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Hi, I'm Alison! I'm a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a passion for psychotherapy.

Mental Health Counselor in New York


About My Clients

My clients tend to be more resilient than they realize, and I am here to help you utilize that strength and help you get on a path to the life you want to be living. I tend to work with clients who are struggling in their relationships, going through difficult transitions, needing to process trauma, and are tired of being stuck in patterns that are not serving them. I am especially passionate about helping people who also work in helping professions.

My Background and Approach

My mission is to help my clients increase their self awareness, gain insight on themselves and their relational patterns, and find more balanced emotions. I have an integrative, trauma focused approach where I pull from Internal Family Systems (IFS), EMDR, Compassionate Inquiry (CI), CBT, Psychodynamic, and Somatic based approaches depending on your individual needs. I facilitate a collaborate relationship with my clients where we are both working towards finding the answers to your questions. It may not feel like it right now, but your brain wants you to heal, and I am here to help you find the dots and ultimately connect them so you can live the life you want to be living.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I chose to enter the field of psychotherapy as a result of a lifelong curiosity about people; why we behave/think/feel the ways we do, what is happening beneath the surface, and what are the roots to what makes us who we are, or at least how we come across. I've also been motivated by my own mental health journey and family of origin challenges. I know first hand the impact that having a therapist in your life can have. Having support in the form of someone who is external to your family, friends and/or immediate circle, who is properly educated and trained, who you can trust with some of your most vulnerable parts, who always has you best interest in mind, and who wants to be there with you on your journey of self discovery can be revolutionary.

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  • Experience: 3 years of practice

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