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You are the expert on your life, and I'm honored to be invited in.

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About My Clients

I work primarily with folks who are: neurodivergent (e.g. autistic, ADHD, or other), chronically ill/disabled (particularly with autoimmune illnesses), queer/LGBTQIAA2S, sexual/gender outsiders, fat-identified and/or hoping to develop a more loving relationship with their body, sex workers, poly folks, and those in non-traditional relationship and family structures. If you've ever been told that you're too much, too negative, or too "in your head," let's talk. I welcome you exactly as you are.

My Background and Approach

When you're a deep feeler in an emotion-phobic culture, developing compassion for yourself is like swimming upstream. We internalize messages that we're too much/not enough, and over time, we come to mistake them for truth. And for those of us who live with marginalized intersecting identities, the impact is amplified. Our emotional adaptations allow us to survive trauma, but that survival comes at a cost. I work from a relational, psychodynamic, trauma-informed, liberatory perspective that recognizes how our lived experiences and identities shape us. Relational therapy includes paying special attention to our relationship in the therapy room, how it mirrors other relationships in your life, and what meaning you make of those patterns. In the space that we share, your feelings and thoughts will never be too much or not enough. My lens centers disability justice, fat liberation, neurodivergent experience, and anti-oppression politics.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I'm an East Coast transplant who loves the Bay Area (weather, nature, produce) and misses New York (humor, culture, bagels). I'm queer, fat, neurodivergent, and Jewish, with a background in sex education; I bring openness, radical acceptance of your sexual self, and a great depth of knowledge around sexual difference, desire, and expression. I believe in showing up authentically in the therapy room with you, and am guided in my work by principles of social justice (and how the lack of it affects us as communities and individuals), self-determination/bodily autonomy, and a deep empathy for all the ways in which we experience pain and trauma. I believe that we're set up by capitalism to feel worthy only if we meet a certain threshold of productivity, and that this makes many of us miserable. The work we do together in the therapy room can counter these messages, and gradually replace them with your own sense of what brings you joy and meaning.

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  • Experience: 11 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $185 - 220/session

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