experience relief from emotional suffering. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s women’s issues experts today.

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It is my life's mission to help women recover from the depression and anxiety caused by striving for perfectionism.

— Amanda Wetegrove-Romine, Psychologist in San Antonio, TX

There is a long history of women's issues either being inadequately addressed or not addressed at all in mental health. I work to challenge this in my practice, including treating mental health symptoms unique to the experience of women.

— Alisa Huffman, Clinical Social Worker in Seattle, WA

I have experience working with women in a variety of issues including self-esteem, body image issues, relationship issues, burn-out, stress and more.

— Natasha Cooke, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Katy, TX

Specialization in women's empowerment and self-compassion. Providing a warm, gentle space to be curious about internalized negative self-perceptions, cultivate healthier boundaries and relationships, embrace rest, learn self-compassion, and foster one's authentic self.

— Alexa Brand, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in , CA

When we women are socialized to be the care-takers and nourishers for everyone around us, life can be painfully exhausting. Self care can feel selfish, and make us feel guilty and shameful for setting boundaries in our relationships. As a Brown feminist, and womanist therapist, I teach you how to unleash your inner power and be the woman you wish to be.

— Dr. Valli Trauma Professional, Licensed Professional Counselor in Ashland, OR

My passion for helping women comes from years of experience working with women in both medical and mental health settings. Navigating through life’s challenges during the many biological and psychosocial changes in a woman’s life can be difficult to manage. These issues can include but are not limited to Infertility, Postpartum, Miscarriage, Menopause, Medical Diagnosis, Divorce, Adult Dating, Abuse, Single Parenting , Parenting Adult Children, Loss of a Spouse, Body Image, and Career Changes.

— Penelope McDonald, Licensed Professional Counselor in Dothan, AL

My practice is specifically focused on working with women. Spaces where women can hold space for one another are so important, and my work is based on progressive and feminist values.

— Rebecca Mercurio, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Saint Louis, MO

I have experience in aiding women in addressing self-esteem and body image concerns. Furthermore, my expertise extends to facilitating the successful reintegration of new mothers into the workforce. Additionally, I specialize in assisting first-time mothers in adapting to their new routines and responsibilities.

— Victoriya Slavich, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in New York, NY

Being a woman in the world is no small task! The gender roles that bind us are spoon-fed to us from birth: smile more, take up less space, eat less, talk less, think less - but care THE MOST. Sometimes it takes awhile to see how those roles we were socialized into play out in our lives. Therapy can be a good place to explore those dynamics and experiment with new ways of being in the world that allow you to have a voice, take back your power, and cultivate self-love.

— Rachel Friendly, Clinical Psychologist in Fairfax, VA

Many women face specific challenges related to child-bearing. Perinatal issues can really impact a woman's life, and can impact hormones, mood, and overall life outlook. I work with women who are going through various struggles, such as: infertility, miscarriages/stillborn deaths, loss of a child, health issues associated with pre-pregnancy/pregnancy/post-pregnancy, and postpartum anxiety and depression.

— Lana Royle, Licensed Professional Counselor in Draper, UT

Womxn face a number of issues that are unique to their experiences. I aim to provide womxn the tools and healing to overcome the difficulties they face.

— Caila Shaw, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in North Attleboro, MA

I specialized in women's issues throughout college and have maintained focusing on content related to women's issues, particularly surrounding sex, parenting/pregnancy/postpartum, and self esteem.

— Jordan Ries, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Pittsburgh, PA

In my training and research, I focused on the experiences of women, specifically Latina/x women.

— Mariah Beltran, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Are you struggling with difficult relationships? Have you been noticing a pattern of dating narcissists, abusive or unkind people? Do you want to get to the root of what is going on? EMDR Therapy can help. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is an evidenced-based treatment for trauma that is known for it's gentle and effective approach. Visit my website to learn more and set up a free 15 minute consult: https://jenimarie.org

— Jennifer Leupp, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Seal Beach, CA

Many people who were socialized as female growing up have a ingrained set of rules about how a women “should or should not” be, look, act, laugh, drink, dress, have sex, parent, cook, etc. These differ from culture to culture, but restrict many women/femmes from living life as their most authentic selves. I work with women/femmes to tune out of expectations from families, society, even partners, and tune into what their body wants and needs, and what their heart desires to share with the world.

— Emma Doerner, Counselor in ,

PMS & PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder)

— Hannah Pollok, Therapist in Franklin, TN

With expertise in women's issues, I provide tailored support, empowering women to navigate life's challenges, from mental health to learning how to own their voices and narratives, and minimize shame and doubt.

— Brianna Campbell, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York, NY

I have a passion for working with women who have experienced any sort of past or present trauma; Physical Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, and Narcissistic spouses. I believe that women who have suffered any kind of trauma need a safe space to talk about their feelings and discuss next steps in their life with no judgement.

— Ally Doering, Marriage & Family Therapist in Brentwood, TN

I employ a feminist approach to empower clients to explore the profound influence of patriarchy on their lives. Through a collaborative therapeutic process, I assist clients in gaining insights into societal expectations, fostering self-awareness, and building confidence. My goal is to support women in breaking free from oppressive norms and cultivating a sense of agency in their personal and social spheres.

— Christina Arceri, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York, NY