Adam Sattler

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I’m a clinical psychologist specializing in individual relationship counseling, trauma, and men's issues.

Psychologist in Minneapolis, MN


About My Clients

Maybe you’re navigating a divorce/breakup, intense work stress, or having difficulty making sense of past trauma. Perhaps you struggle to "open up", or you rarely speak your mind because you're afraid of being judged or upsetting others. You may also be extremely hard on yourself, to the point you’ve become your own worst enemy. So, to cope with all of this, you might turn to substance abuse, overworking, isolation, or spend too much time online. But what if it doesn't have to be this way?

My Background and Approach

Therapy with me goes deeper than just “talking about feelings”, and we’ll go far beyond learning tips and tricks to simply manage your mental health symptoms. We’ll take the time to explore and clarify what’s most important to you, and we’ll use these values like a compass to guide us in our work together. We’ll discover the roots of your difficulties so that we can understand exactly where and why you’re struggling, and use science-based methods to overcome these challenges so that you can create deep, meaningful change in the here and now. We'll also focus on building key skills related to communication (e.g., assertiveness, openness), taking care of yourself (e.g., self care and compassion), and emotion regulation (e.g., emotional awareness, acceptance, mindfulness). Through this work, it is my goal to help you become a more confident, compassionate, authentic, and socially connected version of yourself. Learn more at:

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I strive to provide therapy that is: 1) EFFECTIVE. I have deep training in evidence-based therapy methods that get to the root of your problems so that you can experience deep, lasting change. 2) SPECIALIZED. I am passionate about working with individuals who are motivated and curious about learning how to more effectively show up for themselves and others. I keep my caseload small, and my practice focused so that I can be as present and engaged as possible in my work with clients. If I take you on as a client, it’s because I’m confident I can help you. 3) AUTHENTIC. I show up to therapy as a fellow human, and I’m not going to pretend I have all the answers. You and I are equals in this. 4) DIRECT. Effective therapy requires direct, honest feedback, which is why I am committed to being open and straightforward with you. 5) INCLUSIVE. I warmly welcome working with folks from all walks of life, regardless of thier race, religion, politics, or sexuality.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 5 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $225/session

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